Casino Tourism VS Gambling Online – Pros And Cons

Do tourism and gambling have anything in common? Of course, they have! Many of today’s famous tourist destinations, such as Las Vegas, have built their position on gambling. Yet, with the advent of new technologies and the development of the online gambling industry – many are wondering if the future of casinos is at stake. So let’s analyze this situation a bit – and determine the pros and cons of both options.

Casino Games And Gambling – Prerequisites For Successful Tourism

The cradle of the modern gambling industry is the United States. Everybody has heard of the mega-popular casinos in Las Vegas or Atlantic City. Although such activity was banned from the start – the innovative hoteliers managed to fight for the legalization of gambling at the time. They have also managed to raise the tourist offer to a whole new level in such places. The first to do so was Las Vegas. However, soon they got the competition – the Atlantic City.

Moreover, the legalization of casinos in Atlantic City, New Jersey, forced casino owners to make structural changes – which were reflected at the beginning of the construction of the mega-resorts. The first of them was “Circus Circus” – a mega hotel where the first amusement park for children was opened in the early seventies – and in the nineties, a theme water park was added. Their purpose was to attract not only adult, gambling-oriented guests – but also their children, that is, the entire family. Today, “Adventuredome” as part of it – represents a kind of small Disneyland and a serious tourist attraction on which the state earns well.

Online Gambling: A Threat For Casino Tourism Or Not?


With the modern age, the internet, and the development of various platforms – there has been a development in the online casino industry. Many have wondered from the start whether this will destroy casino tourism and to what extent. We will answer this question right away – NO! These are two branches of the same industry that complement each other perfectly. It is clear that both casino tourism and online gambling have their advantages and disadvantages – and therefore somewhat different target groups. So, let’s look at some of the pros and cons of both options.

Pros And Cons Of Casino Tourism And Online Gambling

As we have already mentioned, both options have their advantages and disadvantages. Of course, they also attract a slightly different audience. So let’s take a look at some of the most important pros and cons in the battle between online gambling and casino tourism.

Pros Of Casino Tourism And Online Casinos


1. Casino Tourism Is Fun

This is probably an advantage no. 1 for casino tourism in this duel. By going to Las Vegas or Atlantic City, you will allow yourself not only to enjoy gambling but also many other entertainments. It is already known that casinos like Caesar’s Palace feature the world’s most famous performers, such as Celine Dion, etc. On the other hand, going to Atlantic City and visiting water parks can be an unforgettable experience for the entire family. Let’s not forget the excitement and enjoyment of gambling for all those who love it. Entertaining dealers, lights, a dynamic environment, competitions, and sharing experiences with other players – are the main reasons why to opt for casino tourism.

2. Online Casinos Are Always Available For Those Who Like To Gamble

This is the biggest advantage of online casinos. Namely, they work non-stop and you can always find a place for you whether you play slots or table games. This is precisely the reason why some people think of online casinos as a competition to onshore casinos. According to UFABET.CAM, online casinos offer you everything – from slot machines, card games, and other table games – to live tournaments where you can compete for a prize together with other participants online. The only difference is that in the online casino the hostess will not bring you a drink (except maybe a virtual one) – but that’s why you don’t have to follow the dress code, but you can play casually from home and even from bed if you want to.

3. At Land Casino, You Always Have An Instant Payout


It is true! This is a very important thing for most gamblers. Let’s say you’ve won a jackpot and you wish to collect your money. It’s just up to you to go to the payback counter and cash it in. This is not going as fast in online casinos – so it’s another plus for the land casino option.

4. Online Casino Has Easier Access To Games

When you “enter” an online casino, there is no hustle and bustle. You don’t have to look for a free slot machine or card table. Everything is at your fingertips, just a click away from you. You will admit, it is very convenient. In addition, when you play games like poker or similar – there are no other spectators and fans who can shout, cheer, and disturb you.

Cons Of Casino Tourism And Online Casinos


1. Going To The Casino Costs You Money And Without Gambling

Going to real casinos can sometimes cost you a lot of money. This is especially true for players who do not live near the place where there is a casino. In addition, the boiling atmosphere in the casino often stimulates you to spend more money than you originally planned.

2. At Online Casinos Frauds Are Possible

This is absolutely the biggest disadvantage of online casinos – and therefore, you should visit only verified sites. Many lesser-known online casinos offer you some unrealistically large bonuses – if you pay a certain amount of money, of course. Don’t get caught up in that web – but try to recognize what’s realistic and play only at proven and reliable online casinos. Therefore, you need to read user reviews, so that you do not find yourself in a situation of being deceived by some online casino website that may be shut down tomorrow.

3. In Land Casino, You Are Constantly Under The Watchful Eye Of Cameras


Although this is a common practice, many people feel very uncomfortable because the cameras are constantly watching them. Some are afraid that (if they win a large sum of money) – something bad could happen because someone is constantly watching them. Some people loosen up way too much – so after that, they feel very uncomfortable knowing that some camera recorded it all.

4. Online Casino Gaming Can Create Addiction

OK, this is not only a disadvantage of online casinos, but the fact is that places like this work 24/7, 365 days a year. This is exactly what can make you vulnerable and you can easily become a victim of gambling addiction without even noticing it. Although online casinos are also obliged to comply with legal norms regarding gambling of minors – this is very often prone to abuse. Therefore, one should approach the whole thing carefully.


Both casino and casino tourism have their advantages and disadvantages. Perhaps the biggest advantage of casino tourism is the one they create for the state itself – by paying high taxes. On the other hand, online casinos are more geared towards players who want more gambling and less other entertainment. In the end, you decide for yourself who you would give an advantage to – because, for us, this battle ended in a draw.

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