10 Beautiful Terrace Fields Of The World

To learn about the Terrace fields, one should understand the concept of Terrace cultivation. It is nothing method of growing crops on hills or mountains. To do so, graduated terraces are constructed onto the slope of the mountain and the crops are planted on these terraces. Although this requires a lot of labour work the method has been employed effectively to maximize arable land area in variable terrains and to reduce soil erosion and water loss. Terrace fields offer beautiful breath-taking views. Top 10 incredible terrace fields are,

Beautiful Terrace Fields

1. Sa Pa Terrace fields, Vietnam

Voted to be one of the seven most beautiful and impressive terrace fields of Asia and the world, Sa Pa rice fields located in Vietnam are such an amazing landscape. In this area, local ethnic minority people grow rice by constructing terraces from foot to top of the mountains. The moist damp soil here is very fertile. This terrace field offers such an astonishing view that it never fails to gather admiration of tourists. It is known to change colours with changing seasons and look astounding in every season but the peak of its charm is during April- May when the new crop is grown. When the crop is ripe during the months of September-October, the green lush fields doesn’t fail to impress the tourists.

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Sa Pa Terrace fields, Vietnam

2. Duoro Valley, Northern-Central Spain and Portugal

When visiting Portugal, a road trip or a train journey to Duoro Valley should definitely be on your bucket list. Residing nearly 100 kilometres from the city of Porto, Duoro valley is an amazing way to experience Portuguese viniculture. UNESCO has declared it as World Heritage Site and is the world’s oldest delimited wine region. These stunning terraces fields are 2000 years old and are producers of grape and wine. Boat trip on the Duoro river can be a romantic way of experiencing the beauty of this place. Bird watching, kayaking and canoeing is an added advantage here.

Duoro Valley, Northern-Central Spain and Portugal

3. Longji terraces, China

Reputed as unmatched beauty, The Rice Terraces in Longji village of China offers an amazing picturesque view. The roads leading to Longji Rice Terraces are amazingly spectacular. It is known to be created more than 700 years ago for cultivating premium quality rice by Yao and Zhuang villagers. These terraces resemble big stairs and are constructed into the hillside. After rains, while the morning fog clears, the beauty of these terraces multiplies several times. It is a paradise for nature lovers and painters.

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Longji terraces

4. Lavaux, Switzerland

Declared as UNESCO’s World Heritage site in 2007, Lavaux is the largest adjoining vineyard region in Switzerland. This daringly constructed hillside terrace has an approximate area of 800 hectares. Lavaux perfectly exemplifies the concept of heroic viticulture, a phrase used to describe cultivating in a difficult landscape. These fields date back to the 11th century, although there are a few evidence of vine being produced during the Roman region in these fields. It is an amazing example of optimised use of local resources to produce high prices wine which has always been of high importance to the county’s economy. The amazing views of these terraced fields invite a lot of tourists.

Lavaux, Switzerland

5. Bali rice terraces, Indonesia

Rice terraces residing on the mountains of Tegalalang Village, Bali is undoubtedly an agricultural icon. Being one of the most beautiful places in Bali, Tegalalang rice terrace attracts thousands of tourists. The beautiful lush green rice paddies are truly breath-taking and seem like an eternity. These fields are marked as World Heritage site by UNESCO because of its splendid terraced landscape. They are also known for their innovative irrigation system. A lot of art kiosks and cafes are present nearby.

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Bali rice terraces, Indonesia

6. Hani rice terraces, China

Designated as UNESCO’s cultural landscape, Hani Rice Terraces are situated in the southeast part of Yunnan Province, China. This stunning terrace has been built by a minority group of people called Hani. This spectacular agricultural landscape has been the residence of Hani minorities from the past 1300 years. Hani Rice Terraces is the perfect masterpiece to show farmers’ wisdom in China. Having an abundance of water supply, this place is surrounded by forest, village and river and is heaven for nature lovers.

Hani rice terraces, China

7. Banaue rice terraces, Philippines

Banaue rice terraces are situated in the mountains of north-central Luzon, Philippines. The creation of these spectacular rice fields dates back 2,000 years. Built by the Ifugao people, the rice fields are located in several villages and are known as the Banaue rice terraces. UNESCO described various sections of the terraces as “a living cultural landscape of unparalleled beauty” and gave it a title of World Heritage site. This age-old cultural landscape perfectly demonstrates human harmony with nature. But with changing times, this World Heritage site was endangered and was included in the list of world heritage in Danger in 2001.

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Banaue rice terraces, Philiphines

8. Hamanoura, Japan

The rice terraces of Hamanoura were constructed on the eroded valley which was formed by the Hamanoura River. Built several years ago, these rice terrace stretches for around 11.5 hectares and compromise of 283 rice fields. Designated as a “Lover’s Sanctuary”, this terraced rice fields overlooking the sea offers a spectacular sight.

In the spring (around mid-April – mid-May) when the reflection of the sunset on the water offers an astonishing view as this time of year is the planting season, the terraces are filled with water and the rice hasn’t grown tall yet, so they all light up with the reflected colours of the sunset. This scene is something photographers die for. There is proper management on the viewpoint and it provides a parking lot and a terraced viewing platform with plenty of benches.

9. Mu Cang Chai, Vietnam

One of the most beautiful landscapes of Vietnam, the rice fields of Mu Cang Chai is known for the area of precarious roads stretching out for 10 kilometres. This road is extremely beautiful because of never-ending ancient landscapes, magnificent ranges of mountains and the beautiful ethnic houses covered by terrace fields. The local residents created a beautiful masterpiece of terraced fields lying 1000 meters above the sea level. The beautiful landscape attracts a lot of tourists and hikers.

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Mu Cang Chai, Vietnam

10. Yuanyang terraces, China

Often called as the largest and most spectacular Rice Terraces in the world, Yuanyang is located around 350 km south of the city Kunming, China. Not only China’s natural wonder, but it has also won the title of World Heritage site as well. Being the photographer’s paradise, it is a must-visit for nature lovers and photographers. Known as a “land sculpture”, these rice fields form a mosaic of colorful and heart-catching scenery of natural beauty.

These are the top 10 beautiful terrace fields of the world. Kindly share and do post your comments.

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