5 Amazing Giraffe Facts

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The landmark of African animal species, Giraffes exist in 9 separate species where they can be distinguished by the coloration of their bodies. The tallest mammal on planet Earth native to the savannas and in open woodland areas. Here are some of the amazing Giraffe facts that you don’t know,

Giraffe Facts

  • Giraffe has one of the longest tongue and blue in colour so that they can lick every part of their face even their ears.
  • The unique part is that they sleep less than 2 hours a day.
  • Just like elephants, Giraffe loves to eat acacia, however, they also like leaves of mimosa and apricots.
  • Giraffe has a unique capability where it can survive without water longer than animals and they did not each too much water. The primary reason is that when they drink water they need to spread their feet to reach the surface of the water because the neck of animal species is shorter than the limbs. The overall position of Giraffe is dangerous because will not be able to locate predators and even can’t achieve the necessary speed to run away.
  • The worst predators of Giraffe is lions and crocodiles.
  • The lifespan of the animal’s species is 10-15 years in the wild and in captivity, it is 25 years


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