6 Things Tourists Should know About Buying Marijuana in California

The most infamous plant in the world has finally started to gain recognition for all of its benefits, evident by many states and countries legalizing it or trying to legalize it. Nowhere has this been more noticeable or welcome than in the United States, particularly in the Sunshine State of California. Throughout the history of this mazing, beautiful state, there have been millions of marijuana enthusiasts who have sadly played a dangerous game of constantly looking over their shoulder.

Nowadays, medicinal marijuana is completely legal and rather easy to get without any trouble with the law. As such, tourists have been flocking to many of California’s breathtaking cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco, eager to try everything that the legal marijuana market has to offer. If you are looking to join in on this fun and travel there for this very purpose, there are certain things you have to know and prepare for.

Lucky for you, this article will have everything you need in order to do that. Following is a list of the crucial things every tourist should know about buying and using marijuana in California. To find out even more about this interesting subject and buy some of the best products on the market, make sure to check out

1. Who can buy it?

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In Cali, anyone who is 21 or older can legally buy recreational cannabis products, which come in many shapes and sizes. With a valid identification card, a driver’s license or a passport, you can buy whatever you like as long as you meet the legal age requirement. If you are in need of medical marijuana, you can be as young as 18 but you cannot buy anything without a medical marijuana card your doctor gave you. Anything other than these two specific cases is still illegal in California, which many believe should remain so in order to protect the minors. Chances are that you are over 21 if you are looking to travel to California, especially if you live outside of the USA, so no worries needed. You will be able to enjoy it fully and completely!

2. Know the types

Two distinct types of the marijuana plant exist and they are used in different circumstances. They are Indica and Sativa, and they are used to achieve completely different states. Indica strains give you a lighter buzz and are used when the consumer wants to relax. They have lower doses of THC and higher doses of CBD. THC is the thing that gives you the “high” feeling, while CBD cancels it out and has other, healthier benefits like stress, anxiety, and depression relief. If you want to get more on the trippy side and consume more THC, you would want to get a Sativa strain. Be ready for some munchies, prepare lots of water, and expect some light hallucinations depending on how much you consume. This is the real deal when it comes to marijuana. A third strain also exists, which are the hybrids between the two mentioned branches. They are capable of both the highs and lows, tripping you out before relaxing you.

3. What can you buy?

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There is an abundance of marijuana products apart from the regular smoking products you probably will go for immediately. Actually, there are four distinct types of products, flowers, concentrates, edibles, and applications. The flower is a dry plant you grind down, roll up, and smoke. There are hundreds of different strains, some more famous than the others. Do some research and find out what suits your needs the most.

Concentrates are extracted from the plants and they pack a harder punch than the flower in it natural form. If you want something stronger, simply add it to the joint or the bowl and smoke away. Oils, wax, and kief are the go-to types of concentrates.

Edibles, as their name suggests, come in the form of food and beverages. The most common kinds include cookies, brownies, gummy candies (especially bears), chocolate-based sweets, lollipops, cocoa mixes, and coffee. Smoking and concentrates are best for immediate effects, while edibles usually take a few hours to kick in. Therefore, depending on how fast you want it, you have a great range of options. Never overconsume on edibles and make sure they never replace regular meals.
Finally, applications (or topical products) include those that are meant for the treatment of some conditions. They can also come in form of cosmetics. Common ones include tinctures and patches, predominantly used to treat anxiety, stress, pain, and depression.

4. Where to buy it?

Once you touch down in California you will start seeing numerous places where you can legally buy marijuana products for recreational use. Dispensaries are the go-to locations, but mind that they are medical facilities first and chill and cool consumer goods shops second. They usually deal with cash so make sure to have some on you. You will have to show ID as proof of your age every single time and wait your turn to shop. Be ready for an occasional line of people looking to buy just like you. Marijuana is crazy popular so be patient. Patience is a virtue after all, and you will be needing it especially on the weekend and around holidays. Feel free to discuss your needs with the clerk as they are usually true enthusiasts and professionals.

5. Is delivery possible?

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It is and then some. There are plenty of shops that also have online services and web stores specializing in marijuana delivery. This is especially true in LA and Bay Area where most marijuana enthusiasts open shops and perfect their craft.

6. Where to use it?

While buying and consuming it overall is perfectly legal, doing so in open public places is not. Just like drinking alcohol, you cannot shill in the park and roll a doobie. Penalties start from $70 and are not that hefty, but you will feel it since you could have gotten much more of your favorite product for the price of one ticket!

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