Tips for Traveling to Inglewood to Watch Super Bowl LVI – In 2024

Super Bowl has a history of 55 championships and every game was planned on the first Sunday of February. However, the authorities have a change of mind for the 56th and the onward games. Therefore, the Super Bowl LVI is scheduled for the 13th of February 2024 at the SoFi Stadium of Inglewood, California.

So if you want to watch the Super Bowl LVI in 2024, you have to make preparations in advance. There are thousands of football lovers who love to watch Super Bowl games. Therefore, Inglewood is likely to get busy around match time.
The game is scheduled for the 13th of February. It is best to make advance bookings for your plane ticket and hotel room. A month’s advance might not be enough, so you can start asking about two months before the game.

SoFi stadium is one of the best stadiums chosen for the National Football League (NFL). There have been multiple stadiums where the NFL was played. If you want to read more about them you can click here.

And here are some of the tips that will help you make a better tour plan for the Super Bowl LVI.

1. Application for business


If you are interested in doing some sort of business, you have to wait till the 1st of February. Because the applications for the Business Connect Program (BCP) will start from the 1st. So you have time to make a better business plan because there will be competition for that. So your plan will succeed only if it is good enough.

Furthermore, if you qualify for the program, you will be able to expand your network. Because there will be local service organizations, some corporate sponsors, committee staff members and of course the NFL representatives. So it will be an amazing opportunity for you.

2. Hotel booking

The hotels around SoFi stadium will get busy around the championship. Moreover, people tend to start bookings at least one month prior to the League. Therefore, there is a high possibility that you might not get any vacant room in any hotel near the stadium in February. That is why make sure that you do your booking on time.

And because of the NFL, some of the hotels might ask for an advance. This will be because they have to make sure that you might not cancel your booking at the eleventh hour. Furthermore, if you are lucky enough you will find a hotel close to the stadium.

However, if that is not the case, you can look for other options. There will be hotels at a distance that offer bus service. So you can take a bus to the stadium and enjoy watching the match.


3. Get your ticket on time

Millions of football fans would love to get a ticket or they can watch the match. However, the stadium is not limitless. There is a capacity of 100240 spectators and that too after its expansion. Therefore, it would be difficult to get your ticket once the sale starts. So waiting is not going to be an option because football fans will rush to the waiting lines.

Thus, if you are planning to get the ticket at the last moment, it will be your biggest mistake. So use your contacts or try your luck but get the ticket on time. And if you somehow manage to get the ticket but could not find a hotel room, you can go directly to the stadium. The LAX airport is just 3 miles away from the SoFi stadium. So it is better to get a bit tired than to completely miss the match.

What else can you enjoy in Inglewood?

Even if you are going to watch the Super Bowl LVI, you won’t just stop there. Of course, you would like to go out and eat and you might also visit several other places. Inglewood has plenty of things to enjoy. There is a beach, a park, a recreational area and much more to see.

1. Dulan’s Food kitchen


Who doesn’t like tasty food? And when you go on a tour, you prefer to eat local and traditional dishes. Therefore, the best food place where you can get a taste of local dishes is Dulan’s Food Kitchen. They serve in the cafeteria-style so you will get the same vibe as that of your 20s and 30s. Moreover, it is famous for the finest quality of its ingredients and friendly services.

Moreover, unlike expensive restaurants, the serving size is quite good. A single serving might be enough to fill you up, but again, it depends upon your eating habits. If you love to eat more, you can have several dishes. But do mind the serving size. Do not make such a huge order that you might find it difficult to finish.

2. The Queen Mary Ship Museum


You can also consider visiting the Queen Mary Ship Museum. It is a wonderful place that will amaze you. Queen Mary was a grand ocean liner and not just anything large, it was the world’s grand liner. Moreover, it crossed the Atlantic Ocean for various reasons like military missions and for providing luxurious accommodations. Therefore, it has gained enormous popularity, it crossed the ocean more than 1000 times.

After the military practices, the ship focused on providing luxury living conditions. Therefore, it was quite popular among elites. They would often use it to travel whenever they needed to do some sort of private meetings and transactions.

However, that’s not the only reason for its popularity. It is also known as the “Haunted Ship”. That pulls a lot of visitors to have a look at that. And because of all these reasons and huge popularity, it has a museum of its own. You will get to see amazing vintage objects and craftwork. So if you are going to Inglewood for watching your NFL, why not try visiting it too?

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