8 Tips for Choosing the Right Slipcover for Your Furniture

A slipcover is necessary to safeguard your furniture from dirt and debris. You can find plenty of brands that manufacture high-quality covers for your sofa sets. Finding the perfect one is a challenging task. If you want to make your furniture long-lasting, then you need a good-quality slipcover. You have to spend additional money on these covers for extra care. Once you spend your money, you do not have to worry about your sofa.

Click here to buy high-quality slipcovers and make your living room beautiful by covering your furniture. But before you buy it, you must consider some factors. You can own a second-hand sofa and cover it with a beautiful cover. If you want to save your money on sofa repairs, it is better to spend money on the slipcover. In the following write-up, we will discuss various tips for choosing the perfect slipcover for your furniture.

1. Consider Your Lifestyle and Budget

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Every person has a different choice when it comes to slipcovers. There are plenty of options that one can explore and buy. If you want a cover for your sofa for daily use, you must choose the waterproof and stain-resistant one.

Check your budget and calculate the amount you can spend on it. The slipcover should be washable so that you can wash it whenever it gets dirty. You can go for the customized ones, in which you can choose the desired fabric, style, color, or design. You should match the design of your slipcover with your home décor.

2. Consider the Size of Your Sofa

You need to measure the size of your sofa to choose the slipcover that fits perfectly. Sometimes, you can get the elastic covers that are available in free size. But in reality, it does not fit well. It is necessary to check all the measurements before you buy any unit.

It does not matter whether you buy online or offline. You can check the size of the sofa and slipcover. You can also buy matching cushions with the cover to make it look more beautiful.

3. Consider the Right Fabric

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You must invest your money in the perfect fabric that should be long-lasting. Not everyone can afford expensive and fancy fabrics, and therefore, you should choose the right cover for your sofa. If you consider the leather one, then it should be well-absorbable. It should be made up of natural fibers, which should not be harmful to anyone.

When it comes to appearance, microfiber and polyester are the best ones that are lightweight. If your pocket allows, you can buy the silk fabric. If you want these covers to be long-lasting, make sure that you dry-clean them. You must avoid heavy slipcovers because these are difficult to handle.

4. Consider the Perfect Color

You should check the color of the furniture, walls, or your entire home décor. You must buy slipcovers of color that match well with your décor. Whenever you change your wall paint or furniture, you should change the covers as well.

You can choose any pattern that looks suitable for your personality. Your sofa should look attractive whenever you cover it. You must take care of the finishing because the shine matters a lot.

5. Consider the Perfect Texture

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With the help of perfect texture, you can change the look and feel of your furniture. You must pick the right texture for your slipcovers. Different types of textures are denim, twill, and much more. It is okay if you do not want to wrinkle the fabric because it needs regular ironing. Make sure that you invest your money in the perfect texture.

6. Consider the Right Shape

Every person has furniture in different shapes. Before choosing a slipcover, you have to check the shape of the sofa frame. If there are wooden arms, then there is no use in buying a slipcover.

The cushion on the arms needs to be covered to avoid dirt. Some fabrics are available in the market with non-elastic properties. You require proper measurements to use slipcovers of such fabrics. You have to check how it feels to cover your sofa.

7. Check Other Details

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Welting is an attractive feature in slipcovers that many people prefer. Many individuals go for the customized covers, which they consider this feature. It is a unique contrast that matches different home decors.

If you want to add buttons, fringes, or other decorative items, you can add anything. Make sure that you consider other details that look perfect on your furniture. You can also modify the changes whenever you need them.

8. Consider the Right Length

You should not choose a slipcover that reaches the floor. Anyone can slip because it can come under the feet of any member. It can easily get dirty, and you need to clean it frequently. It is necessary to prefer the length which covers your sofa to its legs.

You should keep the bottom exposed so that the fabric does not get stuck in between anyone’s feet. It is easy to change the appearance of the slipcover by pulling it down.

The Bottom Line

Before you choose the perfect slipcover for your sofa, you should consider all the mentioned factors. These tips are helpful enough for you to buy a durable, beautiful, and protective cover for your furniture. It is okay to invest some money on such a cover which beautifies your home décor. You cannot afford to buy new furniture, but you can change the cover whenever you want.

It is easy to safeguard your sofa from dirt and debris. If you have pets at your home, no hair will stick to your sofa. You can get slipcovers in different fabrics that are long-lasting, and hence, you can cover your furniture for a long time with the same cover. It is a wise investment that every person must consider. Check out the factors and get the best one for your sofa set at your home.

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