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Networking experts and aspirants are very familiar with the meaning of having CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert) Status. Yes. It is the most admirable and rewarding IT certification in the networking sector. A CCIE Certification ensures a stable job, a senior position, the highest pay, unrivaled value within your organization, and much more. Unfortunately, less than 1% of professionals worldwide possess the CCIE Certification, so if statistics are to be believed, CCIEs are extremely rare.

Is earning CCIE certification the end goal? It’s, without a doubt, the certification that networking professionals aspire to have, but it’s also more than that. For example, when we interviewed engineers before and after they became CCIEs, we discovered that certification increases your knowledge and your skill as an engineer.

You pick up problem-solving skills.

The most important lesson learned by CCIE candidates is how to tackle complex issues and all kinds of network vulnerabilities. And compared to any other resource with CCNA or CCNP level certification, any CCIE professional is a coveted commodity. Candidates for the CCIE certification possess the skills to build complicated networks, recognize issues, resolve them, and efficiently maintain daily operations. Most of the time spent learning about network failures during the CCIE programme equips students with unmatched high-level expertise.

Master skills and knowledge of CCIE


The capacity to keep up with technological changes and a deep understanding of technology are two things that set CCIE engineers apart from non-CCIE engineers. Cisco continually introduces cutting-edge modifications to its various technologies. Therefore it is essential to have experts with this knowledge who can easily handle these advancements. The CCIE certification trains network engineers how to perform more efficiently, quickly, and consistently.

CCIEs are specified.

Any technology requires strict attention to detail to be mastered, but with CCIE, this is even more crucial. If you are aware that even a minor error on the CCIE Lab exam can cause you to fail, many inquiries that depend on the underlying infrastructure will fail if it is flawed. Being perfect at all times is, in all honesty, more difficult to master than mastering the IOS.

Even for first-year students, CCIE Salary is fairly pleasant.

One of the most surprising facts about CCIE-certified folks is that they are the highest-paid IT specialists. For a new hire, the CCIE Salary is fairly good. As was already mentioned, there is a severe shortage of CCIE professionals in the IT business. Since their demands are higher, they receive good compensation. CCIE certification can be useful if you want to realize your dream of beginning your profession with a good salary. Remember that CCIE Certified workers are necessary for all IT organizations, so they are paid fairly.

Your career is secure as a CCIE.


The need for CCIE-certified engineers in the networking sector will be met in the upcoming years. As a result, the profession in question has very little reason to dread a recession. On the other hand, a well-designed, installed, and effectively secured network is extremely important for IT organizations because even a brief disruption in the network may cause significant losses. Therefore, network specialists are very important to IT organizations. But keep in mind that technology is developing, so you must keep up to meet the demands of the IT sector.

So, if you’re choosing your career route and networking interests you, move forward and get your CCIE certification so you may explore your options and climb the success ladder. The greatest website in the world to prepare for the Cisco CCIE certification exam is an exam with a record of over 90% CCIE success rates on the first try. Your insight has been recognized through an industry level accomplishment.

Steps to Achieve CCIE Certification


1.Enroll in a Cisco training course: Most candidates start with a relevant Cisco training course. This can be taken online or at one of the many authorized training centers around the world. Here you will gain an understanding of the topics covered on the exam and become familiar with how to work with Cisco systems.

2.Gather experience: It is essential for candidates to have significant hands-on experience working with Cisco products before attempting the exam. This can be gained through study or by working on live networks in an enterprise environmenclass=”id111″t. It is recommended that candidates have at least 3-5 years’ practical experience before sitting for the exam.

3 .Study for the written exam: Candidates need to pass a written exam before taking the lab portion of their certification journey. The written exam tests knowledge about networking technologies, routing protocols, WAN protocols, VPN encryption technologies and other related topics as outlined by Cisco Systems that are known as “topics” .

4 .Take practice exams : After you’ve studied material and gained hands-on experience working on live networks it can be beneficial to take practice exams offered by private companies such as VUE or PearsonVUE who offer pre-paid packages for multiple exams including access to labs and workshops customized for specific technologies or career paths through their “ccie curriculum” program..

5 .Schedule your lab exams: Once you’re confident that you are ready to take your lab exams you must contact your local PearsonVUE office to book an appointment at one of their authorized test centers located around the world.. At this point you may also take advantage of any specified Labmentor materials prescribed by PearsonVUE which are available on select sites.. Successful completionof either one of these labs will result into being labeled as “Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert”(CCIE).

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By achieving CCIE certification, you demonstrate your commitment to pursuing a career in network engineering as well as your technical mastery of networking technologies. The knowledge and experience you attain from this level of certification will give you the ability to not just provide effective services but also become an expert consultant.

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