Tips on Travelling with Children Post-Divorce

When you get divorce papers to sign, it means significant changes are coming. But the main thing you need to realize is that this is the end of your unsuccessful marriage but not life or parenthood. Getting divorced means that you have to devote even more time to your kids. They go through the divorce with more hurdles than any of the partners, so it is your obligation to decrease your kid’s suffering.

Both you and your children need relaxation and recharge after the exhausting divorce procedure. Traveling with kids post-divorce is the best idea to get some rest for everyone and spend qualitative time with your kids.
The only thing to remember is that thorough preparation will guarantee you great pleasure in traveling. So, you’d better do your best and consider the needs and wishes of yourself and your kids as well, so that everyone will get from the trip the certain thing he/she is seeking.

Deal with Your Ex-Partner

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Completing forms for divorce, you certainly discuss all the details of co-parenting and sign a custodial agreement. It includes all the details on spending holidays and traveling with children by each parent. So, before planning some journey review the rights and duties you are assigned according to the agreement. If your plans don’t coincide with the agreed schedule of holidays and details, try to deal with it peacefully with your partner. Try to swap holidays or extend your rights just for one special occasion to implement your intentions and have a great holiday with your kids.

Settle the document issue to avoid misunderstandings and cancellations at the last minute. Usually, you need to provide your ex-spouse with the following details before you set on the journey:

• destination;
• time and date of departure and arrival;
• details on transportation;
• contact details of all people, who will accompany children during the travel.
Apart from that, review and meet all the requirements on documents package your kids and you need, so that your journey is a legal and safe one.

Pick Out Appropriate Destination

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When establishing the traveling plan, you need to consider all the details, desires and needs. It’s not like getting a cheap divorce or fast services, you aim at quality and general satisfaction, so you need to choose thoroughly.
The most important option for holidays with kids post-divorce is an all-inclusive tour. Due to the variety of options be very picky and choose so, that your tour includes the following opportunities:

• amusement parks;
• age-oriented entertainment;
• clubs and courses for kids;
• interesting culture tours.

Mind, that if you find interesting activities for your kids, you will get time and opportunity for personal relaxation and entertainment. Still, this tour is organized to reunite you with your kids and give the fun time with the parent to feel loved and cared about. So, don’t miss your chance, being concentrated in your needs and desires.

Set the Rules in Advance

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Filling out online divorce form at some well-trusted service like OnlineDivorcer and getting custodial docs organized you have certainly agreed on the general rules on looking after and nurturing your kids. Apart from that, you need to settle the rules for your children to know and follow during the journey. This may include the following points:

• bedtime and day schedule;
• using pocket money and digital devices;
• spending time with peers;
• behavior in unfamiliar places, with unfamiliar people;
• spending time out of your company;
• general safety rules.

Any other details may be considered, taking into account the type of your trip, needs, and expectations.
Realize that even if you feel guilty for the divorce and want to make amends for your kids, that is not a reason to overwhelm them with presents and personal freedom. No matter what, you need to stay with their parent and care about their wellness and safety as a primary need.

Bring an Adult to Accompany You

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Traveling with kids as a single parent may be exhausting and even dangerous. You certainly need an adult to back you up in challenging situations. You need to choose carefully so that you and your kids feel comfortable with the person to accompany you. So, exclude any option of having a romantic partner beside, since it will make the situation worse and spoil your holiday. Take someone familiar and close who you can rely on and your children trust this person. One of their grandparents, close relatives or friends of the family will make a good choice. Another single parent with kids may make your trip more interesting and funny, still, think if you want to deal with someone else’s problems. If you get the right person to accompany you, you will get a safe trip and a calm atmosphere. You will also have an opportunity to get free time on your own for relaxation and self-recharge.

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