Brave Woman Saves Dog From Drowning in Freezing Lake in Canada

There is some strange relation between Dog’s and Humans that no one can explain in this world. Today, a video has been captured by Ben West of East Vancouver, Canada that will prove the same. The video shows how a woman will rescue a dog that fell on the icy water lake. Ben West himself was walking with his own dog at that time and observed that several people calling out a woman name to come back safely.

Ben West told CBC in Canada that, “This woman, it wasn’t even her own dog, she just started trotting out onto the ice and kind of falling through onto the water,” He also added “People were kind of cautioning her — ‘Don’t do it’ — but she said ‘It’s a dog, I have to.’”

“People were kind of cautioning her — ‘Don’t do it’ — but she said ‘It’s a dog, I have to.”

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According to the details given by West, Its clearly visible that a woman is breaking the ice and walking through the waist-deep water to approach drowning a dog named Tessa. Actually, Tessa was struggling to swim. he also heard that people are encouraging Tessa to try and encourage him to jump out of the water. However, later woman reached Tessa and assist her to reach the shore. Later, West said that the woman was freezing cold but uninjured and was accompanied to a nearby house to dry off and warm up.

He also said, “I think she was just in shock. She seemed pretty calm given the circumstances,” said West, who says he chatted briefly with the woman afterward but did not catch her name. We all along with Ben West will appreciate the heroic act of the woman. She is a true Hero.

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