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We all already know how fast time flies. 2019 is coming to an end and we are preparing for the New Year. 31st December is the day when many people decide to make some changes in their life. One of the changes in the decoration of their home.

Still, changing and improving the interior design of your apartment can be a challenging process. It is not the point to only buy new stuff and change the color of the walls. You need to make a combination that will make you feel comfortable from the moment when you open your eyes.

There are many things you should take care of. For example, one day you like one couch, but the next day you have a completely different vision. The problem is the same when we talk about chairs and dining tables. People spend days before they find the right combination. You should visit furniturestandards to see which options you have.

Anyway, we want to share some suggestions with you that will make the entire process a lot easier. You do not have to apply our pieces of advice completely. However, they can serve you as inspiration.

Velvet Design

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We will start with one of the most “controversial” designs. It is controversial because you can hear two completely different opinions about this type of interior design. One group will tell you it is perfect; however, others won’t have a great opinion. Still, we conclude that this design is unique and rear. You won’t be able to find it in many houses or apartments.

Anyway, it is a perfect combination of comfort and luxury. The majority of you probably think that velvet is actually an old red velvet upholstery of yesteryear. Still, many interior design companies are trying to modernize this type of design. They are adding different colors of sofa such as burnt orange, pink, vibrant blue, etc.

It is definitely an option you should consider before making the final decision.

Black and White Decoration

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Some professionals like to call it “Ying and Yang” home decoration because it is a combination of the beginning and the end of the color spectrum. The combination of black and white you will be able to see in most homes all over the world. It is the safes one because there are not many chances to make some huge mistake.

For example, if you like black sofas and chairs, the smartest decision would be to get white pillows. Of course, having a black sofa and chair should mean that your walls are completely white. If we start talking about all potential combinations, this article would never end. However, we encourage you to try this combination as well. You can find more on ErgoTune.

Neutral Home Decoration

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Here is another design that is common for many homes across the world. It is very easy for decorating and that is probably the main reason why you can often see it. It includes furniture, walls and other things colored in shades of white and gray.

Yet, experts predict that even this design will have some sort of modernization. For instance, if the stuff in your room is gray and the walls are completely white, getting a picture with a red background would be a perfect choice. Of course, that picture should be a bit bigger and it should go on the “main” wall of the room. In this way, you will destroy monotony that is typical for neutral home decoration. It won’t be that neutral after all. You can check the Elephant Stock designer wall art to see some good ideas for the decoration.

Geometrical Patterns

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Well, this is the most uncommon interior design that you would be able to find in homes. Still, that doesn’t mean it is the most unattractive one. On the contrary, it requires special conditions because not every home is suitable for this sort of interior designing. You will have to be able to afford specific stuff that will be perfect for this sort of environment.

Navy Blue Design

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Are you a big fan of blue color? If the answer is “yes”, then this could be a perfect choice for you. Still, many people have the wrong opinion about this color. Did you know that Classic Blue is announced as the Color of the Year? You probably didn’t know that this sort of competition exists. You do not have to worry; the navy blues it completely sophisticated and versatile.

Floral Wallpaper Design

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Well, this is not a new design and many people already know about it. Still, there are several different reasons why it can be attractive for your home. For instance, let’s say that you live in an urban place. Around your house or apartment, you can see many buildings, cars, giant streets, etc. More precisely, there are not so many green places that you can enjoy. This sort of interior design can change that. You can make a “small park” in your room. Many people testified that they feel more relaxed when their interior design contains floral wallpaper and you can see some great examples at Wallmur.

P.S. It would be good to add some flowers on the decks or shelves. The impression will be much stronger.

Non-White Kitchen

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Do you remember the trends of the beginning of this decade? Each house that you come to had an all-white kitchen. More precisely, the majority of homes still have that sort of decoration in their kitchen. But, things are starting to change a little and they tend to change completely in the next year.

All-white kitchens became somehow monotonous. That’s why some experts predict that kitchens will be full of natural wood cabinets, shelves, and islands. Besides that, colored cabinets are also becoming more and more popular. A couple of years ago, it was almost impossible to find blue cabinets in the kitchen. Today, they are slowly becoming almost an unskippable part of this room. Of course, blue is only one of the colors that you can use. It all depends on the taste that you have. For example, the green and yellow cabinet might be a good choice as well. Still, we recommend that other stuff in your kitchen have similar colors. You don’t want to design a rainbow in your kitchen, don’t you?

Farmhouse Kitchens


Amidst the popularity of industrial and contemporary interiors, many people still enjoy the rustic, homely vibe. If this sounds like your cup of tea, the farmhouse style is what you want.

Farmhouse kitchens deliver a comforting warmth with their vintage yet natural look. Some elements in this theme include reclaimed wood, shiplap, open shelving, and farmhouse sinks. You can further explore this aesthetic by visiting sources like Annie and Oak, as they provide a wide range of farmhouse decors such as cabinets, lights, tables, sinks, and enamelware.

What do you think? Will the kitchens all over the world completely change?

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