6 Best Australian Gambling Destinations for Casino Lovers in 2024

Gambling was highly popular even before the Internet, but its popularity definitely skyrocketed in the last couple of years. That is why land-based casinos are somewhat forgotten and reserved for players with vast experience and those who simply want to get a taste of how it all looks in person.

Online casinos simply took over, which is understandable, as all you need now is a stable Wi-Fi connection and all the casino games you might want to try are at your disposal. Accessibility is not the only reason, but it surely is the dominant one, and attractive offers and high bonuses only help. Of course, some are a bit nostalgic, and gambling vacations are still highly popular, which says a lot about how big of a role gambling has in our society.

The traditional way of gambling

Just like there are traditional games of chance, there is also a traditional way of gambling, and even though there are many benefits of playing casino games online, that special feeling of stepping into the casino is something that most experienced players crave the most.

Of course, some prefer the most renowned and famous casinos, like the ones in Las Vegas or Monte Carlo, but if we had to pick one country where gambling is on such a rise, then it would definitely be Australia. Namely, gambling here is enormously popular, which also means that there are some exceptional casinos too, and since there are so many of them, we will focus on the best of the best.

1. Country Club Tasmania


Let’s start with one of the biggest casinos in the Land Down Under, as this one has it all, the luxury and that classy style like those casinos in Monaco, mixed with a high offer of games, and since it is a country club, there are plenty of things that the whole family can enjoy.

It really is a great place to spend your vacation, have some fun playing your favorite games of chance, and spend quality time with your family. It’s also the third oldest casino with two gaming floors and a fantastic entertainment venue for gambling enthusiasts.

2. Crown Perth


The first thing about this casino that will stun you is its size because the casino floor stretches for almost 100.000 square feet. It’s designed not just for casino purposes, as it has two huge concert halls, restaurants, cafes, etc.

It is one of the best places where you can gamble and win real money, and since pokies are so popular here, don’t be surprised when you see more than 2.500 pokies in one place. Its perfect location on the Swan river only enhances the entire experience, and a diverse selection of games will take over everything else.

3. Star Casino


Most people will visit Sydney once they come to Australia, and if they are fans of astonishing places where they can even win money, Star Casino must be on their bucket list. Although it does not have the title of the biggest one, it surely is one of the most popular thanks to its glamorous look, and because of that, we can see it in various TV shows.

It has been operating for more than 25 years and provides its customers with various features. Regular guests can enjoy the whole floor without needing to play with people who come once in a lifetime, which has a lot of benefits for all of them.

4. Sky City Darwin


This place is perfect for every player, no matter how high the budget they have, as it is possible to find games with the denomination of just one cent. In that way, even people who play just for fun can enjoy quality time without worrying about losing more money than they can afford.

On the other side, it is still a glamorous place with exclusive rooms, and its guests can enjoy the bar with world-famous drinks or relax by the swimming pool. The huge variety of games does not leave anyone indifferent, and there is a perfect one for every person, so there is no need to worry that spending less money means needing to spend time on boring games.

5. Wrest Point Casino Tasmania


As we have already mentioned, gambling is more and more popular in Australia, and because of that, many glamorous casinos have been built, but we need to mention one of a kind – Wrest Point Casino in Tasmania.

It is the first one that received visitors almost 50 years ago, and the best thing about it is that it never stopped working during that period. The building is astonishing, and so is the whole ambient, as it is located on the shore of Derwent River and provides its visitors with one of the most breathtaking views.

6. Adelaide Casino


Speaking about jackpots and the best place where we can expect to win one of them, we need to mention Adelaide casino, as it offers about fifteen of them weekly, which is a pretty high number. Thanks to modern technology, we can find all the necessary information by using informational touch screens, without needing to ask someone.

The game offer is huge, as this casino has them all – from traditional ones to new ones on the market, and its offer improves all the time. Poker lovers can spend quality time playing tournaments and try to win even more money.


As you can see, Australia has to offer a lot of popular destinations for gamblers, and if you enjoy trying your luck in some of the most popular land-based casinos, visiting it is a must. On the other side, for people who prefer gambling from the comfort f their homes, the most important thing is finding a reliable website to entrust their money, which can be a little time-consuming.

Luckily, we have a solution for them too, and all they should do is click here and choose the online casino that suits them the most, as all of them are trustworthy and safe.

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