5 Best Books on Spiritual Awakening & Enlightenment 2024

Did you ever wonder why reading books is beneficial? Is it because it helps us develop our minds or maybe strengthens our relationships?

Reading books has always been considered a great way to improve communication skills, develop imagination, and sharpen your memory. The problem is, most people don’t read enough. Reading books can provide insight into new ways of thinking, promote creativity, cultivate empathy, and increase self-awareness. In other words, they can enhance your life.

What books would you recommend to someone who wants to spiritually awaken?

Spiritual awakening is a term commonly used in New Age circles and refers to a personal experience or meeting with a Higher Power or God/Goddess, which provides life-changing insights into oneself and the universe. Many spiritual seekers experience soul retrieval, where they recall aspects of their forgotten past lives or the souls of loved ones in another realm. This usually occurs during periods of extreme stress, such as divorce, death, or war.

Since it is the time of holidays and the period of gift giving, it is a good idea to give your loved ones something that will make them happy. Books on the subject of spirituality or items related to it are a great gift idea for friends or family. We suggest that you start looking for the ideal spiritual gifts at Synchronicity NY right away before the New Year holidays begin.

And we have prepared a list of some of the best books that you can buy for yourself, which are related to the topic of the best books on spirituality and enlightenment for 2024.

1. “The Buddha”


This book by Thomas Merton is regarded as a masterpiece written over 50 years ago. Though the title of the book was taken from the name of Siddhartha Gautama who is known as the founder of Buddhism, the book is not about religion and does not promote any particular belief system. Instead, he aims at providing us with a deeper understanding of the nature of the human mind and our relationship with ourselves and the world around us.

An English monk and theologian, Thomas Merton was born in Kentucky, USA, and grew up in New York City. His childhood experiences shaped his spiritual outlook and the way he saw the world. After high school, he entered Columbia University where he studied philosophy and literature. In 1936, after finishing his studies, he joined the Trappist monastery in France. He left his monastery in 1957 after being accused of sexual misconduct and went to live near a Buddhist monastery in Thailand. There he met Thich Nhat Hanh, who brought him back to traditional monastic practice.

He returned to his monastery where he stayed until his death. Throughout his life, Merton showed great interest in Eastern philosophies and religions. The title of the book comes from a passage in the Digha Nikaya, which describes enlightenment as coming from within and having no place outside oneself. Like many people before him, Thomas Merton had been looking for something greater than himself, for a state of happiness beyond himself. At last, he found what he was seeking. And he gave it the name ‘enlightenment’.

2. “Kierkegaard’s Journals”


Written by Johannes De Silentio, this journal is one of the most interesting books. It is a collection of Kierkegaard’s journals that have never been translated and published into English, and they were only released in Danish in 1995. The author was inspired by the works of Soren Kierkegaard, whom he greatly admired. His goal was to translate and publish all of Kierkegaard‘s journals, and since then he has released a total of 23 volumes.

These journals provide readers with a unique insight into Kierkegaard’s s thought processes, ideas, and actions. In them, we discover how he became a Christian thinker, philosopher, and writer. We get to know his thoughts on the meaning of existence, faith, despair, love, marriage, death, God, and even the origin of evil. Kierkegaard had some truly fascinating ideas that are worth reading.

3. “Awakened Eyes”


Written by Michael Meade, Awakened Eye is a book that contains the thoughts of one man in his search for enlightenment. The author says that he came across a quote by Goethe that said: “One cannot become enlightened by thinking about it; one has already to be enlightened to think about it intelligently.”

The author believes that if we want to learn anything about enlightenment, we need to look at its effects on someone else’s life. He decided to write a book about how this happened to him. The result is a simple yet powerful tale of the author’s journey toward finding enlightenment, and his discovery of what it means to be free.

4. “Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind”


Mindfulness is a topic in Buddhism that a lot of people do not understand. It is considered a modern interpretation of meditation, and it teaches us how to focus our minds to achieve inner peace. When people hear the word mindfulness, most of the time they think of meditation, but it is much more than just sitting still and closing your eyes.

Mindfulness is about focusing your attention on each moment of your life and becoming aware of it, rather than dwelling on your past or worrying about your future. It helps us become more present in everyday situations without getting lost in our thoughts and feelings. It also teaches us to accept things as they are, instead of wishing they were different.

Being mindful is being aware of the here and now, rather than the past or the future. This requires you to clear your mind of distracting thoughts and let go of expectations and desires.

5. “Where Do I Come From? Where Am I Going?”


This book focuses on the concept of reincarnation in Indian culture. Based on the teachings of Hinduism, reincarnation is the idea that every living thing possesses a soul that exists independently of the physical body. Once a person dies, their soul continues to exist until another body takes their place.

Reincarnation offers hope to those who believe in it because it shows there is always a purpose behind suffering, loss, and death. If this theory is true, then everyone is connected to everything and everyone else – and there is nothing accidental or meaningless in the universe.

I hope you liked our suggestions and that your 2024 resolution will be to expand your home library and read as many books as possible.

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