Order Fulfillment ─ What It Is, Processes Involved, and Its Benefits to Your Business!

Running a successful e-commerce enterprise is not as easy as many people imagine. You can have quality products, but that is not enough to ensure your customers are satisfied. You need to ensure that your items reach buyers on time. In addition, the items must not be deformed or damaged.

To ensure sold goods are delivered to buyers on time and in good shape, you should consider outsourcing order fulfillment service. Keep reading to learn more about the service and how it can benefit your enterprise.

What It Is?

It is the process of receiving sold items from manufacturers or suppliers/businesses, processing the orders as per client’s requirements, and then delivering them to customers’ doorsteps. Fulfillment mainly targets enterprises that sell products online. However, other businesses can also benefit from the service if they want a streamlined process.

With the increase of many online businesses, there are many order fulfillment centers offering quality service. Therefore, you should not struggle with the complicated process of delivering your sold items to customers. You should outsource the service so that you can focus on improving and expanding your business.

How Does It Work or Processes Involved?


Typically, the process takes place in fulfillment centers. Before we look at the steps involved, you need to know that there are many fulfillment centers, and you need to pick a reputable one to ensure that sold items are delivered quickly and correctly to buyers. You need to look at their licenses and insurance cover. You also need to read their reviews and choose a center with many positive reviews.

The process includes the following main steps:

Receiving Sold Items

Online companies that have sold items will work with a fulfillment center to ensure the goods are shipped to buyers. So, the TSP fulfillment or any other reputable center you choose will receive sold goods from your enterprise or company. The facility will inspect the items to determine the quantity and the quality. The goods can be marked with bar codes or SKUS for easy identification and retrieval.


Once the sold items are received in the center, they are either stored for a short or long term. The staff in the facility will organize the goods correctly so that they can be stored properly to ensure orderly distribution. Proper storage also ensures easy access during picking. Most importantly, it ensures the items are not damaged.

Process Orders

This step aims to ensure that orders are scrutinized and processed based on the client’s instructions and deadlines. Most reputable centers have invested in management programs that can help in the process of eliminating human mistakes and errors.

Pick and Pack


This involves picking items from the shelves or where they are stored in the facility. The team or robots involved in this process ensure that they pick the correct items based on the customer’s instructions or orders.

For instance, if a customer ordered 6 red toys, they should be picked and packed together. Packaging should be done using the right material to ensure items are not damaged during transit. A reputable fulfillment center should also include return shipping materials for easy returns and processing.


The packed goods are transported to the customers’ preferred destinations. During transportation, it is easy to track orders in real-time and update buyers. Customers can easily know when their items will arrive. In case of delays, they will be updated to avoid disappointments.

Customers Receive What They Bought

Finally, the sold items are received by the buyer. The buyer should inspect the products to confirm if it is what they ordered. They should also inspect the items to know if they are damaged. If they are satisfied, they can give positive feedback.

Handling of Returns

If buyers are not happy with what was delivered, they can ship it back to get a refund or exchange. The customer should pack the item(s) and ship it back. The center will process the return and take the necessary steps to ensure the customer gets an exchange or a refund.

How Can Efficient Fulfilment Process Benefit Your Business


If you work with a reputable facility, you are guaranteed to get quality fulfillment services. Here is how the service will impact your enterprise;

  • Keep expenses down – Hiring a fulfillment facility will help your company lower its operational expenses. You will save money you could have spent on storage and packaging items. You also save money on transportation costs as you won’t have to buy or maintain transportation vans or trucks. Outsourcing fulfillment is a smart way of minimizing your expenses.
  • Ensure timely delivery of goods – If you rely on your channels, you may not deliver sold items on time, especially when you have too many orders to deliver. Outsourcing the service, ensures your items are packaged and delivered to buyers on time, leaving them happy and satisfied.
  • Minimize the chances of errors – When your fulfillment process is handled by humans, there are high chances of mistakes and errors, especially during sorting, picking, and labeling items. However, when you work with a trusted facility, you can rest assured that mistakes will be minimized due to technology and highly trained staff. Besides, trained staff and advanced technology in the fulfillment process improve efficiency in your supply chain.
  • Allow your business to extend its reach – When you leave your fulfillment process to professionals, you can easily extend your reach. The service will help you ship products to buyers in other regions, states, or countries. It will be very easy to expand your reach and take your business to a higher level thanks to an efficient process.

Final Words

The fulfillment process is one of the most important processes that can help your enterprise expand its reach and deliver sold items to buyers promptly. However, for your business to benefit from an efficient fulfillment process, you have to choose the right facility.

The center should have an excellent reputation, use advanced technology, and have trained staff to ensure a streamlined and efficient process.

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