The Top Trends in Kitchen Renovation in Canada for 2024

The kitchen has always been the central gathering place of every family and every home. When it comes to decorating and renovating the kitchen and dining area, it is very important to combine functionality and aesthetics in a way that suits your family’s needs.

In terms of kitchen renovation Calgary has some of the best options.

It is always best to consult with experts such as interior designers and architects to have as functional, bright, visually appealing, and beautiful kitchen space as possible.

It is also very important to choose the best contractors, materials, and furniture that will be functional, long-lasting, and of high quality.

Here are some of the top trends in kitchen renovation for 2024!

Smart technology

Smart technology and devices are becoming increasingly popular in home renovations, particularly in the kitchen area. With smart technology such as voice-activated faucets, lights, ovens, refrigerators, and other appliances, you can easily control everything with the sound of your voice. This can help reduce energy costs and make cooking a much easier process.

Open floor plans

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Open floor plans are becoming increasingly popular in kitchen renovations as they allow for more space to move around and create an airy, open feel in the kitchen area.

Eco-Friendly materials

Environmentally friendly materials such as bamboo, cork, and low-VOC paints are becoming increasingly popular in kitchen renovations. This can help create a healthier environment while also reducing your environmental impact.

Modern Hardware – Modern hardware is also becoming more and more popular in kitchen renovations. This includes sleek cabinet handles and knobs, drawer pulls

Light and spaciousness

It is always desirable to introduce daylight into the kitchen space, to design a sufficiently spacious space so that the atmosphere during the stay in the space is relaxing. The right lighting is very important for the atmosphere and mood during your stay in the kitchen. It must be sufficiently lit, but not too much.

Depending on the floor plan of the kitchen, we recommend that you have two different sources of main lighting above the island and above the work surfaces.

Multipurpose spaces

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Thanks to the pandemic, every surface had to be used in several ways, including the kitchen. The kitchen becomes not only a cooking space, but an office space, a place where children study and do their homework, and a place of entertainment.

Designers and architects had to demarcate zones by choosing different materials and textures so that different activities would not come into contact with each other. This is solved by designing various zones and islands that can be at the same time a bar, a place for preparing food, and a place for studying and dining.

Also, many kitchen spaces have custom-made tables that are at the same time art on the wall and at another time become a table that is attached to the wall on one side.

A combination of dark and earth tones

Warm and dark tones go very well with each other. In addition to making the space richer and more diverse, it gives them a sense of nature.

When choosing darker wood colors, mahogany, ebony, and walnut are excellent. Usually, kitchen cabinets, islands, counters, and cupboards are painted in darker tones. As for the hardware part, gold, copper, and gray go very well with earthy tones. The floor and walls should be lighter to widen and not narrow the kitchen space.

Smart devices and appliances

Technology makes our lives easier in many ways. To save time and prepare food and clean it as quickly as possible, there are many smart devices at your service.

Today, there are a handful of smart devices and appliances, smart sensors for sinks, a coffee machine that starts brewing immediately at the press of a button on your smartphone, and smart hoods that turn on by themselves when they detect unwanted smells.

Floating shelves and tall cabinets

Source: thespruce.com

The combination of tall cabinets and floating shelves is ideal to break the monotony of the walls and enrich the contents. Decorative elements such as vases, beautiful tableware, art, and other objects can be displayed on the shelves.

Since people always need additional space to store various objects and devices, high cabinets are a must. High cabinets provide storage and additional content for storing all items that we do not use daily.

Unique tile pattern

If you want to enrich the kitchen space with colors and various patterns, unique tiles are the right way to do it. The tiles have various patterns, designs, colors, and materialization and fit perfectly into any type of design.

The good thing about tiles is that they are very easy to maintain and clean, which is why many clients choose them.

In agreement with contractors and architects, you can choose the best type and pattern of tiles for you.

Secret pantry

Many would like to have additional space for storing food and a pantry with a hidden entrance.

This can be achieved by precisely placing the slats to camouflage the entrance area. If you have this wish, you must tell the architects in advance so that they can provide space for it.

Source: accentcabinets.com

Glass Splashbacks for a Modern Touch

Another trend gaining popularity in kitchen renovations for 2024 is the incorporation of glass splashbacks. Glass splashbacks offer a sleek and contemporary look that can instantly elevate the aesthetics of your kitchen space.

These glass panels, you can find at directsplashbacks.com, not only serve a functional purpose by protecting your walls from splashes and stains but also add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen. They are available in various colors, patterns, and even with printed designs, allowing homeowners to personalize their kitchen decor.

One of the advantages of glass splashbacks is their ease of cleaning. Unlike traditional tile grouting, which can be difficult to maintain, glass splashbacks can be wiped clean effortlessly, keeping your kitchen looking pristine.

Whether you prefer a vibrant, colorful splashback to add a pop of excitement to your kitchen or a more subtle, neutral tone to complement your overall design, glass splashbacks provide versatility and a contemporary edge.

So, if you’re aiming for a modern and stylish kitchen renovation in 2024, consider incorporating glass splashbacks as an attractive and practical addition to your culinary space.

Expansion of the kitchen to the open air

If you have the option to expand the kitchen area into the yard, we advise you to do so. In this way, you will have a summer kitchen, a barbecue area, and additional comfort and space for entertaining guests. By installing sliding doors, you further expand the kitchen space and connect with nature.

In conclusion, the kitchen should be a cozy and inviting place that is adapted to your needs. Depending on the space available, you can choose from many different options for lighting, flooring, materials and colours. Adding details like unique tile patterns or secret pantries will make it even more special. With a good design plan and attention to detail, your kitchen will be a comfortable and enjoyable place to cook, study and entertain.

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