What Are the Best Tips to Get Started Prepping?

Nothing is more necessary than mastering the fundamentals of prepping. It doesn’t matter if you are already prepared for the end of time or a novice prepper. You need to learn prepping. You’ll be able to withstand a job loss and automobile problems. Moreover, you can get through an economic slump or worse if you do it this way. Today, we’ll look at the fundamentals of preparation. This way, you can get started with preparing to withstand anything.

Many folks wonder where to begin their preparations. It would be preferable if you could sum up what you need to accomplish in a single line. However, the best thing is to understand what you are prepping for in the first place. Then, you may begin the simple step of planning like a prepper.

What Are the Topmost Tips to Start Prepping?

Prepping used to conjure up ideas of neurotic individuals imprisoned in camps with guard towers and weapons pointed at them. However, the general population is wising up to the need to prepare. Several big calamities, such as storms, landslides, and terrorist threats, were all it needed to wake them up. Don’t panic if you’re new to prepping and don’t know where to begin. This article outlines the actions you’ll need to follow to begin preparing for anything.

1. Essentials and Necessities


These are just a handful of the actual topics to think about when tragedy strikes. Fortunately, all of these have answers. You are not required to know the answers to all of these questions immediately. You need to consider how you’d react in the event of a tragedy. You’ll also need to devise a strategy for obtaining supplies in disasters. You also need to get a firearm for any scenario during a disaster. Do your research on what kind of set-up will best suit your defense needs. You can select the best rifle by combining different combinations of an AR-15 lower and an AR-15 upper receiver, click here to get your own.

When the power goes out, food and supplies will only get you to a certain point. When there is no sewage system, how will you use the restroom? Without a flowing tap and detergent, how will you keep clean? Without power, how will you light your residence? When there are no clinics, how will you cure illness infectious diseases?

2. Get Into the Prepper Mentality

Preparing isn’t a series of instructions to follow. Preparing is a mindset. It implies that you accept the possibility of a tragedy at any time. Moreover, it entails taking responsibility for your own and your family’s safety and wellbeing. It entails being proactive rather than reactive in the face of tragedy.

Therefore, you should devote some time to researching the most potential calamities. EMP attacks, storms and floods, volcanoes, financial disasters, and other threats are among them. Some of these dangers are extremely improbable, but that does not rule out the possibility of their occurring.

Acknowledging that there is a serious danger will put you in a better mental stance when tragedy strikes. This could be enough to rescue you since you will be prepared to act rather than fleeing in the face of danger.

3. Water Storage


Water is the most vital component of life. You can only go for roughly three days without drinking water. Furthermore, we depend on water for sanitation facilities. As a result, when it comes to prepping, water should be your top priority.

It is inadequate to store water alone. You must also know how to cleanse potentially polluted water. Aside from that, you must know how to obtain water from natural sources. Therefore, you may prepare using internet lessons and YouTube survival gurus.

Moreover, you also need to understand how to conserve water. This means you need to understand how to cut down on wastage. This will easily increase your odds of survival in case of a disaster. It will help you ration everything for the best survival practices.

4. Food Storage

Non-perishable food products are a good place to start for new preppers. Items like canned foods and cereals fall under this category. You should strive for a 30-day supply, much like your water supply. Online sites can provide you with a list of foods to store.

You don’t have to buy your full stash all at once. Each time you go food shopping, you can pick up a few more items. This way, you can amass a sizable stockpile. But this is only the beginning.

How would you do in the face of a disaster? What happens if your food supply is depleted? The grocery racks will have been barren for a long time. Similarly, everyone in your immediate vicinity will be hungry. So, you need to prepare for these scenarios as well.

Therefore, you can learn how to make survival gardens. Similarly, you can learn how to preserve food on your own. Finally, you should also learn how to identify edible plants. This will help you gather food during a disaster. It will also help avoid poisonous plants.

5. Disaster Drills


This is particularly imperative for families that are preparing. You must devise a clear strategy. This plan should include details on what to do in the event of a disaster or a crisis. The following are the topmost important elements to incorporate in your strategy:

  • Plan for communicating;
  • Point of convergence;
  • A second rendezvous location;
  • Contact information in emergency situations;
  • Methods for dealing with certain calamities, such as fire or flooding.

Having a strategy is a fantastic place to start. However, you must also put your strategy into practice. You can practice the plan to ensure that everyone knows what to do. The exercises will also help you identify any flaws or gaps in your ideas.

To begin, you can go for three days without using power in your house. You’ll be able to see how you did during the drill. Did you have enough supplies or batteries? Was your family able to prepare food without the use of electricity? Answering these questions will help you prepare for any disaster.

The Bottom Line

Tragedies can strike at any time. So, you need to be prepared. Therefore, you need to master the essentials of prepping. This guide details the basics of prepping. However, there’s more. So, you can do research on your own and get ready for anything. You can prepare survival kits, stockpile food, and more. Make sure you practice everything before the disaster strikes. Good Luck!

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