How To Choose Vintage Camera Bags for Your Travel?

There are significant things to consider like the bag’s styles and the types of leather used in the camera bags. Knowing the capacity or size of the bags that you like will even narrow down the choice. Similarly, the number of interiors and exterior compartments will even be a factor, since the main chamber should be sufficient to protect the entire camera body.

For instance, you may like to choose a vintage camera bag that comes with a padded interior, padded inside divider, or detachable camera insert. Also, the bag’s size is significant as well as should be large enough to cover your entire camera body and any extra camera gear like an iPad, tripod, or laptop.

You may even have to consider whether you wish for a zippered compartment for your camera tools as well as a padded insert for the mirrorless camera. Moreover, do not forget how the camera bag, shoulder strap & handles feel as soon as you wear them. All of these will allow you to select the best Vintage camera bags for you. There are also a few other aspects to consider. Let’s go through the article to know more…

How to Choose The Best Vintage Camera Bag?


Considering all the options for vintage camera bags available on the market, it is quite difficult to understand where to begin when choosing the best vintage camera bag. Here we have listed down some of the aspects and features that I always take into account when considering whether a camera bag is suitable to include in my collection or not.

As soon as it comes to choosing a camera bag to carry your valuable camera and also other tools around in, it’ll take some time to come to a definitive decision as there are a lot of top styles and brands to pick from. You need to pick one that can hold all things you need for your photography.

Thus, to assist you to choose what vintage camera bag is ideal for you, we have now put together some tips on how to choose the best vintage camera bag for yourself.

Consider What You Will Be Carrying In It

This is very important. Before you buy any bag, you need to consider what you are going to carry in it. Considering this, you can choose the right size, type, shape, and features for the bag. Once you decide what you are going to carry in your bag, do a close search for the best camera bags as per your requirement.

Size Of The Camera Bag

The size of the camera bag matters a lot. Because you will have to carry many things such as camera devices, lenses, and also other accessories. So, as per your camera size and also other accessories you are planning to carry in the bag, choose a camera bag for yourself.

Type Of The Bag


The type of bag also matters a lot. If you are looking for a multi-purpose camera bag then go for a vintage camera messenger bag. These bags are also very stylish. On the other hand, if you want to carry only the camera then go for a vintage camera holster. Holster packs are unique since they are created for carrying only the camera with the lens attached. There are also other types of camera bags available such as camera roller bags for carrying heavy camera gear, Tripod bags to carry your tripod to capture the beauty of being hands-free, and vintage camera backpacks.

Material Of The Bag

Who does not like to have a bag that will last longer? You too want this too, right? So, you need to look for vintage camera bag models made using hard-wearing high-quality materials and you need to pay close attention to how the camera bag is sealed. Moreover, a waterproof cover can be quite useful as well as many vintage camera bags now have them built-in. It is even significant to pay close attention to little details like zippers as the ones made using plastic are less durable as compared to those made using metal.


It is better to buy a versatile camera bag that can hold different cameras with similar technologies and similar categories. Moreover, choose a bag that is not only vintage but also helps you carry all your camera accessories such as lenses, and other devices.

Design (As Per Style Of The Bag)


This is certainly very subjective, however, I suggest you buy a camera bag that will make you pleased to look at as well as touch every single day. Spend a little extra on a bag above your ‘budget’, and you will get something that the design team gave some serious thought to, for both its looks and usability as well.

Design (As Per Usability Of The Bag)

This one is key. In case a bag does not allow you to get your device in & out smoothly, it isn’t worth neither your time nor your hard-earned money. So, always choose a vintage camera bag that can hold the camera as well as other accessories you need for your photography.

Comfort Of The Bag

It does not matter how stylish or how great looking the vintage camera bag is, if it is not comfortable enough, you should avoid buying it. A comfortable camera bag will come with a padded strap that will make things easier for you to carry the bag as well as accessories in it.

Durability & Warranty Offered By The Manufacturer


You normally get exactly what you spend – spend more on a vintage camera bag that is made using durable material. This will last longer and that is money saving in another way. Similarly, look for a product that offers you a good warranty period. When a business offers a lengthy warranty period, it shows its confidence in the product.

Internal Dividers And External Pockets

Internal dividers and external pockets of a vintage camera bag are very important. This is because to store different tools you need several pockets and compartments in the backpack. The internal dividers and external pockets allow you to pack another object than just packing the necessity. For example, if you buy a bag with plenty of pockets and compartments then you can carry your jewelry, your baby’s soft toys, etc. in the bag.


Consider the price of the product. It is quite natural that a high-end product always comes with a higher price stage. On the other hand, a cheap quality product comes at a cheap price. However, that is not always the truth. There are times when highly-priced products fail to offer good quality while an affordable bag comes with superb quality. So, do some research to find out the best bag under your budget.

Final Words

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