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Located in Essex County of New Jersey, the township of Irvington prides itself for being a highly metropolitan city packed with activities for all of its guests. Named after Washington Irving, the famed author who once lived close to the city, Irvington gets a regular dose of visitors who want to see the area and enjoy local events. The city certainly has a certain charm that is coupled with its rich history and various attractions.

Things to Do

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There are certainly a number of things that a visitor can do in Irvington. For starters, exploration is a huge possibility since there are notable historic buildings in the city. A trip around town will surely reveal various architectural finds that are often linked to the city’s rich history. In fact, some of the buildings that are found in the city have been around since the 1690s. Hiking and biking along the old abandoned aqueduct are also available since the old aqueduct has now been converted into a walking trail. If hiking and biking are not in the list of things a guest wants to do, relaxation can be enjoyed to the fullest by taking a nap at the park, having a picnic under the shade of the trees, playing some whiffle ball, or flying kites.

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We believe that it is also important to mention that New York City is about 12 miles away. So, with just a 30-minute drive, you will be there in no time. If you can’t find anything else to do in this place then you should definitely catch a taxi or an Uber to get to New York City. If you can’t find a cab to get to the city, you can just get a cheap ticket for a train and you will get there even faster because you will be avoiding all that traffic.

Best Hotel Accommodations

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The biggest challenge a traveler can have is finding quality hotel accommodations at the right price. In Irvington, one of the best places to stay at is the Courtyard by Marriot. The hotel offers excellent breakfast options for guests to enjoy during their stay, and even has top-notch amenities such as wireless Internet access, plush bedding, and television. For those who want to live a little on the lap of luxury, there are two other topnotch hotels in Irvington, the Castle on the Hudson and the Marriott Hotel. Book your Irvington, New Jersey with

Restaurants and Dining

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Food and other delights can easily be enjoyed by anybody visiting Irvington. Every day of the week can be enjoyed by dining out at the local restaurants that Irvington has to offer. For starters, a weekend brunch can be enjoyed at the River City Grille, although their servings are not just limited to breakfast or brunch as the restaurant also serves sumptuous lunch and dinner for all their guests to enjoy. For those who want to splurge a little, the Red Hat Bar & Bistro is the best place to dine at. The restaurant is relatively new, but reviews have been excellent. The said restaurant offers topnotch steaks and has the best burgers in town. Since the restaurant is located ideally along Main Street, it is not hard for guests to stop by for a meal and go back to exploring the city afterward. If the Red Hat Bar & Bistro is not enough, guests might want to check out Solera, which offers Spanish delights with seafood as well as tapas dining style.


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During the 1800s this place was known as Camptown, but after the Camptown Races ballad by Stephen Foster who is considered to be the father of American music, the community of the town decided to rename it to Irvington in 1850. The community was worried that the ballad would bring a bad reputation to their area which is why they decided to change it to Irvington.

A couple of decades after the community changed the name of their village, it was finally incorporated as a Town in 1898.

During the Long Hot Summer of 1967, Irvington was a part of the 159 race riots in the 1967 Newark riots. Even though this place is pretty young and it has been only about one hundred years before it finally became a township, it definitely has some interesting historical facts which is why the culture of these people is so rich.

Today, around 54,000 people live there today in a land area of 3 square miles. The Elizabeth River runs through this land before draining into the Arthur Kill which is a tidal strait between Union, and New York City.

During the 1980s, Irvington was well known for having a struggle with a very high criminal activity. Fortunately, a lot of development has been seen in this area throughout the years especially with the government’s effective attention to the problem. The crime rate has dropped considerably and today it is quite a peaceful place.

The city is also the home of various notable celebrities such as Queen Latifah, Jerry Lewis, Sybil Moses, Mark William Rudd, and Robert Randolph.

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