10 Villas That Make You Crave For More In Barbados

Barbados has proven to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. The island has made a name for itself with its crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches, and amazing recreational activities. However, if there is one way to enjoy Barbados that beats any other way, that would be through a luxury villa. With Barbados being a hot spot for tourists, more people are leaving the island talking about how the luxury villas there made the experience better.

These villas are known for having excellent additions such as golf courses, water sports, and fine dining with some of the best restaurants on the coastlines. As we can see, these villas are more than a better alternative to vacation hotels. They simply offer a better experience for the price. With this in mind, let’s take a look at ten villas that make you crave for more in Barbados.

1: Gibbs Beach 7
With private terraces, beautiful beach walkways, and an amazing style, Gibbs beach 7 has everything anyone would want to immerse themselves in the island. As a whole, this villa adds up to 11 acres of a private beachfront estate that adds privacy and relaxation. Once the island has worn you down for the day, it has inside extras such as a private cinema and lounge.

2: St James 300
If someone is looking for a more elegant experience of Barbados, St James 300 villa would be the best alternative. It contributes to a luxurious experience through its delightful penthouse, classy amenities, and an amazing view of the ocean of course. It also adds personal touches with large closets, private rooftop for gatherings, and enough private room for an entire family.

3: Sandy Lane 27
The most interesting experience that the Sandy Lane 27 villa offers is a home away from home feel. Situated further away from the beach while still allowing for an amazing view, this villa includes amenities such as a large infinity pool, private cabanas, and a bar as well. After a long day at the beach, this villa also offers comfortable resting areas apart from the private rooms that people get to enjoy.

4: The Garden 3
The Garden 3 villa focuses on the idea that less is more. With an overall space of 1.7 acres, this villa encourages everyone to enjoy the beach in many different ways. With additional speedboats and sailboats to enjoy, people will never run out of ways to have fun. On the inside, it comforts people with comfortable cotton sheets and plush seating areas.

5: Reeds Bay 5
Reeds Bay 5 makes the case for being one of the best luxury Barbados villas for a number of reasons. One, it makes up a huge property with five main suites to choose from. Each suite has everything from stunning views, private balconies, and other similar amenities to enjoy. As if that wasn’t enough, this villa is just a walk away from the warm sands of the beach.

6: Gardenia
Gardenia is known for being the best at mixing a traditional style villa with new and exciting amenities. By integrating the colonial experience that is engrained within the island, Gardenia offers people with stunning coastal views, a tropical garden, and six different bedrooms to choose from.

7: Footprints
One of the newer additions to the luxury villa scene in Barbados is the Footprints Villa. The fact that it has risen quickly in terms of popularity is a sign of its amazing experience. To begin with, it is situated right on Alleynes Bay with a view that is rivaled by few. Apart from that, it has one of the best restaurants on the island, a reputable master suite, and is also just a walk away from the beach.

8: The Goding House
What makes the Goding House unique is its ability to give people the luxury villa experience in a calmer, quieter, and more relaxed way. Everything about it shows that it is the best relaxation retreat in Barbados. This villa makes up a total of just over an acre of a private estate to allow for comfort and privacy.

9: Greensleeves
As the opposite of the Goding House villa, the Greensleeves villa offers a more exciting vacation experience. This villa sits on over 10 acres of private land with access to two beaches to enjoy. This villa also prioritizes luxury by offering personal butlers, cooks, and maids to meet your needs.

10: The Dream
The Dream Villa is magnificent in every sense of the word. The quality that is put into the smallest of details creates an experience unlike any other. That said, the best description of The Dream villa would be that it is well-rounded. It covers many different areas including an unforgettable view and home amenities with a modern style.

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