Must Go In This Life Just To Meet Your Blue Eyes – A Journey To The Blue Ice Of Lake Baikal

According to textbooks, Lake Baikal is the largest and deepest freshwater lake in the world. The seals in the lake are cute and cute. In history, the place where Su Wu herd sheep is now Lake Baikal. It was called “North Sea” in ancient times and was once the land of Han Dynasty. It seems that the snow-capped mountains in winter, the blue ice is crystal clear, the green trees in summer, and the lake is blue as a mirror. If Baikal is the pearl of Siberia, then Olkhon Island is the heart of this pearl. So in winter, it is a good place to look for blue ice on Olkhon Island.

Dispel your doubts and set off bravely

If the difficulty index of the free travel in Southeast Asia is 3 and the difficulty index of the free travel in South America is 10, I personally think that the difficulty of Baikal should be around 7-8. It is indeed a bit more complicated than expected, so you must do your homework before you leave!

Doubt 1

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Doubt 2 – How cold is Lake Baikal?

1. How cold is it? First of all, let’s take a look at how cold Siberia is. This is the hometown of the legendary cold air. The host in the weather forecast always points to the “culprit” with a small stick and says, “It’s just because of the cold air here. Going south, we have only recently cooled down. ” Yes, the cold pole of the northern hemisphere is here, and in Oymyakon, it can even reach a low temperature of minus 60 degrees. However, the Baikal region is a special case. Some people say that Lake Baikal is a natural two-way giant “air conditioner” that regulates the climate of the lakeside area. Every year from January to May, the lake surface is frozen and releases latent heat, which reduces the extreme cold in winter. In summer, the lake is thawed, which absorbs a lot of heat and reduces the heat. Therefore, the winter on Lake Baikal is almost as cold as the Great Northeast of China. It is usually as cold as Harbin, and the coldest is not as cold as Mohe.

2. Clothes We prepared clothes according to minus 20-30 degrees, but because this year is catching up with the warm winter of Lake Baikal, during the day it is only more than ten degrees below zero and it is not cold. As for how thick you can wear it to resist minus 20-30 degrees, you can search for the northeast guide on major travel websites. You will see a variety of ways to wear. You can match it with warmth and smelly according to your own situation. Clothing, in short, wrap yourself into a loaf of bread.


It is recommended to prepare these before starting:

  • Head: preferably ear-protective hats, scarves, ear bags, sunglasses
  • Upper body: down jacket / thick airtight coat, middle layer fleece or ordinary sweater is enough, the inner layer is strongly recommended to wear a short-sleeved T-shirt, the room is super warm there, wearing a turtleneck sweater is to faint, locals eat in a restaurant or In shopping malls, they all wear short sleeves with a mink coat outside.
  • Lower body: a pair of thick leggings with fleece is enough, really afraid of the cold, put on a pair of pants outside.
  • Feet: UGG is the most comfortable and warm. Some people say that it is not slip-resistant and afraid of falling. In fact, when walking in the snow, as long as you master the walking skills, shoes are not very important. UGG is really warm. I wear UGG barefoot over there, even if Stepped into the snow, and after a while, the shoes were all wet, the inside of UGG was still warm and dry. Outdoor shoes are also possible, but it is best to wear a pair of thicker socks. If you walk outside for a long time, your feet will still feel cold. As for whether you should bring two pairs of shoes if you are worried about getting wet, I don’t think it is necessary. There is heating in the drying room, so drying shoes is no problem;
  • Hand: Ordinary gloves are fine. The touch-screen gloves bought by Decathlon are enough to keep you warm.


Keep your camera and mobile phone warm!

  1. Battery problem in a low-temperature environment, the camera battery will lose power quickly, and the battery life is only half of the usual. So try not to expose the camera to too low temperature for a long time. You can also choose to buy equipment to make up for this.
  2. For the problem of fogging, prepare a plastic bag. If you need to enter the room from the outside temporarily, put the camera in the plastic bag first outside so that after entering the room, water vapor will condense on the plastic bag. If you return to the hotel after a day of shooting, you don’t need a plastic bag and just let it dry naturally. As for if you want to finish shooting outdoors and indoor… Uh, hurry up and shoot wildly after entering the house, try to finish it before the fog…
  3. It is really easy for Apple (iPhone) mobile phones to automatically shut down, shut down, and machine when the temperature is below zero. Maybe your hand hasn’t felt cold yet, and your Apple phone has a black screen. If you want to take pictures of children’s shoes with your phone, remember to bring a power bank, so that it can last forever!

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