5 Countries Must you Visit at Least once in Your Life

Our life isn’t long and there are numerous beautiful places on our planet. So why waste time worrying about things we cannot change? Shouldn’t we be enjoying ourselves with the things that we like? Therefore, for all the people who love traveling or who wish to visit beautiful places, you have plenty of options to choose from.
However, there are certain places that are unique in their special features. Moreover, everyone loves them. They are the highly visited places on this planet. Therefore, it is said that a person should definitely go there once in their lifetime.

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1. Japan

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Japan is the place where you will find a blend of technology and nature. They have the latest technology and innovative products but at the same time, you will find amazing landscaping. They have traditional buildings and historic places and you will find state-of-the-art technological architectural achievements.

If you want to visit religious places like temples and shrines, you can find them in Japan (Kyoto). Although Kyoto has a long history of shrines there are other cities too. You can go to Kanazawa and Nara to explore the cultural beauty of Japan.
Some other tourist attractions include Mount Fuji, Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, Osaka National Park, and the island shrine of Itsukushima. Furthermore, you can also visit the Japanese Alps and the Chubu-Sangaku National Park.

2. Greece

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Greece has always been a tourist hub because of its ancient history that goes centuries ago. And it is not only the historic and cultural heritage that makes Greece famous among tourists. It is also the natural sceneries and islands, beaches and mountains. So you will have a lot more to visit there.

You might have heard of the Greek mythologies and stories? Or you must have watched several movies that talk about these myths. So it will be your chance to visit them by yourself. You can see all those naturally beautiful places.
There are several tourist attractions but the ones that you should not miss are Thessaloniki, Santorini, Meteora, and Delphi. And of course “Athens”, the historic capital and the place where most of the myths took birth.

3. New Zealand

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New Zealand is an enigmatic place. It is not possible to not fall in love with this place. Although there aren’t many technological innovations like you will see in Japan and nor does it has any centuries-old historic history. However, it does have the unseen natural beauty that anyone can fall for.

Therefore, if you have already been to Japan and Greece and want something new, this is it. It has prehistoric forests. So if you are a lover of natural beauty, you might not want to come back again from there. Although the technology isn’t like that in Japan, it is too good. They have a well-developed infrastructure of buildings.

You can visit the widespread beaches, remarkable springs, and amazing snow-clad mountains. So it is not just forests but several landscapes that you can enjoy. An interesting fact is that it is one of the places where you can visit easily without many travel restrictions.

4. Australia

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It is not far away from New Zealand. So if you are going there, you can also spend some days in Australia. Unlike eland, Australia has cultural diversity and amazing ethnicity. Anyhow, you will also have amazing landscapes and natural sites to visit. Furthermore, you will also find some amazing opportunities for entertainment.

Although it is a bit expensive country if you plan efficiently, you can spend more time with less money. For example, you can collect some travel coupons. Likewise, if you book your flight earlier, you will also get a discount on that. The climate of Australia is sunny for the whole year. Therefore, you will find amazing outdoor attractions and amazing places to visit there. You can arrange camps and can also visit the vibrant beaches there.

The most famous tourist attractions of Australia include the 12 Apostles, the Great Barrier Reef, and Uluru. And then there is also the Island of Whitsunday that tourists love. Furthermore, there are some cultural and science museums too, if you would like to visit.

5. China

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China is making its name in the world’s tourism. Although it has an amazing and rich historic and cultural heritage. But they are also moving towards the amazing combo with technological innovations. Therefore, just like Japan, you will find the merge between history, culture, and technology. In addition to this, after making its name in the rich export business, China has shifted its attention towards tourism. Therefore, they have created amazing theme parks and adventurous places. So if you expect to only visit the Great Wall of China, you are wrong. They have an amazing glass bridge, there you can get a taste of death if you are afraid of heights.

Furthermore, the heritage sites include historic mansions and old building structures. Thus, you will be able to get see the centuries-old Chinese architecture and the modern touch to them. The famous tourist attractions include the Forbidden City & the Imperial Palace and The Summer Palace. Then there is the Cruising option and visiting the famous 3 Gorges dam.

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