Ultimate Help With Dog Food Storage Requirements – 2024 Best Models Included

Dog food is completely different than human food, as you probably know. This makes storing it a completely different thing! Most pet owners know that when dog food is stored for a long period of time, in the same container, that container gets a distinctive odor that is impossible to remove.

How to avoid that and how to store dog food properly is our concern, and we will assist you in doing only things you should and avoid common mistakes.

In this article we are going to talk about:

  • Learn about important characteristics like airtightness, size, easy access, stackability, practicality, material (wooden, plastic or metal)
  • Learn about the specific requirements ford storing dry dog food and dog biscuits
  • Read the reviews of our top 3, all having star rating 4.5+ (and one 5 star rating!)

The means for storing and preserving dog food is an important topic, simply due to the fact most pet owners buy large packages of dog food. Because it is obvious that their dog cannot eat the entire package at once, they will have to store it.

The situation is the same with canned food. It still must be properly stored, in order to avoid decontamination! Pet food storage bins for dog treats are a common thing as well. Before we move to the section where we will reveal what your new container must have, we will mention a few tips and a few mistakes to avoid.

Do’s and don’ts when it comes to dog food storage

Tips to follow:

  • Opened dog food should be used in the next 6 weeks. After that time, you should dispose
  • Never throw away the original package. It is useful for storing the food and it is specially designed for this type of substance.
  • Always try to remove as much air as possible from the bag before storing the food.
  • Store dog food is suitable bins, never in the ordinary plastic containers from the kitchen.
  • Wash dog food storage bin on a regular basis.
  • Canned food can be stored in the refrigerator for 3 days, max.
  • Always obey the ‘’best by’’ date.
  • Dog food, cookies, and canned food must be stored in different ways.
  • Open a new bag of dog food only when you are going to use it, don’t open it before that.

Things to avoid:

  • Don’t use dog food with artificial ingredients and chemicals.
  • Never add dog food directly in the container, use a bag first.
  • Don’t store the food in the open.
  • Don’t store food in the refrigerator for a longer period of time.
  • Don’t forget to wash dispensers with hot water.

All of these tips are here to help you avoid health issues improper dog food storing can cause! Still, a pet food storage container is something that every single dog owner should have and should use as well! They work on the simple principle. They help you do only the right things and avoid making mistakes.

13 Features to Consider When Buying Storage for your Dog Food

Airtight design

No matter which type or a kind of a pet food storage container you choose, make sure it is airtight! These containers must keep dog food away from the air, moisture and heat. As such, the airtight feature is simply the most important one. In order to get the best product, check how airtight it is.

We tested the models mentioned below with water, and for the ability to keep the odor inside and all of them work perfectly. Those with leaks or with gaps that cannot be closed must be avoided at all costs. Tip: Pay attention to the models with flexible lid. They are the most durable and they make the best seals.


Obviously, size is an important factor to consider. Dog food storage tin doesn’t have to be larger, nor the container. There are models on the market with a huge capacity, with 50 or even 100 pounds. The more food you store, the more risks you take.

As the answer, it is a much better choice to use smaller containers, but in a higher number. For example, it is a better choice to have two 25 pound containers than one of 50 pounds. Dog treat storage is a bit more complex.

You will need a small container just to hold a few treats. It must be placed high above the ground, just so it is safe from the insects and other treats! They also must have anextra-strong seal, so a dog cannot open them.

Number of compartments

Some, usually larger products of this kind come with 2 or 3 compartments. This is a great choice to consider. You get enough space for all types of dog food you have at your home and you get the ability to keep all of them in the same place.

When considering a product with this feature, it is mandatory to make sure compartments are perfectly isolated, so nor the smell nor the food itself can get onto another container. Some models come with 5-6 containers, but there is no need to buy them if you are going to use them for 2 types of food.

Easy access

Your dog may be extra happy when you are feeding him. This looks amazing, but it makes feeding a bit more complicated. The answer is easy to access models. These containers come with a foot pedal, which allows you to open them easily, without the need to use your hands.

Thanks to this, you will be able to take the food despite the fact your dog is jumping around you. Storage products with this feature are even more beneficial if you have more than just one dog. Maybe you want to consider models with dual-opening systems. They have one, usually larger opening, used to refill the container and another, smaller opening for taking food daily.


Do you need a high level of practicality or you need a simple dog food container? This definitely should be taken into consideration as one of the first factors. The simplest choice is bins for dog food.

They are easy to open, affordable, and do a proper job of keeping the food safe. But, if you want more, you can get it. In recent years we were able to see latest-generation dog food containers that are simply advance. Now we have models that can be hanged anywhere you want or handle-operated models.

This type is especially interesting because it can be mounted high above the ground and it is very easy to use. The situation is similar to the models with hangers. We will actually recommend you a more practical model at any time. You will feed your dog quickly and effortlessly. Addition: If you prefer a large dog food container, make sure it comes with tiny wheels. They make the use much easier.


This isn’t a mandatory feature, but it is useful, in the lack of a better word. It means that a dog food bin or a container can be paired with additional containers. Simply said, it is possible to stack one on top of the other and create a ‘’tower’’ of these elements.

This is needed when you use several types of dog food or when you have two or more pets. For instance, cats and dogs must eat a different type of food, so if you are a dog and a cat owner, this is a feature to consider.

Travel dog food containers

When traveling, a special dog food container must be taken into account. These are slightly different models, designed for just one, specific application. The main difference is in the lid. It is more secure than conventional models have, meaning that accidental opening isn’t possible.

They are also more practical to store and they have improved seal system, meaning that the odor will be kept inside in all conditions. The dimensions can vary, and there are no too large models. The best ones usually can carry up to 1-2 pounds of food.

