5 Amazing Flamingos Facts


One of the beautiful birds in the world, Flamingo is one of the easily recognizable birds in the world because of its red-purple coloured feather. The birds love to live in the shallow lakes, mangrove swamps and sandy islands and hence they are native to Africa, Asia, America and Europe, Currently, Flamingos has total 6 species, Here are some of the amazing Flamingos facts,

Flamingos facts

  • The unique feature of the bird is the colour of the feathers which is a result of the diet, pigments in their food known as carotenoids. These pigments are responsible for red and pink colors in their feathers. Flamingos love to eat shrimps and algae.
  • When Flamingos eat, they always keep the head upside down, the primary reason being they suck water and filter the food.
  • The bird species spend most of the time cleaning their feathers because of the oil produced in the glands can spread over the feathers with the help of the beak.
  • The bird species are monogamous that means they have only one partner and can produce only one egg each year.
  • The lifespan of the species is between 20 and 30 years.
  • The bird species will hold their breath while feeding.

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