Turkey Hunting Tips: How to Choose the Right Camo Suit for Your Hunt

The turkey hunting season is just around the corner, and when it comes to hunting these meaty games, choosing the right hunting costume is essential. Turkey hunting requires patience; unless you are sure you are aiming at the bird bobbing its head, movement can be the biggest distraction for your hunt. But you cannot hunt unless you move, so disguising the movements effectively becomes essential.

Turkeys have great eyesight, and a good camo suit is essential to keep you hidden during the hunting. They are skittish animals, and once they spot you, they will scurry off, leaving you disappointed in your game. If you wish to know how to choose the right camo suit for your hunt, stick to the end of the article to know the essential requirements and also for some effective turkey hunting tips.

What to Wear?


Not enough importance can be stressed on the fact that wearing the right clothing is essential for turkey hunting. If you are wondering what you should consider wearing for the hunting, here are some quick tips for you.

Wear clothes that allow swift movement; if you do not feel comfortable in your hunting attire, it will not allow you to enjoy the process. Choose dull, earthy tones and camouflage patterns that will allow an easy blend with the surrounding. Never wear black, red, and white while hunting. Depending upon the terrain of your hunting grounds, you can opt for full pants or shorts.

Also, do not forget to wear proper hunting shoes, i.e., rubber or hiking boots. It is not uncommon to observe hunters opting for ill-fitted shoes that affect their game in the long run. You can have separate boots according to the different seasons or use a classic boot that works across all terrains.

Different Types of Camo Suits

Different types of camo hunting suits are available in the market, providing a quite varied array depending upon the season’s needs. Mentioned below are the different camo suits to help you decide the hunting attire best suitable for you

1. Mossy Oak


Including a combination and color palette resembling leaves and dirt, the Mossy Oak camo pattern is suitable throughout the year blending in terrains covered with thick green vegetation. It is considered a staple hunting attire but cannot be considered an ideal pick if there is open terrain and you plan to hunt in the autumn seasons.

2. Realtree Camo


Realtree camo blends exceptionally well with earthy-tone terrains and trees as images of leaves and trees are printed on the suit and therefore act as a great camouflage even during the fall seasons.

3. 3D Camo


Making hunters invisible if one lies down on the forest floor or stands along thick shrubbery, these camo suits consist of 3D leaves in different shapes and sizes. These 3D camo suits are airy and breathable and will make hunting easier during stifling humid conditions. However, the only downside of the 3D suits is that they can become a burden for the hunters, weighing you down and making it difficult for you to move.

4. Digital Camo


Popularized by the military, digital camo has become quite the hit among turkey hunters. These camo suits are available in various patterns and color shades and can be easily printed on different clothing gear, making them ideal for different turkey hunting seasons.

5. Kryptek Camo


Kryptek camo suits provide the best qualities from Realtree and digital camo suits. You can find different colors, shapes, and size patterns, allowing flexibility and quick movement. However, camo suits do not provide the facility to blend properly with the environment. The camo suits are affordable but do not provide a seamless blend.

How to Choose the Right Camo Suit?

The right camo suit has several components: a turkey hunting vest, boots, shirts, pants, gloves, and a facemask. Below are the essentialities you should consider to pick the right suit.

  1. Choose a camo suit that helps you to blend with the hunting ground. Patterns with green leaves can be chosen for turkey hunting during the early seasons, while brownish and bare branches should be considered during fall.
  2. It is essential to consider the terrain of your hunting grounding before selecting your camo suit. You can add cloth leaves or branches to your suit to blend in with the surrounding. However, ensure the weight of your camo suit does not tie you down. Bulky hunting suits can slow you down, affecting your hunting time.
  3. The hunting season is hot; therefore, make sure your camo suit is breathable. Check the design of the suit to ensure the design allows air to circulate freely. Bonus tip, choose a suit whose fabric can be stretched easily so repositioning yourself on the grounds becomes easy without alerting the birds.
  4. Many hunters often fail to acknowledge the importance of concealing hands and face. Turkey has excellent eyesight, especially peripheral vision, therefore, do not forget to use appropriate hands and face coverage. You can upgrade to full-face coverage, but hunting in stifling conditions can make you sick; purchase face masks that promote appropriate air circulation, easily fit your face shape and do not make your face dry.
  5. You can find different glove styles in the market; while some are thin to allow proper precision, some are thickly insulated to ensure your hands do not get cold when hunting your game on cold winter days.

Bottom Line


Turkey hunting is a game of skill, patience, and experience. There are several nuances one should consider while hunting these birds. From calling to using tactful methods, hunting the gobblers requires expertise. Having the right camo suit is essential when hunting for birds in the wild.

Turkey has heightened senses, making it difficult to hunt them down. Make sure you are not visible and cover yourself completely. The tips above will help you choose the perfect suit for your hunt. Look through different websites to search for good deals and choose the suit that caters to the best of your requirements.

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