Top 10 Best Wedding Flowers In The World


Weddings are occasions of immeasurable happiness and the beginning of a new life, but planning the perfect wedding can be a stressful job. Since each aspect of the ceremony has to be perfect, a lot of time is spent making hard choices and when it comes to flowers, no one wants to compromise. Flowers, be they in the bridal bouquets, the décor and vases or as boutonnieres are the central attractions of the ceremony and have to be chosen very carefully. Here is our list of the 10 best wedding flowers in the world.

Best Wedding Flowers

1. Rose

When it comes to love, roses evoke the most powerful feelings and have now become the staple symbolism for expressing undying love. It is no surprise then that they are the most popular wedding flowers. Roses come in different colours like pink, white, yellow and red and are also available in different sizes and varieties. Sometimes used for decorating backdrops and the stage, roses can be artificially coloured to add a dash of colour to the scene. The sweet smell of these flowers makes them a favourite with wedding planners and couples all over the world. Since ages, Roses are a symbol of beauty and love. Poets and writers used this beautiful flower as a metaphor for emotion, passion and true love throughout history. Roses can be seen in many colour varieties such as solid colours, striped roses and bicolor. There are approximately 3000 varieties of roses grown commercially, however, not all are available throughout the year and some are actually affordable. Three most lovable wedding rose flowers are hybrid tea roses, spray roses and garden roses.

2. Tulip

Tulips are flowers found in cooler climates and are seasonal, flowering only in the spring but because of their high demand in weddings, different varieties have been developed to flower all year round. Tulips come in over 70 different types, each having their own distinctive shape and colour. The most common colours, however, are white, pink, yellow, purple, magenta and red. Tulips are one of the more expensive beautiful flowers in the world. Also, they are used in wedding bouquets and decorations. One of the most beautiful wedding flowers in the world. The flower is native to Persia and famous around the world as flowers with consuming love and happy years and hence one of the best wedding flowers in the world. The flower is commercially grown in many colours such as white, cream, pink, yellow, and peach. The rare tulips are expensive, however, rest of them are affordable. Dutch tulips, French tulips and parrot tulips are the most famous wedding flowers in the world.


3. Calla Lily

This large flower is found in almost all weddings because of its unique and captivating appearance. It has large white petals arranged around a yellow another and has two varieties classified based on the length of the stem. Calla Lily is native to Africa but has been cultivated in Europe and North America for a long time. It is lightly fragrant and is most commonly white in colour. The central stalk may be purple, yellow or orange. The Calla Lily is expensive and available throughout the year. It is used in wedding bouquets. Also, please read about incredibly beautiful and rarest flowers in the world. Additionally known as the arum lily, the beautiful flower is native to Africa and symbolizes magnificent beauty in the sense of flowery language. Creamy ivory is the most popular colour of the flower, however, they also appear in yellow, orange, mauve-pink, and dark purple.

Calla Lily

4. Lily of the Valley

The lily of the valley is a small flower that droops down like a bell and has a strong fragrance and petite appearance. It is usually white and blooms in spring and autumn, so this flower symbolizes the pleasant springtime and joy that it brings. This wedding flower is native to Asia and Europe and is sold in the market all year round, priced by the bundle. Usually, it is used in combination with other flowers to decorate bouquets and the pleasant smell of this flower makes it a favourite at spring weddings. It is also believed to have medicinal properties and can heal some kidney problems. People generally know about an only white variant, however, it also comes in a very rare rosy-pink. It is also known as the ladder to heaven.” because of its amazing scent from tiny flowers. According to Norse mythology, beautiful flower is linked with Ostara (goddess of springtime) and widely available during this season.

