Fast-Track Your Business Ventures: The UK Global Business Mobility Visa Explained

The number of people who want to be employed and live in the UK grows every year. The situation is similar with various companies that want to enter the Great Britain market and establish themselves on UK soil. The UK government isn’t remaining silent to the needs and requirements of those who want a change of scenery. This is where the UK Global Business Mobility Visa comes into play. This option is the UK’s response to the ever-incoming workforce influx to the island. It is a combination of standard workers’ and regular business visas – two in one. A simpler version.

Today, unlike ever before, you have a few routes you can take to your UK journey, all relying on the criteria you fulfill. Employees can now join the UK faster than ever and transfer their employment both on a long and short-term basis. As we said, now, there are more routes an employee can join his workplace in the UK. But if you were with the process before it is vital to know that things have changed. Let’s talk about the routes you have at your disposal now, and what this visa is.

 What Is It?


The easiest way to put it is to claim that it is one result of combining five different routes of coming to the UK. Above all else, it is a sponsored visa. It is intended for all the businesses operating outside of the UK borders wanting to move their business to the UK, send their employees, or develop an operation on the island. As we already mentioned it is a combination of a few different visas, and a genuine attempt of the UK government to make things more straightforward for businesses. It is an upgrade to the previous variations of business visas. GBM intends to make things easier for businesses operating outside of the UK who want to have their workforce employed on Great Britain soil.

 The New GBM Routes


As we said, there are new routes and there are five of them. All of them have the same intent. It is to allow specialists from all over the world who work in different fields to bring their expertise over and launch successful projects in the United Kingdom. To work and run a business operation in the United Kingdom was never easier, and it is all thanks to the five routes we have below.

* Senior or Specialist Worker – As the name suggests this visa option is for those who operate at their companies as senior workers that are specialized in a unique field. When seeking a UK visa it is expected from this profile of employees to be employed as someone who will be in charge of a certain company’s subsidiary. So, to even be able to fill out an application you are required to receive a sponsorship approved from a company based in one of the countries of the United Kingdom. It is as it sounds. To pass through the customs on this option you must have an invitation.

* Service Supplier – The goal of this visa is for employees who had attained a sponsorship from a company that has its operations based in the UK and has issued a sponsorship license to a specialist in a certain field. This certificate needs to be set in the A-category of sponsorship licensees. It is issued under two types of circumstances. The first one is for a candidate to be fully hired by the host company. The second option is that you operate as a freelance employee but only if you fall under any of the available groups allowed by the latest international trade agreements.

* Graduate Trainee – The second category we have on our hands is called Graduate Trainee. As you can guess its goal is to allow people to become interns on UK soil. Applying for this category is not straightforward. There are a few more requirements to meet when compared to the options above. The first one is that you have to be invited to train by a company based in the UK that has approval from the Home Office. Besides that, your training process must be clearly defined and set within a precise time frame. Last but not least it is required that your training leads to you becoming a senior worker or a specialist in the given field.

* UK Expansion Worker – This visa is intended for those who want to expand their operation or business on UK soil. If you’re a senior worker, a specialist, in a certain field to relocate or expand a certain operation in Great Britain you seek an application for this visa.

* Secondment Worker – This is an investor-issued visa. Those who want it and fill out an application need to be specialized in their line of work and to live by the intention to carry out an investment project in the UK that holds a high value to both the base company and the host country. The investment project and its values need to be presented before even trying to apply for this form of the UK Business Mobility visa.

How Long Do GBM Visas Last?


The good news with this type of visa is that they’re long-lasting. When you’re an expert in any field your work and knowledge are welcomed in the UK. In terms of this, when you receive a visa as a Senior or Specialist Worker you are allowed to remain in the UK for nine whole years in any period during a ten-year span. For the next four categories, the situation is a little bit different, and for each of them, your stay is limited to only five years in any six-year time frame. If you are interested to read more details regarding timeliness, requirements, and everything tied to the Global Business Mobility Visas it’s better to visit

 Bottom Line

The UK was always a promised land for a working man. Today, especially if you are a specialized worker, or simply operate in a peculiar line of work, it is easier than ever to receive a UK visa. Yes, the requirements are strict and clearly defined, but if you fit the bill there is no reason not to apply. After all, if a UK -based company is willing to be your sponsor there is little left to worry about.

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