Best Dry Dog Food – 2024 How To Choose Guide

Dry dog food also referred to as kibble, is considered the best option when it comes to feeding one’s pet. It can be the healthiest bet for your dog and for your pocket too, as it is much more economical. There are many different types of kibble and they all have different components, thus giving them different dietary properties. Some of them may be beneficial to one’s dog, while others may not be up to par. A look into what kibble should constitute may shed some light on what is best.

In the true essence of the word, the best dry dog food contains the least amount of moisture possible. This reduces its weight exponentially and makes it easier to be purchased in bulk and also allows it to stay much longer. This may be a plus on the side of the economy but one must know what the best components are so as to avoid buying an inferior product. Being able to determine what one’s dog requires and what is best for them will give you the best deal for your money and ensure the best health for your pet.

Most kibble will contain preservatives and fillers but in excess, they will constitute a health disaster for your pet. Grains, which are the most common fillers used in some of the best dry dog foods may not be the best choice for animals which are primarily carnivorous, though they do have some positive effects. Some grains will prevent allergies and give the pet a more healthy appearance and increase the energy levels of a pet. These grains may include oats or soy and have been recommended where required.

The best kibble should include nutrient-rich, healthy foods such as eggs, fish, or carrots. This is not a given though. The best food for your pet will inherently depend on various factors including its’ age, previous health issues, or its’ basic lifestyle including how much exercise it gets. A dog that does not get enough exercise will not fare well with a product that has a high-fat content just as an aging pet will not be comfortable with a brand that requires a stronger digestive tract, which includes brands with high filler content.

The best dry dog food should be high in protein content which is an integral part of a dogs’ diet under any circumstances. There are some protein-containing kibbles that should be avoided though if possible. These include products that may contain meat meals given that these may create a problem with digestion resulting in fewer nutrients being absorbed.


In conclusion, there are certain examples of kibble that may be considered as the best for ones’ pet. The most lauded brand is Orijen Original Dry Dog Food which is high in protein and contains no preservatives to speak of. Another brand that may be considered is the EVO Beef & Chicken Dog Food just to name but a couple.

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