Be a Wise Mattress Buyer, Choose the Right Firmness for Your Sleeping Style

Not all people require the same firmness on their mattress. Some people prefer a hard surface while others an extra soft one. While it may appear to be a simple matter of going for the level of firmness you have found most comfortable, there is more to it than that. It’s a matter of your sleeping style.

You want to choose something that will accommodate the way you naturally sleep. To be a wise mattress buyer, you need to know the different firmness levels and how they affect your body weight. To help you out, below is a guide for you to make an informed decision about what level of firmness will let you get the most from your mattress.

Why Might You Want a Firmer Mattress?

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A firmer mattress can help relieve pressure on some of these areas. By applying less stress on certain parts of your body due to a higher density of support, you will feel more rested after a night’s sleep on a firm mattress. If you’re planning to get the best mattress and want a list of the best possible options, Click Here.

Individuals who weigh more will find that a firmer mattress provides an appropriate degree of pressure relief from their own weight. It is because the coils in the mattress are compressed less when you lie on top of them. It means that your weight can be fully supported by the layers underneath.

What Is the Difference Between the Firmness and Softness of a Mattress?

Mattress firmness is determined by how much pressure it exerts on your body when you lay down on it. Firm mattresses tend to have a higher coil count and pressurize the body less while providing the necessary support.

On the other hand, the softness of a mattress is determined by how easily your weight is displaced while lying on the mattress. Mattresses with fewer coils tend to be softer and pressurize your body more while having a lower level of support for your spine.

How Do You Test for Firmness?

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There are various ways to test for the firmness of a mattress. One way is to bend your knee and bounce slightly on the edge of the mattress with one knee. If you notice that there’s very little movement or even no movement when you do this, then it means it has a greater chance of being a firmer mattress.

Another way is to take the compression test. You simply press your hand on the mattress and apply some pressure until you see the indentation of your hand on the surface of the mattress. The more it indents, then that means it’s probably a softer type of mattress.

Top Benefits of a Firmer Mattress

Having the best firm mattress has many benefits. See some of the top benefits below

1. Healthier Sleep

Many people tend to wake up feeling fresh and rested because it helps reduce their sleeping problems such as snoring or apnea. With firmer mattresses, it can help reduce these problems from occurring. You can get a better night’s sleep free from disturbance and distress.

2. Reduced Stress Levels

By sleeping on a firmer mattress, you can eventually reduce your stress and anxiety. Because when lying down on a firm mattress, your muscles don’t have to work hard to keep a good posture for your back and neck.

3. Greater Body Alignment

When you lie down on a firm mattress and keep constant and consistent pressure on your back, this can help align your spine in the correct posture. This way, you also can avoid any fatigue in your back muscles or reduced blood circulation in your body.

4. Increased Energy

Firmer mattresses are often more responsive. It means that when you move or change positions, your mattress will also respond to those movements as quickly as possible. It can increase your overall energy for the day ahead because of a better night’s sleep.

5. Decreased Pressure Points

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Firmer mattresses provide better body support while also helping to relieve pressure points. It can lead to a deeper and more restful sleep that will leave you feeling refreshed in the morning and throughout the day.

6. Greater Versatility

Firm mattresses give their users more versatility in terms of size and type. It is suitable for any sleeping posture. Plus, you will not have to stress about your mattress becoming flat because firmness can last a long time.

7. Increased Circulation

Firmer mattresses have more coils that provide a higher level of support. This indicates that less pressure is applied to the body, and it can help improve blood circulation in your body. You will feel less tired and fatigued when you wake up throughout the day after sleeping on a firm mattress at night.

8. Better Temperature Regulation

A firmer mattress is better for regulating your body temperature because it can help maintain a more even weight distribution of your body. This helps reduce the chances of you feeling too warm or uncomfortable throughout the night so you can get a night of better quality sleep.

Mattress Firmness Chart

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Standard industry levels for the FSI range from level 1 (firmest) to level 10 (softest). The ‘level’ of a mattress refers to its firmness compared to other mattresses.

  • Level 1: extremely firm, providing minimal comfort and support.
  • Level 2: very firm, providing somewhat less comfort and support than a level 1 mattress.
  • Level 3: firm, providing about as much comfort and support as a level 1 mattress.
  • Level 4: medium-firm, providing some additional comfort and support over a level 3 mattress.
  • Level 5: moderately soft, providing more comfort and support than a level 4 mattress.
  • Level 6: slightly soft, offering the same support as a level 5 mattress. But slightly more comfort.
  • Level 7: soft, providing significantly more comfort and support than a level 6 mattress.
  • Level 8: very soft, offering much more comfort and support than a level 7 mattress.
  • Level 9: incredibly soft, offering the greatest possible degree of both comfort and support.
  • Level 10: extremely soft, providing very little support and almost no comfort.


A firmer mattress is often the most supportive of all types. These mattresses are ideal for people who spend a lot of time on their side or back during sleep and need to support heavier parts of the body. Be wise enough to know your own needs and be able to identify what you are looking for in a product before actually getting one.

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