Best 2024 Hairstyles for Women

Stylists know there will always be a trendy hairstyle that they have to learn as part of their repertoire of cuts. With the prevalence of media, influencers, actresses and models, women can ask their stylist for a different hairstyle that they think would suit them. It is up to the expert hairdresser to handle the request or steer them to an alternative.

While stylists undergo rigid training and are usually overseen by their shop managers, they can sometimes run afoul with their clients. If the stylist isn’t careful, they may cause injuries to their customers, and it can be a huge problem for the salon. Dissatisfied customers can lodge a complaint against their hairdressers. They can check expert legal advice at

Here are some of the best hairstyles for women this 2024. You can bring a photo to show your hairdresser and tell them precisely what you want to be done to your hair.

Boy bob


If you want to go for a classic hairstyle and you have the facial features to frame, the boy bob will be a great style for you to consider. There are several approaches to the cut, but stylists will recommend letting the natural texture accentuate your features.

Natural texture

Some people have great hair, and they only need to accentuate it to look better. Curls, weaves, shags, and fluffy textures will make a comeback, but hairdressers will tend to recommend such a style if you can frame your facial features properly. Less heat-styling and hair products that tamper with the naturalness of your hair will surely do your crowning glory good.

Cascading curls

Most hairdressers will love to frame your face with a cascading fringe cut if you have naturally curly hair. They’ll cut your bangs to eyelash level and provide you with an opportunity to showcase your curl patterns. This will also allow you to wear your hair up or let it down for a more comfortable look.

Pixie cut


If you’re petite and don’t love long hair, a pixie cut would probably look great on you. You can customise the cut on top and taper it at the sides to frame your face even better. In addition, women with long hair could experiment with short hairdos that would make them look different from what they were used to in the past.

Tailored layers

If you wish to frame your face and have a fair amount of hair, you can experiment with the tailored layer look. This style allows personalisation as you can layer and style according to your personal preference. You can style according to your facial shape, and you’ll look great while accentuating your eyes and cheekbones.

Curtain bangs

If you’re not ready to commit to a fringe in or a back in hairstyle, you can try the curtain bangs. There’s enough volume in the front, and there will be different hair lengths that will frame your face and provide enough versatility.

Lob with face-framing bangs


One of the best ways to frame your face and highlight your cheeks and eyes is to ask your hairstylist for a lob with face-framing bangs. The cut will accentuate your facial features and, with the right highlights, will create a great look that ranges from lively to romantic.

Parted medium length hair

If you want a simple but classic look, you can ask your stylist if you can rock a medium length hairstyle with a centre or side part. This cut will accentuate your facial features and will make you feel sophisticated. For example, if you have a slight rounder face, you should part your hair from either side to attract attention to your eyes.

Long brunette shag

If you have hair past your shoulders, you can try styling it this way. With longer side bangs and a shaggy shape, you’ll project your eyes and strong cheekbones better. It is also pretty low-maintenance, and the layers will help you have extra volume. You can also experiment with hair parting because this style will easily accentuate the shape of your face.

Razored comb-over bob


If you want a drastic but glamourous change in your hairstyle and have long hair, you can have your hairdresser chop off half of its length and give you a great bob. It’s low-maintenance as you can comb over either side and look stunning either way. If you have wavy hair, this is the way to go.

Inverted bob

You can easily rock this hairstyle if you feel a bit sassy and rebellious at times. It’s short at the back and longer at the front that tapers to the ends. It’s easily styled as you can let it all hang loose or sweep it up for a sensual look that’s good any time of the day. You can also experiment with different highlights if you feel like it to give it more pizzazz.

Bedhead blunt bob

If you want a low-maintenance hairstyle that will make you look on point every time, you should go with a bedhead blunt bob. This style will work if you have excellent facial features because it will highlight them efficiently. In addition, the straight-out-of-bed, woke-up-like-this haircut makes you look sensual in any outfit. Paired with the right shade of hair colour, you will have that perfect look.

Medium-length beach wave hairstyle


If you have long hair and want a different look, you can ask your stylist for a medium-length cut. Then, have them layer it with different lengths to create an illusion of upturned waves. This will help you create that voluminous, sensual look that would help frame or hide your face depending on your mood. Either way, you would still look gorgeous with a side or centre parting. You can also experiment with hair colour to ensure you have a different look than before.


Many hairstyles can help women look and feel good about themselves. However, they have to communicate with their hairdressers about the style and cut they want to ensure that there wouldn’t be any dissatisfaction after the service.

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