Top 10 Most Amazing Destinations in Western Canada

destinations in Western Canada

Western Canada generally includes the Canadian province of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. These four provinces are the hub of natural attractions and adventures, such as the Rocky Mountains, world-renowned ski resorts, and fantastic annual celebrations. However, British Columbia is cultural, geographically, economically and politically different from the other parts of Western Canada and is referred as the “Pacific Canada”, while Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba are grouped together and most commonly known as “The Prairies”.
Here is a list of top ten destinations in Western Canada that one must visit.

Destinations in Western Canada

1. Yoho National Park

This national park in Canada is found in the Canadian province of Alberta. The name Yoho comes from the Cree word which signifies awe and surprise. This lovely parkland of Canada covers an area of 313 km2. The Vertical rock walls, lovely waterfalls and dizzying peaks attract guests from around the globe. With exceptional hiking and skiing, the park offers a glimpse of natural wonders of Canada, ranging from the secrets of ancient ocean life to the endless powers of ice and water. Most commonly found species of animals in the park includes wolf packs, moose, elk, mule deer, Rocky Mountain goat, golden-mantled ground squirrel, apodiform bird, marmot, silver-tip, and yank black bear.

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National Parks in Canada

2. Banff National Park

It is oldest national park of Canada, established in 1885. The park is found within the Canadian province of Calgary, with an area of 6641 sq. kilometres. It encompasses lovely mountainous landscapes, with varied ice glaciers, dense evergreen forest, and alpine vegetations. The park has recorded fifty-six craniate species like, Grizzly and black bear, Cougar, lynx, wolverine, red fox, coyote, elk, mule deer, which are common within the valleys of the park. One of the best places to visit in Alberta has fewer reptiles and amphibian species, moreover, 280 species of birds are also found in the park which includes bald and golden eagles, red-tailed hawk, osprey, and Merlin, all of these are predatory species.

Facts About Canada

3. Lake Louise

Lake Louise is a hamlet in Alberta, named after the fourth daughter of Queen Victoria. This beautiful lake is enclosed within the mountains and snowy peaks. In winters, it turns into the spectacular skating rink of the country. It’s extremely fun to rearrange a visit in winter and hit the rink. Banff is a famous destination, thus tourists can have quick access to the present place. Lake Louise experiences a polar circle climate with an annual snowfall of 3.3m and winter temperatures below −50 °C. Summers comprises frosty mornings with crisp and funky days. Also, snow will occur in any month of the year.

lakes in Canada

4. The Kootenays

The Kootenay region is located in the southeastern parts of British Columbia. he name ”Kootenay”, has been taken from the Kootenay River, on the bank of which this beautiful district is located. This district encompasses stunning views of perennial rivers, waterfalls, beaches, snow-capped mountains and also four of British Columbia’s seven national parks are located in this region with a megadiversity of flora and fauna.

destinations in Western Canada

5. Okanagan Valley

It is famous for its wineries and fruit orchards and conjointly for hiking, boating and different activities. It incorporates a sunny climate and dry landscapes with terribly less quantity of precipitation. This stunning valley is the second-largest wine manufacturing place in North America, with 90% of total wine produced in this valley. The Okanagan Valley is at a distance of 403 kilometers from Vancouver. This beautiful valley also portrays stunning scenery of mountains, deserts, landscapes etc. because of which tourists are attracted even in hot summers. There are several provincial parks in the region one of the largest being Silver resort.

Tourist Attractions in British Columbia

6. Haida Gwaii

It is the island of the native Haida people who lived historically on the island of Taan, in the US. It’s unremarkably called the island of Queen Charlotte. The land is home to the black bears, coral reefs, lush inexperienced forest etc. It is best visited from April to October month. It has unambiguously made Longhouse as per the culture and practices of the native people. There are many beautiful places like North Beach downhill, and fascinating activities like whale observation, hot spring, fishing etc. It is extremely a beautiful place for those who want to enjoy and experience the traditional practices of the Haida people.

Tourist Attractions in British Columbia

7. Churchill, Region of Polar Bears

Churchill, popularly called the “Polar Bear Capital of the world,” lies on the tough, rocky coast of Hudson Bay. In autumn, polar bears wander onto the ice-floes within the bay to hunt seals. In summer, beluga whales are visible within the Churchill stream. Nowhere else in the world one can observe interactions with beluga whales except Churchill. However, Polar bears area is the most attracted place in Churchill, and tourists from around the world come here to examine these superb animals. Churchill features a polar circle climate with long, terribly cold winters, and short, cool to delicate summers.

destinations in Western Canada

8. Grand Beach

Grand Beach is a freshwater beach located in Grand Beach Provincial Park. It features a 3 km fine, white sand dunes that rise up to 12 meters above the beach. A boardwalk at the West end of the beach offers food and shopping centres for the visitors. It is a gorgeous beach with no change in its water quality over time. It hosts a large number of annual events in Canada including Canada Day Family Festival, Manitoba Summerfest, Grand Marais Family Festival, Beaches Half Marathon etc.

destinations in Western Canada

9.The RCMP Heritage Centre

This museum is found in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, Canada. It is owned and operated by a non-profit organization known as the Mounted Police Heritage Centre and receives annual funding from all 3 levels of state. The Centre showcases a variety of exhibiting options of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is Canada’s well-respected national force, that has helped to form and shield the country and its identity since 1873.

destinations in Western Canada

Image Source: Wikimedia

10. The Butchart Garden

Butchart garden is a floral show garden in Brentwood Bay, a Canadian province. It is located close to Victoria Island and has over 1,000,000 visitors each year. This stunning garden had been selected as National Historic site of Canada. It provides varied leisure activities to relax and luxuriate, such as ice-skating, skating rink within the Waterwheel sq. etc, and conjointly throughout the Winter season, lights and seasonal decorations adorn this stunning garden.

destinations in Western Canada

These are the amazing destinations in Western Canada. Do post your comments.

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