Why is Norway called the land of Mid Night Sun?

Officially known as the Kingdom of Norway, however, during early times it is known as Nordweg that means the “Northern Way.” The capital of Norway is Oslo and it is the largest city in Norway. The world’s largest exporters of Salmon ha also introduced Salmon Sushi to the Japanese in the 80s. One of the happiest countries in the world with an index of 7.594 rated on the basis of the happiest, safest, healthiest and well-educated countries in the world.

Midnight sun from the name resembles “The sun at the midnight”. There is a country named Norway whose Northern part is located above the Arctic circle, which causes the Country to remain under sunshine for 24 hours a day from Mid-May to Mid-July, the country is a latitude of 66 degrees to the North of sun.

The midnight sun is seen during the summer season to the South of the Antarctic circle. The sun is at its peak and during this, all the places situated got the north of the Antarctic circle has to face 24 hours of sunlight. There are many countries that experience the same such as Alaska, Russia, Denmark, Iceland, etc. In the winter months, the reverse happens the sun does not appear during the day time.

The midnight sun is visible of about 90 Km outside the Polar circle. There is a country named Svalbard where the midnight sun is seen from April, 20 to August, 22. Imagine if you are living in that region then how will you calculate the number of days in these two months and how will the lifespan be calculated. There are many people that love to see the midnight sun and enjoy the various colors of the Sun.

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