Top 10 Spring Break Destinations You Have To Visit

Puerto Rico

After a stressful year at college, Spring Break is a much-awaited vacation where everyone pushes off to the nearest destination they can find. However, despite being on a budget, you can visit these amazing spring break destinations that give you the best value for your money and the most unforgettable experiences.

Spring Break Destinations You Have To Visit

1. Culebra and Vieques, Puerto Rico

Topping the list of best spring destinations in 2017, these sister islands off the coast of Puerto Rico are the stuff of dreams. They are remote enough to be cheap yet beautiful enough to compel you to visit again and again. The white sand beaches and clear blue waters are just the things you need to relax during your spring break. The main attraction of these islands is the water that glows blue in the night and you can book a night kayak trip into the ocean to wade through this bioluminescent water.

Puerto Rico

2. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Galapagos is the perfect destination if you want to watch animals of Galapagos Islands in their natural habitat and do not mind a lack of the party vibe. There are not many tourists in Galapagos during the spring and you can scuba dive, kayak, swim and snorkel on these islands to your heart’s content. In exchange, you will get a lifetime of memories, beautiful photographs and glimpses of extremely rare species not found anywhere in the world. Getting to Galapagos can be a little heavy on the pocket, but once you reach, the experience is guaranteed to be worth the price.

Galapagos Islands

3. Whistler, British Columbia

If beaches are not your thing, maybe you could try the mountain slopes of British Columbia. The peak of tourist season is in the winter and as March arrives, the snow starts melting and tourists start heading back. However, there is plenty of snow left in March and April if you want to your spring vacation. Since the daylight hours are also higher during these months, you will get all the more time to explore the wonders this destination has to offer.

Spring Break Destinations

4. Ashville, North Carolina

Spring break is a time of enjoyment and food is the best way to do it! The vast variety of restaurants in Ashville will ensure that you get the perfect food for your taste and pocket. Enjoy comfort foods and craft beer in this Southern town and burn the calories in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park which is also a popular haunt with tourists who come here. It is also one of the beautiful places in the United States.

Spring Break Destinations

5. Hawaii, The United States

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Hawaii is not as expensive as you might think if you know how to save money. End of March is the end of tourist season in Hawaii and you can get great deals on stay and travel. In April, the three-day Merrie Monarch Festival is an experience you will regret missing if you are in Hawaii at the time. The great food, spectacular beaches, friendly locals and pleasant climate make it one of the best spring break destinations in the world.

Spring Break Destinations

6. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio is one of the most popular spring break destinations in the world because of the unimaginable number of things you can do there. Enjoy authentic Brazilian food, dance to the tunes of Samba in the beachside nightclubs, sunbathe on the Copacabana or visit the Christ the Redeemer statue – the list goes on. You could also take a cable car up to the Sugarloaf Mountain and see the beautiful vistas of the city below you. Combine this with low prices, friendly locals and a plethora of international tourists to make friends with and Rio becomes hard to beat.

Spring Break Destinations

7. Southern Baja, California

California may seem like an unlikely destination for a spring vacation, but there is something for everyone in California. If you are one for the bustling nightlife and delectable food of the cities, head to Los Cabos but if you want to be away from the throngs of tourists, the Baja California Sur is the place for you. This coastal town is now drawing many nature lovers who get a chance to swim with sea lions, help with and observe turtle conservation and watch whales in their natural habitat.

Spring Break Destinations

8. Los Angeles, The United States

Like California, your Los Angeles experiences can be very different depending on where you choose to stay. For the more party experience, head to Santa Monica where you will get the best variety and value for your money in the night clubs. But if you want a quiet weekend, you are better off heading to Malibu or Belmont Shore where the number of tourists is much lower making it the perfect spring break destination for enjoying the waves and sunsets. These beaches also have one of the best surfing in the country.

Spring Break Destinations

9. San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

The list of things you can do in San Juel del Sur is endless. If surfing has been your dream but you could never get yourself to take lessons, this is the place to start. Nicaragua has some of the best shores for surfing in the world and also many world class instructors. A star attraction for the party people is the Sunday Funday party, with the unique concept of a ‘pool crawl’ across the hotels on the coast. You can also dive, kayak and swim on the white sand beaches.

Spring Break Destinations

10. Tampa Bay, Florida

Like Baja, Tampa too can offer vastly different experiences depending on where you choose to go. During the spring, this city is overrun with college students from all over the world who come there for the nightlife, beaches, and alcohol. But Tampa does have something for the recluses who like to enjoy their vacation away from the bustle. Fort De Soto Park is an 11 kilometer stretch of beach located some distance away from the main city and you can enjoy peaceful sunsets along with lower prices.

Spring Break Destinations

So what are you waiting for? Book a flight and head down to one of these incredible spring break destinations to wash off the fatigue of the year and prepare for a new start in the year ahead.

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