Vaping In Australia: 5 Things Tourists Should Know

Vaping has been a popular alternative to tobacco smoking. It’s indulged by using a vape or an electronic device to create a vapor from heated up liquids that can be inhaled. For some people, vaping can help in various ways, including de-stressing and quitting tobacco smoking. Consequently, if you feel stressed out or want to stop smoking, you can incorporate vaping into your routine.

However, if you’ve become a vaping enthusiast who wants to travel to any part of Australia, you may have to consider several things before proceeding with your travel plans. Generally, Australia isn’t known to be a vape-friendly country. Specific rules and regulations regarding carrying e-cigarettes and other vaping accessories are imposed for tourists.

So, if you’re planning to bring your vape and its accessories on your tourist trip to Australia, below are the five important things you should know from the get-go:

1. Tourists Can Legally Bring E-Liquids For Vaping Under The Traveller’s Exemption


Bringing nicotine e-liquids for vaping is regulated under Australian laws. This is because the e-liquids involved are classified in the country as a Schedule 7 poison, which means that they can only be used for medicinal purposes.

Accordingly, if you’re traveling to Australia with your vape products, you can legally bring e-liquids for your vape under the following requirements on Traveller’s exemption:

  • The vape should be for your use or another passenger in your care.
  • You shouldn’t sell or supply vape products to another individual in the country.
  • You should have a valid prescription from an authorized doctor stating that it’s for your personal use or that of another person under your care. For example, if you’re using vape to quit tobacco smoking, there are clinics in Australia that can provide you with a vape prescription. For more information about how you can obtain a prescription, you can click here or browse through resource websites online.
  • You should ensure the product is in its original packaging and labeled accordingly.
  • You should bring any remaining e-liquids or devices with you when you leave Australia after your trip.
  • You should follow all the directions of the customs officers.

2. Tourists Can Only Carry Three Months Supply Of Vape Products In Australia

This is another thing you need to know as a tourist in Australia. Once you have the prescription from your doctor, you should only bring a reasonable amount of vape products for the whole duration of your stay in Australia. For example, if you’re staying for a more extended period, like three months, you’re only allowed to bring three months’ supply of the said products.

Thus, failure to comply with the restriction might give the Australian authorities a suspicion that you’re planning to sell vape products during your stay. Consequently, they might confiscate all or some of your supplies.

3. Tourists Should Also Be Mindful Of The Instructions About Flying With Vape Gear


Apart from the nicotine e-liquids, traveling in Australia requires tourists like you to follow some instructions, especially when flying with vape gear. Some common travel restrictions can include:

  • Batteries: The Australian airport authorities require you to place the vape batteries in the carry-on baggage and not in the checked-in luggage. Store them in a battery case to prevent some safety risks, including overheating and short-circuits. Also, pack the batteries properly to avoid puncturing and crushing. By doing all these things, you’ll not be hassled by airport security.
  • Vape Tools: These items can be put in checked-in luggage or a carry-on bag. Since most vape accessories are small, the airport authorities won’t mind if you keep them in your carry-on bag. Just make sure to place it in a sizeable kit to avoid suspicion.
  • Vaping Devices: These devices, such as pens and mods, should be put in your carry-on baggage. But to ensure safety, make sure to switch them off and place them in a protective case to avoid accidental activation. Also, don’t forget to disassemble the device during the flight to prevent leakage.
  • Vape Tanks: These items can be placed in checked-in baggage or carry-on bags. Either way, you need to ensure the tanks are empty of vape juice to prevent leaks.

By following all the instructions mentioned above, you can have a hassle-free flight onboarding process.

4. Vaping Is Only Allowed In Designated Smoking Areas

When traveling in Australia, it’s also essential to familiarize yourself with the permitted smoking areas for vaping. The following rules usually apply:

  • If you’ve just arrived at the airport, you can vape in certain designated areas in front of the terminals. To know exactly where you can vape without violating the law, you need to check the information page provided by the airport.
  • If you’re staying in Queensland, Victoria, or Tasmania, vaping isn’t allowed in smoke-free outdoor and indoor areas. Because of this, you may only do your vaping routine in designated areas outside airports.
  • If you’re going to New South Wales, vaping is also restricted. Looking for an area where you can legally vape can be difficult, even at the airport.
  • If you’re planning to vape outdoors, you should know that it’s not allowed within four meters of pedestrian access to public areas, including platforms for public transportation and airport entries.

5. E-Liquids For Vaping Can Be Legally Purchased From A Pharmacy In Australia


It’s essential to note that e-liquids for vaping can be purchased legally from an authorized pharmacy in Australia. But, since vaping isn’t liberally allowed in Australia, you may find it challenging to buy vape products once you arrive in the country. Even if you find a pharmacy, they might only have limited options to offer you.

Because of this, it might be a good idea to seek a prescription from a doctor before you land. That way, you can bring your personal supply from a vape product supplier that you trust.

Bottom Line

Although vaping has been known to be a safe alternative to smoking, Australia still has restrictions regarding carrying vape items to its borders. It has yet to liberalize its laws that would allow tourists to freely bring their vape e-liquids and gear while traveling the country.

But, by keeping the information mentioned above in mind, bringing vape items during your tourist travel to Australia will not be a problem. Just make sure to research the country’s rules and regulations about vaping so you’ll know what to do to ensure a stress-free and enjoyable trip.

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