What Are The Best Online Casinos In New Zealand?

One of the most important things for those interested in online gambling is to choose a safe and reliable platform. Therefore, you should never rush with your decision. A lot of countries have introduced various regulations for this market. Still, there are many unknown sites where you can face issues if you visit them and create a profile.

The biggest risks are to face identity theft and money theft. Also, the best way to avoid those problems is to check the experience of other players and read some professional reviews. If you are interested in the best online casinos available in New Zealand, visit

There are some other factors to consider as well, such as available game providers, payment options, additional prizes, and more. Also, we have to mention that a lot of online casinos are offering attractive promo features to new players. Here are some of the best options that you can play in New Zealand.

Casino Tropez

The main advantages of this platform are great promo features for both new and loyal players. This is a great thing since it is more common to get free funds only after making the first payment. Moreover, it is great for people who are not interested in spending a lot of money because most of the games allow you to spend only 10 cents per turn.

When it comes to the selection of games, it is amazing since you will find some of the most popular options introduced by the best gaming developers in the world. The only downside is that the design of the website may appear slightly outdated.


Jackpot City

When it comes to pokies, the selection is also great like with the previous website. However, the big advantage is that you can also play various live games. There are live dealer games like Poker, Roulette, and Blackjack that are getting more popular recently.

Also, we have to mention that there is an app available for both Android and iOS. The promo features are on a decent level. You will get double your first payment as free funds, and the limit for that is $400. The only downside is that the requirements for using those free funds are not so great.

Spin Casino

The selection of games is not as wide as it is with previous websites. Still, they are offering the most popular options. Moreover, the biggest benefit is that you can get up to $1000 as part of the promo feature, and there is also a mobile app available for different devices.

The promo feature is spread for the first three payments, which is also an excellent feature. However, the requirements are more challenging which will make it more difficult to turn the free funds into profit, but it is a guarantee to have a lot of fun.



If you are one of those players who prefer exploring a lot of games all the time, and never stick to one title for more than a day, this website might be the perfect solution for you since there are more than 4,000 titles available. In addition to that, you can also play more than 500 live games with dealers.

Furthermore, the requirements that you will have to meet when using free funds are much better when compared to previous options. That is the reason why the limit is only $100. Also, you don’t need to worry about the reliability of games since the return rate of most of them is over 95%.


This might be the best overall website that you can choose in this country. The reason for that is that they are offering a wide range of pokies, live games, and payment options. That is especially related to the fact that you can use your digital wallet and use crypto for payments.

The benefit of using cryptocurrencies when gambling online is then you don’t have to wait for a day or two for a withdrawal. When it comes to the available crypto, you can use BTC and Litecoin, Dogecoin, ETH, and Tether. The promo features are also amazing since you can win up to 5 BTC and nearly 200 free turns.


Jonny Jackpot

If you consider that user ratings are a very important detail, this should be your first option because this website is among the best-rated gambling platform in New Zealand. The promo feature is quite interesting since you can also get up to 100 free turns with a coin value of between $5 and $10. Also, the payment time is much shorter.

Molly Casino

What makes this website different from most of the other options that we introduced is that you can win three times the value of your first payment, and the requirements are not as challenging as they are for some other platforms.

There is an even more attractive feature, which is the additional free turns. It has great statistics where over 98% of players won at least once. Also, this is one of the rare sites where you will receive a small bonus feature on registration without the need to make a payment.


Sky City

The terms that this website is offering are incredible when it comes to promo features, and you won’t find the same ones on any other site. First of all, the requirement when using free funds is only 20%, while there are also 140 free turns, which makes it nearly guaranteed to make a profit after your first payment.

Last Words

As you can see, there are many attractive options available in this country. If you are new to these games, it can be a great option to explore the market and make the most out of these benefits. You can do that by using only free funds for playing while making the payment with the same amount of money on each of these websites. In the end, keep in mind that introducing certain limits is crucial since that is the only way to prevent bigger losses and secure winning more often.

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