5 Most Incredible UK Boating Destinations

Boating has been one of the best travel adventures for centuries. People love to sail to new boating destinations and enjoy the thrill in discovering something new. No wonder  — some boating destinations are so attractive that you want to visit it again and again.

When it comes to boating, one main question confuses most of us: What is the best boat for boating? Well, there are dozens of boat variants with unique different uses. Surely there has to be a big margin of difference between kayak and pontoon boats?

First, you decide which boat you want to use, based on your purpose, and then pick a boating destination. The price of the boat depends on its variants, size, models, and vendors. Visit this site and you will find both brand new and used boats in an affordable range.

Other than boat selection, you must know about boat sailing safety regulations and insurance policy just like vehicles on the roads. If possible, get some expert advice on your boat selection for new boating expeditions. In case you sail through inland waterways like rivers and canals, you must register for sailing permission before setting sail on your boat.

Once the boat selection and other preparations are complete, it’s time to discover some of the best boating destinations in the UK.

1. Sail in Jurassic Coastline

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The UNESCO world heritage site hosted sailing competitions in 2012 for the London Olympics. The Jurassic coastline stretches 95 miles from Dorset to Devon. This coast spans more than a million years, and it is rich with fossil diversity. Other than that, this coastline has variable rocks and unique flora and fauna in the coastal region.

You can try a small dinghy or kayak to enjoy the natural serenity of this coastline. You may also find people trying powerboats to speed past the coastal line on hot summer days. Thousands of tourists enjoy water sports in Jurassic’s ocean blue waves and in golden sandy beaches. Boating on the Jurassic coastline can surely make a great expedition.

2. New Quay in Ceredigion

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New Quay is one of the best sandy beaches located in the seaside town of Ceredigion. This place is a sanctuary of dolphins. New Quay is also famous for its annual sailing event called the Cardigan Bay Regatta. This is one of the most prestigious sailing competitions since 1870.

In New Quay, you can try kayaking, sailing, paddleboarding, or windsurfing to test your sea legs. Because of its rich fish diversity, people enjoy fishing. You will find plenty of traditional fishing cruises in its harbor. This place is like nirvana for fish lovers.

This is also a place where you can sunbathe and spot dolphins in close proximity. Don’t forget to snap some memories with a camera if you’re up for this incredible boating destination. In New Quay, you can either bring your own boat or hire one for an expedition.

3. The Norfolk Boards

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If you are searching for lock-free waterways, then this man-made board with the national park can surely amaze you. The waterways are 125 miles long and cover more than 300 square kilometers. This board is perfect for wildlife expeditions with 25 species of freshwater fish and huge flocks of birds all across the board.

Because of no locks, people enjoy trouble-free boating and sports. Other than bird watching and fishing, people try waterside cycling to enjoy the natural bliss. Its picturesque village, pubs, and restaurants can always entice visitors.

Other than a sailing dinghy or fishing boat, you will find motor cruises to enjoy vacation packages. There is enough to explore the boards, but don’t miss out on destinations like Horning, Stalham, Woodbastwick, Potter Heigham, Ranworth, Beeclees, and Wroxham.

Some people consider Wroxham as the capital of Norfolk Boards. This is a small town where you can find some of the best boating experts and dozens of different boat variants all over the UK. Wroxham Barns is also famous as a popular picnic spot, and you can explore hundreds of different fish items in its local market.

4. Kyles of Bute

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Boating adventures are not all about sailing; there is a lot to explore with the breathtaking wildlife scenarios. Kyles of Bute is one of the best places with spectacular scenery in Scotland. This is a narrow sea channel that separates the Cowal Peninsula in Argyll from the Northern end of Isle of Bute.

This area has picturesque hills, rocky tops, and green diversity with rich wildlife. No wonder you see flocks of birds and feral goats in its countryside. Kyles of Bute is also famous for kayaking and yachting in its blue waves.

Other than its tranquil gateway of sailing, you will find traditional hotels, pubs, and cafes in the villages of Tighnabruaich and Kames. During the summer, the shore of Kyles bustles with touristic watersports. Kyle of Bute is a place to know more about the culture and history of Scotland.

5. Lake Windermere

Lake Windermere is the largest natural lake in all of the UK. Because of a glacial trough, this ribbon lake formed nearly a thousand years ago in the border of Lancashire and Westmorland. Lake Windermere is now with the county of Cumbria.

When it comes to summer sailing or watersports, Lake Windermere is always a hotspot to choose from. You will find five big boating clubs based on this lake. These include:

  • Windermere Motorboat Racing Club
  • Windermere Cruising Association
  • South Windermere Sailing Club
  • Royal Windermere Yacht club
  • Lake District Boat Club.

Other than regular sailing and fishing, you will find ferries, steamers, and launches for day-long trips. Lake Windermere is also famous for its water-skiing and powerboating competitions that have taken place since 2000. Unlike other destinations, Windermere has a steamboat museum. At this museum, you will find vintage steamboats dating back to the eighteen century.

If you are a good swimmer, put Windermere high on your list. It is also a part of three lake challenges under English channel rules. The other two lakes are Bala Lake in Wales and Loch Awe in Scotland.

Final Verdict

If you are a boat lover, then nothing is more exciting than exploring new boating destinations. Sailing is not only a sport but also a great source of mental relaxation. It’s an opportunity to make new memories and gain more experience in boating. When you get the chance, visit these incredible destinations! Happy Boating!

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