World’s Weirdest Places to Visit

Planet Earth is a vast and unique place, filled with amazing natural and man-made sights. There are places on earth that are able to leave any human being speechless, and make them feel small and insignificant in comparison. Either created by nature or crafted by a human hand, they can definitely make you realize that this world is full of mind-blowing and bizarre things you had never dreamt about before.

If you have had your fair share of relaxed and laid back vacation that no longer seems like an exciting idea, and you dream about exploring something really huge, rare, and jaw-dropping, start from this list of the weirdest places on the globe and see where it gets you. Maybe you will end up in the center of one of the most extraordinary travel stories ever told to grandchildren, or fellow curious travelers. You should also learn how to make a travel website because you will need it soon to share your experiences. If you are interested more about this topic, you can check this site

1. Pink Lake Hillier

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The Lake Hillier located on the Middle Island in Western Australia makes passengers who fly above it stick to their side windows. The lake reminds of a pool filled with pink bubblegum. This first impression is false, nonetheless, because its waters are very salty. If you walked along its shoreline, you would be able to see the salt crust. The reason behind this weird glamorous pink color is a form of bacteria called Dunaliella salina and Halobacteria, that is living in the water. If you take some water in a container, it will remain pink. This gives you an opportunity to bring your family an amazing and unique souvenir. And yes, Hillier is absolutely safe to swim in and you should absolutely try it if you go there.

2. The Door to Hell

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The 30 meters or 98 ft deep gas crater in Darvaza, Turkmenistan, is often referred to as the Door to Hell. This is a really intimidating show for those who sin a lot and are afraid of the devil, as it is literally a hole in the earth from which it seems that you can see the entrance into the fiery hell. The story behind the crater is quite creepy and unbelievable. When Soviet geologists drilled a borehole in this place looking for gas back in 1971, a massive piece of ground collapsed and pulled the camp and equipment into the hole. Geologists set the pit on fire to prevent all of the gas from leaking and poisoning the neighborhood, but because of the amount of gas coming out, it is still burning today. It really looks like this gas source is fathomless.

3. The Tunnel of Love

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The Ukrainian “Tunnel of Love” is a section of an industrial railway which is famous for its fabulously beautiful scenery. The trees grow so close to the train track they almost hug it, creating sort of an emerald leafy tunnel. It is a perfect intimate place for a romantic getaway with your sweetheart if you want to say special words to each other and take cool photos. The Tunnel of Love is located 7 km away from Klevan in the Rivne region of Ukraine and has already become a favorite place for couples from all over Ukraine, Europe, and the world. The best time to visit this gorgeous place is from May to October.

Before you go understand that you may need a visa. Citizens from several countries can enter Ukraine without a visa for up to 3 months within any 180 day period. These include all EU countries, the USA, Canada, Japan, Russia, Brazil, and Argentina. But if you come from another country you may need to apply for a visa. For the most comprehensive and updated to date resource that you can check out where you can learn all these things and get expert help to submit and be successful in your visa application.

Travelers are also reminded to check with their relevant authorities before the time of travel for additional information concerning documentation requirements. Having your documents ready is always the best strategy for your visa application.

4. The Nazca Lines, Peru

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Geometric shapes and pictures of animals etched on the soil of the Nazca Desert in Peru are some of the weirdest and most mysterious things on our planet. The images of monkeys, lizards, spiders, flowers, and other shapes were created by the ancient Nazca, by removing the top layer of the barren. This technique helped those images stay intact until today. People can enjoy them either from the air or from a viewing tower located beside the highway. Who knows, maybe you will be the one who guesses what these ancient people wanted to express with their amazing designs?

5. The Sea of Stars on Vaadhoo Island, Maldives

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During the night, this rather uninspiring and even mediocre beach in the Maldives turns into a fabulous theatre of light that will amaze anyone present. The waves start glowing with myriads of mesmerizing blue lights that remind us of a dance of precious sapphires. The secret of this magic lies in the bioluminescent phytoplankton that emits a fantastic blue glow when disturbed by oxygen. If you wish to get away with your significant other and enjoy one of the best sights ever, this beach on Vaadhoo Island should be your next romantic destination for sure!

6. The Cadillac Ranch on Route 66, USA

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Who in the world would come up with such a crazy idea and burry ten classic Cadillacs, nose first, into the sandy ground along the Route 66 highway? Hippie artists responsible for this artistic madness could not have even imagine that their weird creation would keep evolving since its installation back in 1974, and draw in tourists from around the world. Over the decades, it turned into a popular stopover for any creative people passing by, who contributed to the art by covering cars with a thick layer of spray paint.

7. The Confluence of Rhone and Arve Rivers

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If you think that you have already seen lots of rivers and that nothing can amaze you anymore, guess again because nature always has a surprise for you up to its long sleeve. When the two rivers, Rhone and Arve, finally meet each other to become one in the famous city of Geneva, Switzerland, their waters never fully mix and create a contrasting line dividing the two streams. They remain blue and brown in color, just like the separate rivers. The difference in density can explain such an impressive trick of water. Although not difficult to explain, it is truly a sight to behold in the already amazing country filled with natural beauty.

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