5 travel Life Hacks if you’re Still a Student

Being a student is one of the most incredible experiences especially for learners in higher learning institutions. College and universities are fun learning environments, and the excitement of joining college or a university comes along with the freedom to take control of your life. You no longer have to be home by 9:30 or the timeframe your guardians have set, nor you need to get your parents’ approval to go out till late.

While being a university student can be fun, learning can also get very demanding, needing extreme discipline to match studies and other activities. However, sometimes life is unstoppable, and you might want to travel to a favorite destination with friends, but a paper is due in a few days.

So what do you do in such a situation? Read on and find out. Being an undergraduate means that you are building a career as well as relationships, hence traveling and submitting exams and essays are both critical.

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With all your academic worries well taken care of, now let’s delve into 5 Travel hacks that you should know while you are still a student.

Pack your bags carefully

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When planning for a trip or to travel abroad for fun or studies, make sure you pack your bags carefully. Folding clothes is more recommendable than rolling them which takes up more space that you may need for other necessities. It is recommendable to have a suitcase and a carry-on where you can place your more essential stuff.

Also, packing your luggage on time helps you to have the time to countercheck whether you have carried everything you need for the trip. We can all agree that packing in a hurry can even cause someone to forget their travel documents. Having your most essential stuff in a carry-on saves you the agony of losing all your belongings on transit, whether it is a plane, train, or bus.

While you may get back your luggage, it may take weeks to have it back, and having a backup plan with your most essential belongings such as travel documents and a few clothes always comes in handy. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to fold your clothes. You can refer to many resources on how to pack more efficiently on the internet.

Produce copies of your travel or important documents

With technology now, it is easy to have multiple copies of your important documents at a very low cost. Just make sure you take a photo of your travel documents before you take a selfie. This might save you a lot of trouble.

While everyone keeps talking about storing your documents carefully, you ought to have copies in different forms just in case something unexpected happens. You might get involved in a commotion and lose your passport. Having a copy on your gallery or email will save you the trouble of having to spend on replacing it.

Keep soft copies of all your books

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Students are now lucky to have almost everything at the touch of a button. From ordering meals to submitting an exam online. It is amazing how you no longer have to carry tons of books just because you need to use them. Most of the study materials are available online, and students can get soft copies of the books they need.

It is, however, very crucial that you download all the books you need before traveling. You might not have strong Wi-Fi in your destination, and this would inconvenience you a great deal. There is no harm in downloading your books into your device as part of preparing for your travel.

Additionally, you can have soft copies of all your novels, hardcopy notes by simply having them scanned and sent into your device. A computer or a smartphone is way more convenient to carry around than having to bring with you a bag full of textbooks.

Always book your flight and accommodation in advance

A last-minute rush is a thing with most students. This has landed most into more serious trouble and stranded most of the time. You should book your flight early enough. Booking a hotel or any other accommodation on time gives you the relief of finding the location before you travel.

Bookings also save you from the agony of being stranded in a foreign land as well as extra cash that you may need to pay for an expensive hotel room out of desperation. Preparing for bookings earlier helps you to avoid occasions like holidays which cause prices of everything to spike.

Keep your luggage light

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You are traveling, not moving out! When traveling, you should bring only the essential items you need. Having a light load is about being smart. As mentioned earlier, you can avoid carrying your library of books by downloading or scanning them into your phone or computer.

Also, pack only the most essential stuff. While traveling should be fun, having heavy luggage can give you a hard time. Traveling for a long distance can be tiring, and it is even worse when you are moving around with a suitcase or backpack stuffed with heavy stuff. Just keep it simple and avoid those unnecessary things you don’t like.


Traveling should be fun, and this can only be true if you plan your journey on time. The thought of traveling can cause an adrenaline rush with all the stress that comes with preparing to ensure that you don’t leave behind any essential things.
There are numerous hacks for your travel, and these 5 are the most basic ones that will keep you out of trouble. Technology is an incredible thing that makes traveling even more fun.

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