Materials to consider

A separate section must be focused on the materials, dog food containers are made. In general, we have those made from metal, plastic, and wood. Each type is different and it comes with different features. Nevertheless, all three types may be useful and recommended.

Materials for food storage have been thoroughly tested and we can use those results for the storage of dog food as well. It is extremely important to get a container which is made from food-grade material! Each of these three types is different in this matter and we will mention this feature for each one.


Dog food containers of this kind are a bit heavy, especially if they are filled with food, obviously. But, they are usually much larger than other types here. If you are using this kind, always place it somewhere where moisture and humidity are not available. Metal can rush, so if it is exposed to the moisture for a long period of time, rust will appear.

This is a severe issue that can compromise all the food and the entire container in a matter of fact. The extremely important fact is that food-grade metals must be used and they must be coated with a special layer in order to make them safer. Tip: Look for models that are shiny inside and resistant to scratches.


Plastic models are the most popular ones. Let’s take the Iris airtight pet food storage container as an example. It is easy to use, lightweight, and comes in a variety of versions. The best part with these containers is the fact they are resistant to the moisture, the material itself is! This allows you to use it in places where moisture is a common issue.

Most of them are transparent as well, meaning that you can easily see how much food you have in them. Dog food storage with these models is safe and simple. They are usually much lighter than those made from metal or wood. A food-grade material, in this case, must be BPA-free. Models that have been approved by the FDA are the best and the safest choice, even for high protein dog food.


Dog food storage containers, made from wood are very rare and they are commonly used in commercial applications. Still, it is possible to get a model for your dog. They are bigger, much bigger than metal or plastic containers and they are more expensive. Also, you must use and store them while following the specific guidelines.

Inside, it is mandatory to use a garbage bag as a liner or you will have to place the entire dog food bag. The main reason, why these models are so extraordinary is the fact they look rustic and they can make the entire kitchen or home look better. If properly stored, they can last longer.

Storing dry dog food

When it comes to storing dry dog food, the main features are mentioned above, but there are a few more to consider. The main one is how easy is to wash a food container. Most models can be washed in a dishwasher, but some can’t! Also, make sure the material itself is easy to wash and to clean it from the debris.

After washing, it must be odorless! Dry dog food storage is the most common type and most containers are made for this type of food. Dry dog food is rough, so it can cause minor scratches and damages to a container. Make sure yours is completely immune to this problem.

Storing dog biscuits

Dog biscuit storage has specific requirements. We mentioned some of them at the beginning, but now it is the time to get a complete idea. Dog biscuits have a strong odor, so these containers must have much better insulation. They also must have a secure lock, so in case a dog finds them, he cannot open a container.

Additionally, they are much smaller and they are easy to place anywhere you prefer. The last, but not least, these containers may be made for a specific type of biscuits. And as we all know, nothing is tastier for your best friend then homemade dog biscuits.

Two additional facts each dog owner should know

Stackable bins

Stackable dog food storage bins have been briefly mentioned above, but they weren’t explained completely. When choosing them, make sure you get an easy-access feature. Make sure they are perfectly stacked one on another and they cannot accidentally fall off. Also, don’t forget the size. Most of them are small, useful for treats, but there are bigger ones, specially designed for larger dogs.

Food storage dispenser

The dog food storage dispenser is more expensive and more practical. The most common type is those that will be hanged on the wall. Yes, they are extremely simple to use and they are the safest kind, due to the fact they are constantly high above the ground. Refilling them may be an issue, but other than that, they are flawless.

Top 3 models we recommend

1. Richell Pet Stuff Tower for Food Storage

The Richell Pet Stuff Tower for Food Storage is a masterpiece and due to a simple reason. It is so practical that you can use it for any purpose you prefer. It also features foot pedal, meaning that opening the containers doesn’t require your hands.

You get the main food bin, 8lbs. capacity and an upper one, where you can place toys, treats and etc. In the package, a 1.5-pound scoop is included. We also liked the snap-lock lids. They are easy to use, but yet they are so effective in keeping the odor in.

An additional feature includes side hooks. They are useful to keep dog leashes within your reach. As you may believe, it is made from BPA approved plastic, so it is perfectly safe.


  •  Snap-lock lids
  •  Foot peda
  •  Well-made
  •  Large
  •  Scoop is included
  •  Side hooks
  •  BPA approved


  •  Heavy
  •  A scoop could be better

2. Kane Wall Mounted 40lb Pet Dog Animal Canine Food Dispenser

This model is completely different and we will have to define it in a different way. As the name suggests, it is a wall-mounted unit, capable of holding up to 40 pounds of dog food. For storage applications, where older people are involved, it is probably the best choice. All you have to do is to pull the handle and the dog food will fill a dog dish.

The material, used in the production process is polyethylene and there are no metal parts, so the risk of rust is completely eliminated. We will also have to add that this model is suitable for outdoor and indoor applications.

A level window makes knowing when to refill it a very simple task. We will also add the fact that it has been tested and approved in the United States.


  •  40 pounds of capacity
  •  Easy to use
  •  For indoor and outdoor applications
  •  Level window
  •  Same amount of food each time


  •  Complicated to install
  •  Refilling it may be an issue

3. Harry Barker Dog Food Storage

This is the simplest, but yet amazing dog food storage alternative. The bin is 9.125 inch wide and 11.5 inch high. It is suitable for all applications you may have in mind. The interior is scratch resistant, the scoop in the package is made from stainless steel and the entire product looks like a high-quality model.

The color is white, and it will look perfectly no matter where you place it. If the simplicity is important, this is a product for you.


  •  Simple
  •  Affordable
  •  Scoop is included
  •  Available with 10 or 22 lb. capacity


  •  Obsolete design
  •  Available only in white color

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