The COVID-19 Breaking Point – Working Mothers Need to Exercise Better Care

A working parent never has it easy! And it’s a working mother; the stakes are high. There is immense pressure on them to complete all the tasks correctly and perfectly. As the pandemic has proven, everything might appear futile and exhausting. The virus has made it difficult for many mothers. They are compelled to leave the workplace and balance out other extremities.

One of the most significant tasks they must follow is vaccinating themselves and their kids. And getting that done at a phase where a specific section of people had excellent resistance to it was not easy. According to a recent poll by MyBioSource, people in Alabama feel they need to get paid $187 to take the vaccine. The amount for Alaska is $259, Colorado is $195, and Delaware is $131.

It is not easy to get the vaccine, fight the side effects, and manage their kids. Working mothers have been burning both ends of the candle to provide for themselves and their families.

Working mothers are experiencing the impact


During the pandemic wave, it became evident that working mothers didn’t have it easy. According to Adeola Adelayo, MD, Banner Behavioral Health Hospital, there was an inevitable shift in the mental health of most women right at the start of 2021. The reports suggested that most women had increased levels of frustration in January. And it’s because women started to absorb the collective energy of fear and stress even more. The fact that the virus is here to stay didn’t sit well with many, leading to panic attacks and lousy decision-making episodes.

The many way-outs that came

New York Times introduced a way to assist worked-up parents using a screaming line. They were encouraged to scream, yell, and vent their frustrations. At times, it proved helpful to scream, but stagnancy came. Until such time, the culture and society evolve better and slightly more, and working mothers need to walk safely on the tight, thin rope.

The majority would agree that all needed to address the distressed mother’s experience in the country is one systemic policy change and the management of cultural expectations. There is zero control over these things. And when people carry on as if nothing is wrong, that increases frustration. It is time to address this situation and do something about it.

How can working mothers manage the pandemic stress?


Arriving at a balance is essential. And that only happens once you set down a few rules and follow them diligently. When it comes to working mothers, here’s what is going to work for them:

  • Self-compassion is the key

Most women can’t do this naturally! Hence, they need to learn how to practice self-compassion. During the pandemic, many women felt they were constantly failing at everything they attempted. During these times, you need to use self-compassion and kindness for yourself. It is necessary to exercise self-compassion, which can work with your mind before you get into a negative thought loop. It will bring down the guilt that most women carry for not being perfect or living up to others’ expectations. It also helps to bring down depression, fear and anxiety.

  • Manage all the expectations

Working mothers should manage their expectations from time to time as they live amidst the global pandemic chaos. Most people are suffering because they have created high standards. And it might have catered to you at other times, but in the future, it might not work that. One of the graceful things that most working women can do is adjust the idea and notion of success. It’s not sane to behave or assume that the global pandemic is over. That is not the truth. The virus is there, and it will impact life. And from time to time, working mothers need to manage their personal and professional expectations to lead a wholesome life.

Having a realistic objective and goal for your success is necessary. It will provide the best action plan. You can maintain your capacities. The idea here is to gauge the path and tread forward with caution and resources that will work in your favor. Pay attention to your needs at all times.

  • Request for help and accept it

Working mothers at times are confused about whom to turn to for help! And that will eventually take a toll on their mental and physical health. Therefore, now is the time to slow down and ask for help when required—for instance, talking to friend help. If things and situations seem to be affecting you negatively and you can process your daily life the way you did, therapy is an ideal choice. Working mothers are free of feeling triggered in such a situation. It’s time to exercise discretion and take the necessary help to lead a wholesome life.

Some of the measures that will work here are a nutritious diet, exercise, proper sleeping habits and more. Furthermore, there should be stress relief techniques like yoga, mindfulness, etc. These are some of the measures that you can take to manage pandemic stress for working mothers. It is time to show compassion within themselves and request for help when required. Taking a break from work or personal matters is necessary in such times. Working mothers need to understand that it is ok not to be perfect, and their mental health should be the priority at all times. It’s time to address the distressed mother’s experience in our country, make systemic changes, and manage cultural expectations for working mothers.  With the right techniques, you can make it out of this situation with ease and grace.



The world has been through a lot; it’s time to lend a helping hand and make things bearable. Working mothers have gone through a difficult phase due to the pandemic. They need to be encouraged, appreciated, and supported in every way possible. Everyone should understand the challenges and hardships they have gone through and strive to create an environment of support. It’s about time that we all come together and make the world a better place for everyone!

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