Spring Break ─ The Best Things to See and Do in Boston Between March and May

Boston is one of the most well-known tourist destinations in the United States due to its wide range of cultural and entertainment options. It is one of the historical hubs of the country, the place where the American Revolution started, and the Freedom Trail, where you can visit the Paul Revere House and the USS Constitution.

The stunning architecture presents a balanced mix of the old and new, creating a charming effect. Tall, imposing skyscrapers contrast brownstone buildings designed in the traditional style.

However, just because Boston is home to many cultural landmarks of historical importance, don’t be too quick to dismiss it as a sleepy little town that’s only worth visiting for history buffs. There’s no shortage of entertainment options, and plenty of restaurants, bars, and nightclubs if you want to experience the nightlife of Boston.

Due to its positioning, you can also visit other nearby cities and extend your trip this way. Chelsea, Cambridge, and Salem are some of the other popular tourist destinations in the state. They’re all just one flight away from Boston.

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With spring just around the corner, you might be planning a relaxed getaway to get you stretching and moving again after the long winter. Here are some things that should be on your itinerary if you plan on visiting Massachusetts’s capital.

Boston Common and Public Garden


First established in 1634, The Boston Common is the oldest park in the US and one of the oldest public spaces overall. In 1837, the adjacent Public Garden was created on filled-in marshland. It is arranged more formally than the park, yet both share several similarities.

They are part of the Emerald Necklace of the region, renowned for its green hubs throughout the urban landscape, and represent the vision of well-known landscape architect Frederick Olmsted. Since you’re planning a getaway during spring, be prepared to get some sunshine and warmer temperatures, particularly if you’re traveling from late April to May, when the average is between 14 and 19°C.

You can lounge around with a book, play tennis, take a leisurely walk on the many pathways, and admire the flowerbeds and trees. If you’re traveling with children, you must go on a pond trip in one of the infamous Swan Boats. In continuous operation since 1877, these boats are a cultural icon of the city, and they begin operating during the second weekend of April.

The Opera House


After spending half a century as a movie theater, the Boston Opera House was rededicated as the new home of the Opera Company of Boston in 1980. However, it had to close down only ten years later due to financial difficulties.

In 2004, it was reopened yet again following significant restoration work. Since then, it has served as the home of the Boston Ballet and also hosts Broadway shows. If you’re a dedicated theater lover, you might want to visit during the colder months, as that’s when most grand shows occur.

However, don’t think there’s nothing to see just because you’re visiting in spring. Make sure you book your tickets in advance, as they tend to disappear quite quickly. The building itself is a beautiful sight, and although smaller than other operas in the US, its elegance is second-to-none.

Restaurants and Bars

The cuisine of Boston is the one adopted by the New England region, with only minor variations. Potatoes, dairy and seafood, are some of the staples, as is corn. While there are many restaurants and diners serving international dishes, it would be a pity to have traveled and not sample the local cuisine.

Chowders, lobster rolls, Boston cream pies, baked beans, pastries, roast beef sandwiches, and bulkie rolls are some of the local dishes in Boston. Tollhouse cookies, the official cookies of the state of Massachusetts, were created during the 1930s at the eponymous inn.

Some of the dishes in Boston retain their traditional recipes and have maintained the same form they had when they were brought in from England by the Puritan colonists. Some examples are potted meats, rhubarb and apple pies, custards, and blancmange.

The good news is that there are many variations of these tried-and-tested recipes that you can try. For instance, in the case of the well-known lobster roll, the traditional recipe serves hot or lobster meat on a classic toasted bun, while the newer, modern variations include fusion elements and drive inspiration from international cuisines when choosing the bread or side dishes.

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum hosts an impressive collection of paintings, tapestries, sculptures, and decorative art pieces from three continents. The display was created by socialite, philanthropist, and patron of the arts Isabella Stewart Gardner, who left her art pieces in an open exhibition to be enjoyed by the general public. It has been open to the public since 1903 and displays over 7500 art pieces, including furniture, textiles, ceramics, and silver.

There are also many archival objects dating from the Renaissance and Medieval periods, and the paintings include works by Degas, Whistler, Sargent, Michelangelo, Manet, Botticelli, and Titian. There’s also a less well-known yet still awe-inspiring book collection, including early prints and manuscripts, including works by Dante, as well as illuminated manuscripts and incunables. The archives also hold over 7000 letters, travel albums, and guest books.

The museum is also well-known for its personal history. In 1990 it was the victim of a heist that remains unsolved. Thirteen works were stolen, worth an estimated $500 million dollars. Among the stolen artworks were several by Rembrandt and Degas, an ancient Chinese bronze vessel, and a French Imperial Eagle finial.

When you visit the museum, you should know that you’ll get free admission if it’s your birthday. And if your name is Isabella, you can also enter for free.

Boston has a lot to offer for tourists, and you won’t be bored for one second when you visit. The only challenge will be to fit as many landmarks as you can into your schedule.

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