Benefits and Risks for Raw Food Diet for Dogs – 2024 Guide

Raw food diet for dogs has caused emergence of so many questions with people believing that they are bad whereas others believe that they cannot cause any impact on the health of the dogs.

There is a popularity of this diets which include raw meat, fruits, vegetables and bones. The truth of the matter is that sled and greyhounds dogs have for a long time eaten raw food diets.


Potential benefits of the raw food diet for dogs include the following:

Shinier coats

A dog basically gets used to what you feed it with. In other words, if your dog’s digestive system is used to raw foods which in your perspective keep the coat shiny, then giving it other processed food will stress the organs as its body tries to extract the nutrients. If one prefers the diet of raw eggs, fish among so many other raw food diets then the coat will be left shiny like no other.

Healthier skin

It has been proven beyond doubt that raw food diet for dogs, like the organ meats such as the livers and kidney, can play a great role in maintaining the skin of your buddy. Other raw foods that have the ability of keeping the skin in a healthier way include fruits like apples and vegetables like broccoli and spinach. So treating your friend with these foods can help in maintaining a healthier skin unlike compared to the only processed foods.

Cleaner teeth

This is the most common advantage of incorporating the diet of your buddy with raw foods. A good example is a bone that allows the dog to exercise the teeth while still acting as a natural cleaner. The vegetables and fruits can also play a key role in ensuring that the teeth are cleaner.

High energy levels

Raw food for dogs has been passed to be a great booster for energy in dogs. Any type of raw foods given to the dogs allow for maximum absorption of the nutrients thereby providing the dogs with the needed energy. The great advantage is that they do not lead to the addition of weight, but lead to improved energy levels. In this case, raw chicken and pork have the highest energy levels.

Smaller stools

Raw foods diets given to your buddy produces small hard kind of balls as the poop. These smaller stools make it possible to be passed out, therefore, giving an easy time to your dogs when defecating. The great advantage of the stools from raw foods is that they resume whitish, crumble and blow away in the shortest time possible.


The risks associated with raw food diet for dogs include the following

  • The tendency to feed your buddy with an unbalanced diet for a longer period may, in turn, lead to damaging the dog’s health.
  • Some of the foods like whole bones can make the dog choke, break their teeth or even cause a puncture from the inside of the body.

We, however, feel that the benefits for a raw food diet for dogs overweigh the risks by far. So we advise you strongly to choose for a general raw food diet and give your best buddy an occasional treat!

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