Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Canada

Places to Visit in Canada

Canada is the largest country in North America covering an area of 9.98 million square kilometers, making it the world’s second-largest country by total area. Canada’s southern border with the United States is the longest bi-national land border in the world. Canada is sparsely populated and highly urbanized. Canada is a gorgeous landmark encompassing mountains, coastlines, evergreen forests, prairies and Arctic tundra and great diversity of flora and fauna. Its capital is Ottawa, and its three largest metropolitan areas are Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. Canada’s climate varies widely across its regions, ranging from cold, long winters and short, cool summers in the north, to hot summers in the southern regions.

The second largest country in the world, Canada is known for its awe-inspiring scenery, dynamic cities, and a welcoming, lively atmosphere. Hence, it is no wonder it is a major tourist attraction in the world. Canada is a splendid country to visit and you will definitely believe it when you see it with your very own eyes. In any case, here is an overview of the 10 best places to visit in Canada,

Places to Visit in Canada


Vancouver is a bustling west coast seaport in British Columbia, Canada, and this place is all about embracing the outdoors. Being the third largest metropolitan area in the country, it is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist attractions as well. Vancouver is home to various enticing hotels and also has plenty of cultural attractions. Vancouver’s star attractions include the Stanley Park, Granville Island’s stunning food market and also the crowd-pleasing shops in Chinatown. It is one of the best places to visit in Canada. Also, read about tourist attractions in Vancouver.

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Places to Visit in Canada


If there is one thing you will not miss in every ‘top place to visit in Canada’ list is Niagara Falls. It is a series of three spellbindingly beautiful waterfalls situated on the border of Canada’s Ontario and the United States’ New York City. The best view of the Niagara Falls and also the most attractive is the Horsheshoe Falls which is on the Ontario side. The areas around the falls also offer other tourist attractions like museums, casinos and also wineries.

Places to Visit in Canada

3. Alberta

Alberta is a western province of Canada and fourth most populous city covering an area of about 6,60,000 square kilometres. Alberta’s capital is Edmonton city, both Calgary and Edmonton are Alberta’s two metropolitan areas, with populations exceeding one million. There are many tourist destinations in the province including Banff, Canmore, Drumheller, Jasper, Sylvan Lake and Lake Louise etc.

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Established in 1885, the Banff National park is Canada’s oldest National Park. Located in the province of Alberta, it is also one of the largest and most visited parks in the country. It offers a very serene atmosphere throughout the year. It has the most beautiful views of snow-melting mountains in the summer whereas skiing and hiking during the winter keep the visitors on their toes. Lake Louise located in Banff National Park is one of the beautiful lakes in Canada.

lakes in Canada


One of the most amazing destinations in Eastern Canada, Quebec City is located in the Saint Lawrence River valley and is one of the oldest cities in North America. It is the second largest city in Canada, after Montreal, and the seventh-largest metropolitan area in Canada. Quebec city is home to over a hundred parks and gardens, which offer various attractions like bird watching, hiking, canoeing for visitors. The park also offers views of the St. Lawrence River and has many beautiful historical structures and statues like the Joan of Arc on Horseback and the Martello Towers. Quebec City experiences four distinct seasons, summers are generally hot and warm, winters are often cold, windy and snowy.

Quebec City is renowned all over the globe as North America’s oldest walled city. Quebec City might be the capital of Quebec in eastern Canada, but it has inherited French architecture, heritage, and language. This place charms its visitors with its 17th and 18th-century buildings it is a must visit the place with your partner as this city is filled to the brim with magic and love. Also, read about surprising facts about Canada.

Places to Visit in Canada


Montreal is the largest city in the Quebec province of Canada. Originally called Ville-Marie, meaning ‘City of Mary’, it is named after the Mount Royal, the three-peaked hill in the heart of the city. Montreal is a city of the historic quartet, having 17th-century architecture. Montreal is the largest French-speaking community outside of Paris as well. Montreal’s mains sights include various historic buildings of Old Montreal, downtown skyscrapers and several family attractions like museums, theme parks and so on.

