7 Travel Destinations for College Students to Relax & Rejuvenate

College time is considered the best time to travel and explore the world as you will have a lot of freedom and fewer responsibilities. Traveling to different parts of the world during college days, meeting new people, experiencing different cultures, indulging in new adventures will also help you to be a better person and embrace the uncertainties of life.

Hit the road with your friends or take a solo flight ticket to unknown corners of the world and the experience will be unforgettable. There are a lot of backpacking destinations to travel as a college student with low budgets and have unlimited fun. If you are in college and looking for a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday destination then this blog is for you. Scroll down to see the best travel destinations for students:

1. Spain


Spain is a diverse and experiential country where you can find new adventures and experiences every day. From Madrid’s wild bars & clubs where you can dance the whole night to Skydiving in Seville and witnessing the beautiful architecture of Barcelona, Spain has something for everyone. If you are tired of your college assignments and essays then there is always an option to order essay help online on EssayHub and have it done so that you can have enough time to explore this beautiful country without any stress.

What not to miss in Spain:

  • Watch a live match at Camp Nou Stadium
  • Party all night in Ibiza
  • Enjoy the art and nightlife of Madrid
  • Surfing at Green North Coast
  • Pamplona Running of the Bulls at San Farman

2. Dubai


Dubai is an ideal destination for students on a budget as airfares are quite cheap and the city is well connected from the world. Its high rising buildings, first in the world attractions Dubai is a city that never stops growing with man-made wonders. For shopaholic students, Dubai has a lot of Souks and malls that offer opportunities for budget shopping. From water sports, at the pristine beaches to desert sports in the Arabian desert, you will never run out of choices of things to do in Dubai.

What Not to Miss in Dubai:

  • View the skyline of Dubai from the Iconic Burj Khalifa
  • Get click at one of the largest frames in the world ‘Dubai Frame’
  • Go on Dhow Dinner Cruise at Dubai Marina
  • Evening desert safari with BBQ dinner and belly dance show
  • Take a day tour from Dubai to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi
  • Go on a thrill ride on the world’s largest Ferris wheel, Ain Dubai

3. Thailand


Talking about trips for students and not mentioning Thailand is not possible. Visit this Asian country and create your own Hangover movie scenes with your friends. Thailand’s happening nightlife makes it one of the favorite destinations among college students. From the chaotic streets of Bangkok and Phuket to tropical islands of Krabi and Koh Samui, to full moon parties and delicious Thai food Thailand is a year-round destination that tops the chart of every college student.

What Not to Miss in Australia:

  • Long Boat tour to James Bond island
  • Visit the Floating markets of Bangkok
  • Go island-hopping on a speed boat
  • Dance your heart out Full Moon Party
  • Visit the Buddhist Temples to find some inner peace
  • Have a drink at Go-Go Bar at Pattaya

4. Australia


Each Australian state and territory has something different experiences to offer college students. From the monolith of Uluru to the coral gardens of the Great Barrier Reef one will be spoiled for choices when visiting Australia. The diverse landscapes of Australia attract thousands of young travelers every year. Visit the national parks, happening beaches, cruise tours, desert, and monoliths list of must-visit attractions can go on when we talk about Australia.

What Not to Miss in Australia:

  • Explore Great Barrier Reef
  • Visit the famous Kangaroo Island
  • Go on a Hop On Hop Off Bus tour Sydney
  • Enjoy water sports at Gold Coast
  • Go on a Sydney Harbour Cruise and Watch the Opera Show
  • Skydiving in Cairns

5. India


India is a chaotic yet beautiful country full of diverse landscapes, cultures and people. It is a country which is a must-visit during your college days. From the majestic Himalayas in the north to the pristine beaches in the south and from the tea plantations in the North East to the Great Thar desert in west India is rightly called a subcontinent. There is a lot to see and experience in this part of the world that you will need at least a month-long backpacking trip. One of the budget-friendly destinations in the world, the kind of experiences India has to offer is not comparable to any other country in the world.

What not to Miss in India:

  • Trekking in the snow-capped Himalayas
  • Visit the Iconic symbol of love Taj Mahal
  • Enjoy the vibrant nightlife and beaches of Goa
  • Go on a camel safari at the Thar Desert in Rajasthan
  • Explore the beautiful architecture of South Indian temples
  • Go on a wildlife safari at Ranthambore to see Majestic Bengal tigers
  • Experience the chaos of metropolitan cities of Mumbai and Delhi

6. Brazil


Brazil is one of the most expensive countries in South America yet one of the favorite destinations for college students. Vast stretches of rainforest and exotic wildlife Brazil is a dream destination for nature lovers. Its golden sandy beaches, dance, the craze of football, and festivals attract a lot of laidback travelers and students. The largest country in South America is once a lifetime bucket list of many.

What not to Miss in Brazil:

  • The Rio de Janeiro Carnival
  • Porto de Galinhas for its bright beaches
  • Lençóis National Park is one of the not miss places in Brazil
  • Amazon rainforest cruise trip
  • Salvador, Bahia stunning city of Portuguese colonial architecture
  • Stunning Iguazu Falls

7. Singapore


From shopping malls to exotic food and amusement parks to adventure activities Singapore is an ideal destination for college students. Singapore’s happening nightlife and discos attract hundreds of young travelers. It was once used to be a destination for luxury travelers but now even college students or backpackers can explore this country on a low budget as it’s well connected by air and road.

What not to miss in Singapore:

  • Fun Rides at Universal Studios
  • Feel the adrenaline rush at Singapore Flyer
  • Visit Little India for authentic Indian food
  • Night Safari Night Safari Nocturnal Wildlife Park
  • SkyPark Observation Deck in Marina Bay Sands

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