Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Cambodia

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Beaches are one of the most beautiful attractions in the world. Here are 10 most beautiful beaches in Cambodia,

Beaches in Cambodia

1.Sokha Beach

Sokha Beach is a fantastic beach located in the city of Sihanoukville, Southern Cambodia. It is one of the best beaches in Cambodia that offers a fantastic experience to the visitors. This prettiest stretch of sand, 1.5 kilometres long is famed for its absolutely fine, silicon-like sand squeaks. The beach also features many top-class luxury resorts with airy rooms that offers panoramic views of the beach, accompanied with the amenities of bars, restaurants and a spa.

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2.Otres Beach

One of the top beaches of Cambodia, Otres beach is a marvelous place to relax and enjoy white pearly sand with an absolutely delightful atmosphere. In fact, it is a place that provides immense pleasure to the visitors which they cannot in any other place in the city. Located in the Sihanoukville Province on Cambodia’s south coast, this majestic beach houses many small-scale resorts, beach-bungalow places and a handful of upmarket boutique hotels.

3. Koh Pos Beach

Koh Pos beach is a small beach located about 1 kilometre from Lomhe Kay beach, off the coast of Sihanoukville. The beach is almost flat and very quiet that provides so much relax to the visitors. The beach attracts only a few visitors, because it is almost undeveloped but offers a fantastic experience to the travellers. The beach also features very few restaurants and resorts but has a considerable number of Seafood Restaurants with an array of tasty dishes. It is a superb place for visitors with an awesome atmosphere and marvellous natural surroundings.

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4. Victory Beach

Victory beach is located in the northern parts of the peninsula of Sihanoukville, Cambodia. Rated as one of the top beaches Cambodia, this beautiful beach offers unforgettable moments and lovely nightlife experience to the visitors. At the northern end of the beach, there is a
deep-sea port which is also a great attraction for tourists. The beach also offers the overwhelming experience to be visitors ranging from, white sand and blue sea to a panoramic view of the sunset.

5. Koh Ta Kiev Beach

Just located four kilometres from the beautiful city of Sihanoukville, Koh Ta Kiev is one of the closest beaches to the city with in-all best experiences and joys for the visitors. Covered with excellent gold- yellow sand, the beach is a fantastic place to rest and enjoy in a peaceful manner. The beach also encompasses a wide variety of flora and fauna and also have a rich collection of coral reefs that makes an excellent snorkelling.

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6. Lazy Beach

Located in the majestic city of Koh Rong, Cambodia, Lazy Beach is the most beautiful of the city that features silky-smooth sand, the splendorous deep blue water which glistens in the sun, and the enveloping mountains that offers superb views to the visitors. The beach also features many leisure activities for the visitors including, beautiful walking trails, bars, restaurants and some of the most luxurious accommodations of the city.

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7. Koh Tonsay Beach

Koh Tonsay also is known as Rabbit beach is a 250 meter long stretch of white sand located beautifully just 20 minutes away from the majestic city of Kep, Cambodia. The name Rabbit has been derived from the shape of the koh tonsep’s island resembling a rabbit. This beautiful beach is a pretty gem of Cambodia that also features many delightful bungalows and restaurants for tourists and visitors.

8. Koh Thmei beach

Koh Thmei is a beach island located about 300 meters off the coast of Cambodia. This beautiful beach an ideal vacation spot and one of the top places to visit in Cambodia. The beach features clearest blue water ever to be found on the entire to provide the joy safe water-fun activities to the visitors including, snorkelling, boating, scuba diving and much more. The beach island also offers some of the most panoramic views of nature’s beauty, one of the best views includes the overwhelming sunset view from the beach corner.

9. Independence Beach

One of the top most beaches of Cambodia, Independence beach is located on the leafy shore of Sihanoukville Bay. Independence Beach has taken its name from the deserted hulk of the 7 -storey Independence Hotel located at the north end of the beach. It is an ultimate top-rated beach that features luxury iconic accommodations, bars, restaurants and much more for the visitors to relax and enjoy on this beautiful stretch of sand with in-all top-class amenities.

10. Lamherkay Beach

Also known as Hawaii beach, Lamherkay Beach is a twin beach of Victory located about 1.5 kilometres to the southwest of Victory Beach. It is the most beautiful beach of Cambodia that has an abundance of floral species accompanied by an array of wildlife species as well. It is a superb place for those who want to enjoy in the natural surroundings with a relaxed atmosphere. The beach also encompasses few restaurants, bars but no accommodations for the visitors. Tourists can find few hotels at the marina, located just a few seconds distance from the beach.

These are the top 10 beautiful beaches in Cambodia. Do post your comments.

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