Places to Visit in Canada


The City of Toronto is the capital of the Canadian province of Ontario. It is the largest city in Canada and the fourth-largest city in North America in terms of population. The majority of Torontonians speak English as their primary language but over 160 languages are spoken in the city. Toronto is a global city and it is a hub of businesses, finance, and is recognized as one of the most multicultured cosmopolitan cities of the world. Toronto is also a prominent centre for music, theatre, film production, and is also home to the headquarters of Canada’s major national broadcast networks and media outlets. Its diversity of cultural institutions includes numerous museums and art galleries, festivities and public events, national historic sites, and sports activities, which attracts over 25 million tourists every year.

Toronto is the capital city of Ontario and also the most populated city in Canada. Toronto is known to be one of the most culturally diverse cities as it has fragments of various different cultures in it. Boasting places like Chinatown, Little Italy and Little India, Toronto transports you around the world. The city’s main attractions include soaring skyscrapers, but all of these skyscrapers are dwarfed by the iconic CN Tower, while other attractions include fairytale castle of Casa Loma, Lake Ontario and the Royal Ontario Museum. Also, read about colorful lakes in the world.

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Places to Visit in Canada


Whistler is a resort town in the south Pacific Ranges of the Coast Mountains in the province of British Columbia, Canada. It is home to one of the largest ski resorts in North America. With over two million visitors annually, whistler is primarily famous for alpine skiing and snowboarding and, mountain hiking, snowshoeing, and tobogganing etc. Whistler has a humid continental climate, it has cold wet winters and dry warm summers.

Whistler is a town north of Vancouver, British Columbia. Two high towering splendid mountains – called Whistler and Blackcomb – make up the Whistler Blackcomb resort which is the largest and the most mountainous skiing destinations in North America. Whistler is definitely your winter vacation destination to enjoy the captivating snow land.

Places to Visit in Canada


Ottawa is the capital city of Canada. It is a metropolitan as well as National Capital Region of the city. The city name “Ottawa” was chosen in reference to the Ottawa River on the shore of which this beautiful city stands. Ottawa has the most educated population among Canadian cities and is home to a large number of research, and cultural institutions, including the National Arts Centre, the National Gallery, and various national museums. Ottawa also has the highest standard of living in the nation and low unemployment level. It is ranked 2nd nationally and 24th worldwide in the quality of life index and is consistently rated the best place to live in Canada.

Well, a visit to Canada’s capital city definitely offers something or the other for everyone. Located at the confluence of Ottawa, Gatineau and Rideau rivers in southeast Ontario, Ottawa is home to many financial, cultural, commercial and federal establishments of the country. The star attraction of the capital city of Canada is the Rideau canal, which runs right through the heart of the city. This canal, during winter times, becomes the largest ice skating ring in the world.

Places to Visit in Canada


Calgary is a city in the Canadian province of Alberta. It is Alberta’s largest city in terms of population and Canada’s third-largest municipality. Because of its strong economy, especially during periods of the oil boom, Calgary holds many economic distinctions in wealth. In 2015, Calgary had the highest number of millionaires than any other major city of Canada. Calgary has been consistently recognized for its high quality of life. The analysts of Economist Intelligence Unit have ranked Calgary as the 5th most livable city in the world in 2017 for the 8th consecutive year.

One of the best places to visit in Canada, Calgary is the largest city in the Albertan province and it is situated between the Canadian Prairies and the foothills of the Canadian Rockies. Calgary has become one of Canada’s largest metropolitan areas and it owes its rapid growth has been attributed to its status as the center of Canada’s oil industry. Calgary attracts more than thousands of people to its world-renowned rodeo event, The Calgary Stampede.

Places to Visit in Canada

10. Yukon Territory

Yukon Territory is located in the westernmost parts of Canada. The territory has the smallest population than any province or territory in Canada. Whitehorse is the territorial capital and Yukon is the only city. It is famous for wild, mountainous and sparsely populated areas. It has various tourist attractions like Kluane National Park, Mount Logan(Canada’s highest peak), many glaciers, trails and the Alsek River. Most parts of Yukon has a subarctic climate which is characterized by long cold winters and short cool summers.

Places to Visit in Canada

So, these are the best places to visit in Canada. Hope you have liked the list. Do post your comments If you think some places need to be added.

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