Businesses Can’t Cut Corners on Pest Control

It’s hard to think of something that grosses people out more than finding a pest anywhere near their food. Everyone worldwide has the same instantaneous reaction: revulsion.

With social media platforms like Instagram being what they are, businesses are very careful to present themselves publicly in ways customers will find appealing. Usually, this means looking hip and trendy. Businesses need to look deeper and be clean and hygienic rather than worrying more about their branding.

You want to go viral for reasons that reflect well and promote your business. If people on social media learn you have a pest problem, good luck trying to undo the bad PR. Thankfully, the best local pest control companies handle all your concerns.

Here’s what the industry leaders offer.

Personalized Service


Industry leaders like GreenLeaf Pest Control understand that no two jobs are the same and, accordingly, each requires a unique approach. The physical environments are different, as are the types of pests they may attract and play host to.

The best pest control technicians make their own custom sprays based on the specific pest infestation. They don’t use commercially available sprays anyone can find on store shelves because those don’t get at the heart of the infestation.

Sure, the traps and sprays you buy from the closest hardware store will kill a few specimens, but they won’t uproot the infestation. Technicians using a chemical that matches your specific situation is the best you can hope for, especially when Health Canada has approved all the ingredients to ensure they’re environmentally friendly and safe for any pets.

Businesses need a custom approach that flexes to their needs, and that’s something the leading pest control services take seriously. For example, some businesses need chute foaming, odour control, and more.

All pest control services aim to uproot an infestation. Look for one that has lots of experience providing a range of adjacent and complementary services.


Of course, pest control is crucial because it kills any pests on the premises and prevents any from returning. But you also need paperwork to attest to the professional pest control work you’ve had done.

Leading commercial pest control services always give you full documentation, like a logbook, device map, licenses, certificates, safety sheets, and more. They’ll help you comply with any third-party compliance or audits.

To use a metaphor for a moment, the real point of secondary education is the education students receive, not the framed degree behind their desks. Still, customers and clients find that degree reassuring because it proves they’ve been educated. In the same way, customers want positive proof hanging on the wall that they’re in a clean and hygienic environment.

Pests aren’t only gross to behold. They also spread illnesses and bacteria. The documentation leading pest control services provide testifies that the business has done everything in its power to keep the premises hygienic and safe for customers.

Practically speaking, companies need to prevent pests from entering their premises for health and PR reasons. But there are also legal standards to meet, and this requires documentation.

Dedicated Account Managers


Companies don’t want to slip between the cracks and be just another client when they get pest control. The leaders in this sector have a whole team that knows your name and history and works together for you.

Businesses have a range of needs, and time can be of the essence. If a governmental department or inspector is badgering you to prove you’ve implemented pest control, you don’t want to get put on hold or feel like you’re a low priority.

The best pest control experts use a unique approach for every job since the particulars of a job are always different. Having technicians familiar with your case not only improves the level of service. It also saves you time and makes the experience more pleasant.

Fully Licensed Staff

The technicians you rely on need to be fully certified and licensed structural exterminators through the Ministry of the Environment. They’ve been vetted and trained in all the latest techniques and participate in ongoing training to stay current with best practices.

There’s a difference between being a generally handy person who knows a few tricks to keep pests away or kill a few and a licensed, certified professional who has received credible training. The pest control documentation that protects your business from liabilities isn’t worth anything if the technician doing it isn’t licensed.

Meet and Exceed Third-Party Audit Organizations


Pest control services need to meet the baseline threshold of inspectors, but it’s even better when they exceed them. After all, the point isn’t just to meet bureaucratic standards or laws; it’s to ensure there really are no pests on the premises!

Look for a pest control service that can meet or exceed the standards of organizations such as:

  • AIB
  • Canada Food Inspection Agency
  • Canadian Organic Standards
  • Safe Food for Canadians Regulations
  • Merieux NutriSciences Certification LLC
  • National Pest Management Services for Food Plants
  • And more

Only rely on a pest control service that gets such widespread approval for meeting or exceeding legal standards.

Businesses look for efficiencies and places to trim fat all the time because they’re in a highly competitive environment. Pest control is the last place you want to cut corners. Finding even one pest can undo years of marketing efforts, cause legal problems, and affect the health of your customers.

We live in a world dominated by marketing, and businesses that let themselves get famous for having a pest problem aren’t likely to thrive! Most people would just choose to go to another restaurant, hotel, or whatever the business is.

From the PR reasons to the public health risks, absolutely nothing good can come of a pest problem. Proactive control is the only choice businesses have, and they can’t just rely on the first company that pops up online. Companies that hire a service that hits on all the above points will protect their customers and their businesses from all the damage pests can do.

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