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Singapore, a nation is found in Malaysia’s south-central region. Singapore has much to offer visitors and residents alike. Singapore is home to many great attractions. The scenic tour includes hiking, zoos, and trails. Singapore is home to the largest rainforest zoo. It also hosts three of the most visited zoos worldwide. Lion City is Singapore’s largest zoo. They also offer recreational activities like safaris, zoo trips, or hiking trails.

Lion City protects some of the most endangered species. This is Singapore’s top-rated zoo. Three major civilizations coexist peacefully in Singapore, and the city-state also boasts a thriving economy, low crime rates, few traffic congestion, and a special sense of tranquility. Even if your exposure to Singapore is restricted to a brief layover at Changi Airport, you can’t help but feel there’s something unique about the city-state. Since we’ve visited so many zoos all around the world, we’ll be honest and say that it takes a lot to still impress us.

We don’t usually pull out valuable time from our schedule to go to a zoo, but we did so this time. We purchased reduced tickets at Voyagin because we had a hunch that Singapore Zoo would be very unique. Then we spent the day touring the zoo and the River Safari.

Singapore Zoo


Singapore Zoo hosts more than 2800 species, including over 300 bird and mammal species, as well as reptile and plant species. It also contains the only Orangutan sanctuary that allows free roaming in any other zoo. Jungle Breakfast for Wildlife won many awards and has been highly praised from all corners of the world. It offers the chance to meet orangutans. The event will offer endless entertainment through unique animal exhibits as well as animal-themed photographs.

The Singapore Zoo (89 acres, 28 hectares) was previously known as the Mandai Zoo. It is located in the Central Catchment of Singapore near the Upper Seletar Reservoir. The Zoo was constructed with $9 million in funding from the Singaporean Government. It was inaugurated in 1973. You can book tickets online. The Singapore Zoo ticket prices start at SGD 33.

Singapore Zoo displays the animals in naturalistic “open” displays. They are protected from the elements by glass and moats. This is not visible to the general population. This is where the orangutans live in their largest captive colony. Singapore Zoo has received positive reviews on several rating systems worldwide.

Singapore Night Safari


The Night Safari Singapore is right next to Singapore Zoo. More than 130 animals live at the zoo. The 45-minute tour includes open-concept enclosures and trams that take visitors around the zoo. It includes narration about animals as well as their surroundings.

Evening Safari Singapore-Seven distinct environments comprise Singapore Night Safari. They are home to a wide variety of animals. Four routes lead to specific areas of the park. Some parts are not accessible by foot. Children under five years old will love the Creatures of the Night presentation. It is available in Night Safari Parks. Visitors will be able to see the safari animal through the lights, such as Guard rhinoceroses as well as Asian elephants. Visit here to experience the best night safari in the world you can find anywhere.

Singapore River Safari


Asia’s only zoo that is entirely focused on rivers, The River Safari is Asia’s first. It is part of Wildlife Reserves Singapore. There are more than 6000 species in River Safari’s 10 riverine ecosystems. There are 40 endangered species and more than 300 others. These magnificent creatures can also be viewed at thematic shows, which are based around rivers from the Mississippi to Amazon and elsewhere.

Singapore River Safari hosts exotic animals such as giant Chinese salamanders (the largest amphibian species on Earth) or the Mekong Catfish. These are both critically endangered aquatic animals. This biosphere hosts the largest Panda attraction in Southeast Asia. Two Giant Pandas are the main attraction. Their 1,600 inhabitants make up their main attraction. This is China’s most treasured asset. It also houses many of the country’s treasures. River Safari Singapore houses the largest freshwater aquarium in the world. The aquarium is accessible by foot, via the River Safari, or via a cruise along the River Safari. Singapore River Safari Singapore River Safari has two main purposes. One, it helps preserve and raise awareness of unique ecosystems. The park offers many enrichment opportunities, including workshops, interdisciplinary trails, enrichment programming, enrichment courses, and enrichment lessons.

Jurong Bird Park

This is Asia’s most famous and largest bird sanctuary. Here you can see thousands of bird species. The ecosystems, habitats, and enormous walk-in bird aviaries that cover more than 20.2 acres are all part of the larger landscape. Over 5,000 species are available to view. The Waterfall aviary (equivalent to 13 stories) is the highest indoor waterfall in existence.

Jurong Bird Park in Jurong houses an aviary as well as a tourism and aviary. On Jurong Hill’s western slope, you will find the park. This is Jurong’s highest point. The park is located on Jurong Hill’s west slope. It covers 0.2km2 (44.9 acres). Mandai Wildlife Reserve houses the Singapore Zoo Night Safari, River Wonders, and Singapore Zoo amusement center.

SEA Aquarium


The SEA Aquarium also houses more than 800 species. It is an important component of Resorts Sentosa. It is the main attraction at SEA Aquarium. The open ocean tank is 36 m long by 8.3 m high. Only this tank lets you see the massive oceanic manta.

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