10 Best Places to Visit in Ontario – 2024 Guide

Are you looking for the best places to visit in Ontario? Located in east-central Canada, Ontario is home to Canada’s largest city, Toronto, and capital city, Ottawa. It boasts a plethora of natural attractions, including parks, trails, waterfalls, lakes, and forests.

So, let’s dive to this topic!

As a four-season travel destination, Ontario attracts millions of tourists who travel to see what the province offers. Here are some of the most beautiful places in Ontario.

1. Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)

No trip to Ontario is complete without visiting the Royal Ontario Museum. As one of the largest premier museums in Canada, ROM showcases a vast range of collections from different parts of the world. You’ll find many incredible scientific and cultural exhibits.

Some of the world-class collections featured in the ROM’s exhibition spaces and gallery are millions of artworks and natural history specimens. You’ll find permanent collections of dinosaurs, Egyptian treasures, South Asian arts, and many more.

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2. Bruce Peninsula National Park

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If you love adventuring and exploring nature, Bruce Peninsula National Park can be one of the best places to go in Ontario. Located on Georgian Bay’s edge, the park has vast tracts of forests full of ancient cedar trees. Here, you’ll find black bears and rare reptiles.

You can also dive into the crystal blue waters from the breathtaking cliffs of Georgian Bay. Also, the rocky coastline of Georgian Bay is ideal for scrambles. Other activities to enjoy at the park include swimming, kayaking, hiking, snowshoeing, and camping.

3. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is one of the most visited attractions in Ontario, receiving millions of visitors yearly. It consists of three sets of falls with the largest section, Horseshoe Falls, dropping about 187 feet. One set is on the Canadian side and two sets on the U.S. side.

Large volumes of water flow over the falls, forming a spectacular sight. You can view the falls from the gorge’s edge or the walkways along the river and fall. You can take a boat ride on the Hornblower Cruise to see the waterfalls closely but at a fee.

4. CN Tower

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Dominating the Toronto skyline at the height of 553.33 meters, CN Tower is one of Canada’s most celebrated iconic structures. It provides a spectacular view of the entire Toronto City from above. So, you’ll have to get to the tower’s top using an elevator.

The good news is that the CN Tower has many observation points, including glass-fronted elevators, famous Glass Floor, and floor-to-ceiling window walls. The tower also has an award-winning restaurant rotating at the top. It’s a must-visit place for visitors.

5. Algonquin Provincial Park

Stretching approximately 7,600 square kilometres, Algonquin Park is home to numerous attractions such as ridges, lakes, trails, forests, and wildlife. The park is too big that you will spend weeks to explore it entirely. To explore the park’s interior, you need a canoe.

One of the most popular activities at Algonquin Park is canoeing. It has long canoe routes stretching more than 2,000 kilometres to spice your canoeing expedition. Also, the park has many camping sites where you can stay overnight during exploration.

6. Bonnechere Caves

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Bonnechere Caves is one of the best Ontario places to visit to explore the province’s underground. Located in Eganville, Bonnechere Caves is home to preserved prehistoric fossils and ancient sea creatures, such as cephalopods, gastropods, and other species.

A guide will take you around the cave while explaining the history and geology of the phenomenon. Besides touring the caves, you can go for a picnic at the river near the caves, especially in the afternoon. You’ll use stairs to enter and exit the caves.

7. National Gallery of Canada

As one of the most beautiful places to see in Ontario, the National Gallery of Canada is home to Canada’s most incredible art collections. Notably, it has some of the best selections of top Canadian artisans, including Group of Seven and Emily Carr.

Apart from displaying artworks by Canadian artists, the National Gallery also exhibits the work of famous international artists. The gallery’s ultra-modern architectural design makes it stand out. Thankfully, you can explore this site at affordable costs.

8. Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO)

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Art Gallery of Ontario is another incredible art museum featuring about 100,000 pieces of artwork. This prestigious art gallery has an impressive collection of paintings from Canadian artists, particularly in Ontario and Toronto.

AGO also displays the country’s largest collections of African and Oceanic arts. Some other attractions you’ll find in the gallery include photographs, sculptures, prints and drawings, and contemporary selections from Europe and North America.

9. Parliament Hill, Ottawa

As home to the federal government, Parliament Hill is one of the most visited areas in Ontario. The building’s setting on the Ottawa River banks makes it a perfect place to tour and take photographs. You’ll get the chance to photograph the iconic Peace Tower.

Every July 1, Parliament Hill hosts one of the biggest celebrations in the country, Canada Day. Also, if you love reading, visit the Parliament Library to find information about Canada’s parliament. Its architecture looks more beautiful on the inside.

10. Thousand Islands

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Spreading over a 50-mile stretch of St. Lawrence River, Thousand Islands form a beautiful natural area ideal for tours. It’s one of the fascinating places to go in Ontario, especially in hot summer months. You’ll have to use a boat to see the islands well.

As you ride past the islands, you’ll see castles, lighthouses, and wildlife. Also, the boat operator will tell you more about the islands’ inhabitants. The good news is that the Thousand Islands has many campsites where you can also go fishing and swimming.

Final Words

Now that you know some of the best places to visit in Ontario, you can select the ones that inspire you and add them to your travel itinerary. However, there are still more beautiful places to go in Ontario, including Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, Flowerpot Island, Canada’s Wonderland, and the Blue Mountain Resort.

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