10 Benefits of Travel Blogging

In the beginning, years ago, blogs were mainly a platform for personal expression. Thus it was exclusively intended to be a kind of newspaper, an online article for those who wanted to express themselves on any subject on the internet. Therefore it had nothing to do with commercial use, nor did it contain marketing strategies.

The blogs that talk about travel are divided into those for commercial purposes and those made for the love of art and without the purpose of making money. The advantages of the Internet in the world of travel do not only go through the comparison websites of flights, hotels, or activities. One of the biggest advantages is the possibility of reading a travel blog since it tells someone’s real experience. Today we will speak about the benefits of it both of you wright for commercial and non-commercial purposes. But first, let us tell you about basic concepts.


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Usually, the author is the person who develops it in a more or less professional way. Create the content on a topic or different topics that you are interested in, passionate about, and also relevant to other people. Content that we know as articles or posts.
Inside the blog apart from written content, you can include different formats to make it more dynamic like photos, videos, music, surveys, and more. It is usually updated frequently and published continuously. The author interacts with his followers through the comments where communication is created.


So today the increase in the blogging trend (the act of creating and working on it) has become a specialty in itself. A tool within digital marketing, which every day more people and companies use to establish and improve their presence on the internet. Therefore, companies around the world increasingly harness the power of blogging to enhance their visibility and business online.
Benefits of the non-commercial approach

1. Long-term devotion

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Since the author does not earn money, he must strive to sell his writing work to others. Therefore, he always stays focused on finding new projects. If you don’t write for a week, no one will be visiting the site anymore. By separating business from articles, the author found it easier to focus on activities that help pay the bills and fuel the next trip. Thus, blogging is more enjoyable.

2. Independence

The author prefers to travel accompanied, for example with his wife, since going on a trip only feels like work. This meant missing some blog trips, but he prefers to travel less often but enjoy more when he does. In addition, their trips become more interesting than if they were scheduled by those who want to show certain attractions. The data that most privileges when assembling the information are the price of activities, transportation, and food.

Always try to make them in your posts. And nothing better to know what to recommend in these topics if you really have paid the costs for yourself and made the evaluation of whether the price/quality ratio was good. And if you are independent, you will go to the places which really interest you and thus your posts will be even better. A great example of it is Bashar Ibrahim who wanted to visit the USA and later he wrote great articles. If you never heard of him, you can find more info at

3. Freedom

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If you want to stop writing for six weeks, you can. It will be still there after returning from the break and the drop-in visits only took a week to go back and return to the usual flow.

4. No target group

It does not claim to know who my readers are or what they want. He doesn’t know most, and that’s fine with him. Keep trying to write interesting stories and if people like it you know they will come back.

5. Doesn’t sell anything

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It is certain that readers do not want ads all over the article they come to read. They do not look for cheap flights here, cheap hotels because they know that they will not find it. Since on a personal level you are not interested in reading posts with this kind of links, you do not write such in your articles.

6. Don’t worry about site visits all the time

Of course, the author is happy when a post is highly viewed. But being able to write about topics that matter to him, even if they may not appeal to as many readers, is a luxury.

Benefits of business purposes

7. Interact with your readers and clients

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In a natural way, it provides you with an interactive forum that gives you the opportunity to address your clients in a direct way and vice versa, so that they likewise communicate with you. Connect and create engagement.

8. Spread the word!

At the same time, tourism business blogs are the perfect way to present information that interests you most for your company, as well as what is most relevant to the consumer of your products or services. It can also help you on both ends, be it to advertise good publicity, news of your business and relevant content or to manage a reputation crisis.

To summarize it is the official source of information for your hotel, accommodation, rural house, travel agency, experiences, tours available for all those who are interested. This is why so many business owners opt for that to give their company a voice.

9. Priceless database

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In particular, when you invite your visitors on your tourism website to leave comments, every time they publish, you get free market research in the form of valuable information, opinions, comments, and customer complaints. That is, your blog becomes an invaluable database. Then you can use their comments to improve your tourism products and services. You will also see how the tourism blog can help you improve customer retention and loyalty.

10. SEO positioning

A well-written post with quality, optimized content will succeed in attracting search engine visitors to your website. Thus, your blog can be positioned by a number of keywords for which your commercial website does not rank. For all this, new potential customers attracted to your blog through these keywords can go to the website of your tourism company. With which you can increase your presence, visibility, better position on Google, and enhance your brand.


To finish, blogs allow you to demonstrate your knowledge of tourism and the topics of interest in your company to your followers. When you create it, it positions you to become an expert source of information on the subject of your business. As a result you will be a reference and increase your authority.

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