5 Best Casinos that You Must Visit When You are Travelling to New Zealand

Every gambler visits a casino even when traveling to another country. If you are also passionate about playing poker games, it is necessary to explore it before going there. You must check whether there are land-based casinos or not. If you plan a trip to NZ, you might want to know the details of gambling centers in that country. In the following write-up, you will know the best entertaining casinos that you must visit in NZ.

You can try your luck and win amazing rewards in famous places. Get opportunities to participate in slot machines, pokies, and other free casino games in New Zealand by visiting Topslotsnz. You can make a bid and earn as much you can. If you want endless entertainment and fun in NZ casinos, make sure that you do not miss any of the following poker centers.

1. SkyCity Casino

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It is one of the top-most casinos in Auckland, which is situated in the gigantic Sky Tower across the globe. It is a famous place, and you can find it easily. There are over 150 tables and 2000 slot gaming machines. When you visit there, you will observe that it is full of gamblers, and people are continuously betting one after another.

It is open 24 hours and therefore, you can go anytime to try your fortune. There are other departments like the smoking place, bar, and cash deposit and withdrawal areas. As a beginner, you do not know how to play any game, and there is no need to worry. The instructors guide you by providing the required instructions to operate the game.

If you are lucky, then you can achieve the betting amount. The best thing is that the packages available in the casino are quite affordable, and one can easily improve their skills by gambling less amount. You can try games like Baccarat (Blackjack, and Rapid), Roulette (Normal and Rapid), spin wheel, Poker (Three-card, Texas, Lunar, Caribbean Stud), Snake eyes, and much more.

2. Dunedin Casino

It is another beautiful place for gambling, situated on the country’s South-eastern coast. The rooms are well-furnished and look attractive to all the gamblers. There is a roof, in a glass dome design, which gives it an outstanding appearance. This place is a perfect blend of ancient and modern infrastructure, which mesmerizes all the betters.

There is a fixed timing of the poker place, and if you need to come here to try your luck, then come between 11 AM to 3 AM. If we talk about games, you can play roulette, baccarat, live and poker, slot machines, and much more. If you are coming with a big group, then also they can arrange a separate desk or place. You can easily enjoy the atmosphere with your social circle.

3. Queenstown SkyCity Casino

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It is a perfect casino for gamblers who love to try yummy food and enjoy betting. It is another part of SkyCity with incredible bars, restaurants, and casinos. There are more than 86 gaming machines that offer excellent opportunities to win big rewards. You can access a package, though you can learn how to participate in poker games and then bet confidently.

You can also achieve a loyalty card for lunch to enjoy any tasty food. The offered games are roulette, baccarat, blackjack, poker, Texas Hold’em, etc. There are fixed timings of the casino, i.e., 12 PM to 4 AM daily excluding Saturday between 8 AM and 4 AM.

4. Hamilton SkyCity Casino

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This poker center is an attractive tourist place where they can adore the Waikato River’s beauty. It is another franchise of the SkyCity with different infrastructure. There is no doubt that you will get everything to play that you get in Auckland’s branch. You can enjoy your time by eating tasty food, drinks at the bar, and betting on your favorite pokies.

Every year, an event is organized here by the SkyCity to provide more opportunities to win huge rewards up to $4000. You can check the details of the event from the official casino site and decide the right time to visit. Like others, it also opens for 24 hours, and you can try your luck anytime whenever you are free.

If we talk about the games that you can take part in slot machines, bowling, roulette, and much more. It does not matter at all if any person is a beginner or experienced. You can enjoy every bit of this poker center at a reasonable price.

5. Christchurch Casino

It is another tourist attraction for many people across the globe, who are coming to New Zealand for the trip. There are over 36 table games, poker areas, 600 slot gaming machines, and a unique sports arena. Both beginners and skilled poker betters can come and enjoy playing games with your colleagues and friends.

There is a Got Game Arena with four PS4s and exciting downloadable games. The major highlight is that one can try his luck for free. If you want to have yummy food and drinks, you must visit the Monza Sports bar. They serve food like steak, burgers, pizzas, wine, beers, and much more.

You can get a package to save your money and enjoy your favorite food without any limits. You will mesmerize the adorable décor and enjoy looking at the beauty of the place for long hours. Enjoy fantastic music and make a bet to win huge rewards. The offered games are poker, slot gaming machines, roulette, blackjack, etc.

The Bottom Line

If you are going to NZ, and are passionate about gambling, you need not worry. Consider the casinos, as mentioned above, to enjoy your good time for earning cash prizes and huge rewards. These amazing places are the major attractions of the country. You will get mesmerized with the scenic beauty of the infrastructure of these traditional casinos. You must try your fortune in these poker centers and enjoy to the fullest with your group of friends.

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