5 Things To Know When Traveling With Your Goldendoodle

We are approaching the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, and most of us are making travel plans. Still, you don’t want to leave your fluffy Goldendoodle behind. Of course, your pet will go with you. However, before embarking on a traveling adventure with your dog – you need to know a few things. So, here are 5 things to know when traveling with your Goldendoodle.

Traveling Abroad With Your Goldendoodle

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Some people can’t stand a day without their Goldendoodle and will take them to the end of the world. Others simply have no one to leave them with – when they go on a long trip. Whatever the reason you decide to take your dog on a trip, you need to know some details. Namely, when you travel abroad with your pet – you must have the documentation ready for the dog. What the documentation consists of largely depends on which destination you go to – and how long you plan to stay there. Different rules may apply to travel to other countries in the world. You must inquire about it in time – because the process of obtaining the necessary documentation can take a long time. You should also know that this process is not cheap – and that depending on where you travel, it can cost hundreds of dollars.

Goldendoodle And Car Travel

Maybe you decided to go by car after all. Great choice! According to We Love Doodles – this dog is an ideal companion for this type of travel. They are sociable and do not shed. However, you must keep in mind some general things that you must prepare before setting off. When the owner decides to go on a road trip with a pet – it is necessary to be well informed and prepared in advance. In addition to the documentation – the owner must know what is the necessary equipment for safe travel with the dog. Sometimes we’re not sure what it is that we need to take into account when we go on a trip with our pet. So, here are a few things you need to know before you embark on a journey with your Goldendoodle.

Things To Know When Traveling With Your Goldendoodle

1. The Dog Must Be Accustomed To Traveling By Car

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For your pet, traveling by car can be very stressful. Dogs, and especially breeds like Goldendoodle, can feel anxious and threatened by lack of space. It is advisable to get the animals used to the interior of the car before setting off – because the sound of the engine and the cramped space can leave negative consequences on your pet. It would be advisable to go on the trip at night because the dog will spend more time sleeping, so it wouldn’t be very stressful for him.

2. Water And Food Containers

Bring your Goldendoodle his water and food containers – and enough food to eat as you may not be able to buy just that type. Then you would have to offer him another type of food – and thus you can disrupt his eating habits and cause digestive problems. Talk to your veterinarian about problems you may encounter during the trip and how to overcome them. The vet will certainly have some good advice on how to avoid most of the issues that may occur while traveling. Do not feed the dog too much before going on the road – as it could vomit while driving and traveling.

3. Take Frequent Breaks During The Trip

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Take frequent breaks to give some water to your Goldendoodle – and also take a walk so the dog can defecate. You should also play with your pet for a while since Goldendoodles are active dogs and require long walks and runs. Do not let him off the leash, specifically not in places where there is heavy traffic – or where you can interact with other people or animals. If your Goldendoodle is restless or nervous while driving – your Vet can prescribe the appropriate medication. It is something you will have to take care of – strictly by following the instructions. If your Goldendoodle is a female who happens to be in a mating season –  take care of that before you plan your trip. Otherwise, it can be slightly inconvenient.

4. Provide Your Goldendoodle With Enough Space

Goldendoodle is a breed that can appear in several colors, but also in size. Therefore, when you have a larger Goldendoodle type – you must pay attention to the fact that the dog has enough space. Provide him with enough space in the car. Your dog can travel in the trunk of a five-door car or caravan. If the dog is riding on a seat (and it must not be the front seat) – it should have a special leash that attaches to the seat belt.

5. Do Not Leave The Dog Alone In The Car

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Never leave a dog locked in a car. This is especially dangerous if you travel with your dog during hot summer days – but it also applies to the winter period. Even when the day is cloudy and the temperature is lower – don’t leave your Goldendoodle alone for more than a few minutes. Also, make sure you always leave the window slightly open. Make sure the car is not too hot – as your dog could experience heat stroke. Therefore, always keep your window slightly open.


Traveling with a dog is a special experience and can be a real challenge. However, with the right preparation and information – everything will be easier for you. Your Goldendoodle is your best friend – and can be a great travel companion. However, you have to keep in mind that dogs are a bit like humans – that is, different. This means that not everyone will be equally enthusiastic about the trip. Traveling by car is definitely a safer option for your pet – primarily because you can react in a situation where the dog is anxious or scared. On the other hand, when it comes to longer trips or relocations – you don’t have much choice, because you have to travel by plane. In either case, your pet’s well-being comes first – and you’ll need to make a bunch of compromises to enjoy it where you want it.

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