Top 10 Best Beaches in Mexico

Beaches in Mexico

There are many perfect destinations in Mexico for enjoying sunbathing on the sand and splashing in the waves. In fact, for beach lovers, the Mexican beaches are enough of a reason to visit Mexico. It offers numerous experiences such as beautiful scenery, water clarity, some of the species of whales, turtles, and other large animals are also found between the Atlantic and Pacific sides of the country. From Cancun to Todos Santos, these are the ten best beaches in Mexico.

Beaches in Mexico

1. Playa De Akumal

This fabulous region is located near Playa Del Carmen. It offers a different experience to the visitors. Akumal is a famous destination for snorkelling, where visitors can swim with endangered green sea turtles at this well-known public beach with tourist amenities. The water in this beach is almost safe and calm enough for the young snorkelers to enjoy. Besides, the white sand and the stilled water with no waves also offers beautiful experience to relax apart from swimming. It is one of the most popular beaches in Mexico.

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Beaches in Mexico

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2. Playa De Carmel Beaches

Playa del Carmel beaches are a sunny region all year long. Unlike Cancun or Tulum, Playa de Carmel beaches are open to public and they are very easy to access. One can walk the coastline towards north and south and can gain fantastic experiences of paradise. The Caribbean Sea here, is all in different shades of blue, with stunning stripes of aqua and green and navy colour. Also, the area near Canibal Royal offers some of the best snorkelling experience to relax and enjoy. Also, read about beautiful small towns in Mexico.

Beaches in Mexico

3. Zipolite Beach

Zipolite beach is located on Mexico’s Pacific coast of the state of Oaxaca. The word zipolite has been derived from the word Zapotec, which means “beach of the dead”. However, the originality of the name Zipolite has been lost over time. This long beach is a popular place for sunbathing, surfing etc. and is popular among tourists for various adventures. Zipolite is best known in Mexico for retaining much of the hippie culture that made it notable in the 1970s.

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Beaches in Mexico

4. Peurto Vallarta Beaches

Puerto Vallarta beaches are located on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. The endless array of waterfront entertainment, diverse landscapes and outright beauty of beach makes it an attractive place for almost every type of visitor. The Garza Blanca Beach in Puerto Vallarta is one of the most beautiful beaches of the area which is best fit for relaxing in the white sand dunes. The exclusivity of Garza Blanca Beach makes it an ideal place for spending a relaxing day in the sand.

Beaches in Mexico

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5. Sayulita Beach

Sayulita is a village located on Mexico’s Pacific coast. This village is best known for its beaches with strong surf. The Sayulita Beach is Often called as the “ crown jewel “ of the Riviera Nayarit. It is a fantastic and fun beach town with relaxed weather and a great place to make vacations peaceful. Also, Sayulita Nayarit is most famous for wave surfing in Mexico. The Sayulita with beachfront hotels, surfing camps, good restaurants, and a handful of cool bars offers the best experience of all times.

Beaches in Mexico

6. Isla Mujeras Beaches

It is the most popular island located near the coast of Cancun. It is a vacation destination known for its beaches such as northern Playa Norte, fantastic resort hotels and for other leisure activities like snorkelling and scuba diving. The beach is surrounding with the coral reefs and it has rocky coastline facing the open ocean and protected beaches with sugary soft white sand. With some of the best eating, fishing, diving, best eco-tours, accommodations it is one of the best beaches in the Mexican Caribbean. Isla Mujeres is a fantastic spot for travellers seeking natural beauty, island serenity, and a slower pace without compromising comfort, amenities, safety and conservation.

Beaches in Mexico

7. Tulum Beaches

Tulum is a town on the Caribbean coastline of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. It is well known for its beaches and Maya ruins. Unlike other popular beach destinations of the Caribbean, Tulum beach has a rich historical past. Tulum, being one of the last cities inhabited and built by the Mayas, Tulum beach is the only archaeological site located along the shores of Riviera Maya. With the soft white sand, Tulum beach is a stunning beach destination. The sand is finer than other beaches and also the water can be seen bluer than other cities. There are many clubs located along the Tulum beach road, which provides various amenities to the visitors.

Beaches in Mexico

8. Yelapa Beach

Yelapa is a small beach town in the Mexican state of Jalisco. The name Yelapa comes from an indigenous saying, meaning “where two rivers meet the sea”. The beach is surrounded with the irresistible beauty of the sea, nature, and mountains. There are many activities to relax and enjoy on this beautiful beach such as fishing, scuba diving, snorkelling. One can also do some parasailing, in a parachute behind a motorboat. Moreover, Horseback riding is also a popular activity to do. If one prefer more adventure, then Yelapa is a great place for camping, exploring the jungle and hiking in the hills.

Beaches in Mexico

9. Bucerias Beach

Bucerias which means “place of divers”, is a small beach resort town located on the Pacific coast known as the Riviera Nayarit. The beach is 5 miles long and it offers soft sand and calm waves, cobblestone streets and heartwarming charm, thus making it a great place to relax, to take long walks and to take a trip on horseback. A beach is also a great place for surfing, windsurfing, boogie boarding and collecting shells.

Beaches in Mexico

10. Mismaloya

Mismaloya meaning “place where one can grab fish with their hands” is a small beach town located to the south of Puerto Vallarta. Mismaloya is one of the beautiful beaches in Mexico and has its own special charm and offers various attractions to the tourists. It is a unique place that is enriched with soft white sand, sea and palm trees, surrounded by the mysterious mountain jungle that is inhabited by a wide variety of birds, deer, jaguars, pumas and many other species. All this makes an exceptional backdrop for Mismaloya. Also, this beautiful beach with clear and gentle water is also a favourite place for those who want to enjoy sports such as scuba diving, water skiing, and sailing.

Beaches in Mexico

These are the 10 best beaches in Mexico. Do post your comments.

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