Lily of the Valley

5. Hydrangea

This popular wedding flower is ornamental and does not have a fragrance but is preferred for its bright colour and large natural clusters. This flower is found across the Americas and in Asia and the colour of the flower varies according to the acidity of the soil. This results in a large number of combinations and shades dependent on the soil pH. There are over 75 varieties of Hydrangea and the plant characteristics differ according to the sub-species. They are seasonal flowers and bloom only in the spring. They are also some of the most expensive wedding flowers on the market which mean that they are bought only for someone special. One of the most popular wedding flowers changes colour from bubble-gum pink to sky blue, however, it also depends on the acid level of the soil. The flower is available in white colour and in different shades of green, pink, burgundy, and blue. You will also love reading about beautiful night blooming flowers.


6. Peony

The peony flower has a rather illustrious past. It is native to China and is today found in North America as well. IN ancient Chinese medicine, it was used to treat convulsions and so it is named after Paean, the Greek God of healing. It is China’s official symbol even today and symbolizes happiness and good fortune in a marriage. It has a strong pleasant fragrance and comes in a variety of pastel shades. Usually, this wedding flower is used along with others to make decorations and bouquets but they are available only seasonally in the spring. The plant of this flower lives for over 100 years, giving flowers each year in the spring. The beautiful flower grew in Asia for thousands of years, however, later it was developed by the French and most famous in two main types such as the herbaceous and the tree peony. It is mostly grown in single- and double-flower styles but the flower is seasonally available from late spring to early summer.

7. Ranunculus

This magnificent flower is known for its delicate petals and a wide range of colours and shades. It does not have a strong fragrance and has different sizes depending on the variety and quality you choose to buy. The most popular colours are white, yellow, orange, peach and apricot and they are available during the summer and spring. The flower symbolizes the radiant charm of your significant other and is more popular as a boutonniere than a bouquet. The flower is mostly available in white, yellow, orange, and pink. The flower is mostly available in white, yellow, orange, and pink. It was first seen by the Westerners in the Far East around the thirteenth century and have one of the most beautiful scents in the world.

8. Stephanotis

Also known as the Madagascar Jasmine, this flowering plant is native to the Madagascar, Australia and some parts of Africa. It has distinctive shaped white petals and a very strong fragrance. They usually bloom in the summer months and require cool temperatures to grow well. It is most popularly used in bouquets along with other flower combinations. They have waxy leaves and despite their seasonal flowering are available in the market at all times, but the prices may vary drastically. This is the most suitable flower for weddings because of the Victorian meaning i.e marital happiness. This is one of the most traditional and beautiful wedding flowers that you can gift your bride. One of the most classic choice for a formal wedding this mildly scented flower is moderately priced and yearly available.


Image Source: Wikimedia

9. Sweet Pea

The sweet pea flower is very popular in wedding décor, vase decorations, and bouquets because of its unique shape and strong sweet fragrance. It symbolizes pleasure and happiness in marital life and is available in many colours like white, pink and yellow. This flower originates from Sicily Island in the south of Italy and today is grown all over the world. The sweet pea plant is a climber and may reach a height of up to 2 meters. It blossoms in summer but is usually available all year round. This wedding flower is also popular as a garden flower and is used to make perfumes and fragrances. The flower signifies lasting pleasure and it was first brought to England from Sicily in 1699. It has a candy-like scent and available in multiple colours ranges such as from white to intense pinks and purples.

10. Gardenia

The gardenia flowers in summer and spring and has a sweet and mild fragrance making it a very popular wedding flower. It is used in bridal bouquets, decorations, and boutonnieres and is also less costly than some of the other flowers on this list. It is native to South Asia, Australia and Africa and the plant can grow more than two meters tall. The flowers are usually white and symbolize purity, happiness, and grace. One of the largest wedding flowers that can grow the size of up to 3 to 4 inches, however, a miniature variety of flower is also available. The flower has an intoxicating fragrance that was identified by the English sea captain travelling through South Africa in 1754, thereafter, he brings up one of the plants as a souvenir.

Be sure to check out these wedding flowers the next time you go to the market. Even if you don’t end up buying any, the sweet fragrance and vibrant colours will brighten up your day.

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