10 Countries with Highest Divorce Rate

The rate of divorce around the globe is drastically changing every year. According to data recorded by the World Health Organization, marriage and divorce statistics indicate high rates of divorce led by some poignant factors. Such common reasons include drugs and alcohol addiction, mental issues, infidelity, and incompatibility, among others.

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Data also shows that, in recent years, marriage rates have gone down, on average, globally.

Here are some of the countries with the highest rates of divorce.

1. Luxembourg: 87%

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Luxembourg is one of the least-populous countries in Europe with 500,000 citizens, but it is also the one with the highest population growth rate. Their level of economy is well advanced with high purchasing power parity.

Currently, Luxembourg has the highest divorce rate in the world. In the country, divorce is allowed to happen as long as both parties are above 21 years old and married for a minimum of 2 years. The average age of divorcees ranges from 40 to 49 years old. And just like other nations across the world, the rate of fruitful, successful marriages is progressively falling.

2. Spain: 65%

When a divorce was legalized in Spain in 1981, divorce rates became rampant. Given that the majority of the population of Spain is Catholics, this is surprising. Catholics mostly condemn divorce, so it is eye-opening that Spain is #2 on this list with a divorce rate of 65%. One major factor that has contributed to the rising levels is the fact that the country is experiencing financial difficulties.

3. France: 55%

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France comes in at third on this list with a divorce rate of 55%. Paris, which is well known as the county’s romance capital, records the highest number of cases in all France. Seemingly, people, there are not happy. In France, 1.9 out of every 1000 residents get divorced annually.

4. Russia: 51%

Currently, in the modern society of Russia, a marriage fails every second. Most Russian couples part ways because of issues such as infidelity, poverty, alcoholism, and drug addiction. A lack of compromise, selfishness, misunderstanding, conflict, and the impact of social media also contribute to the high divorce rate in the country.

Research indicates that in Russia, the group that experiences the highest number and percentage of divorces is couples that have been married for between 5 – 10 years.

5. United States: 46%

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In the United States, grounds for divorce are classified two ways – at-fault and no-fault. An at-fault divorce used to be the only way to end a marriage in the United States. No option existed for couples that we’re unable to cohabitate with each because of other reasons. In 1969, no-fault divorce was introduced into the country, starting with the state of California. No-fault divorce does not require any allegation of wrongdoing, so there is no engaging in blame games by either party.

The most common aspects that fall under the no-fault category are irreconcilable differences, incompatibility, and unavoidable breakdown of the marriage. OnlineDivorce indicates that couples with financial problems have a higher chance of getting divorced due to those financial constraints.

6. Germany: 44%

In recent years, the main cause for divorce in Germany has shifted from issues such as alcoholism and drug abuse to other problems such as lack of communication and incompatibility. The only grounds for divorce recognized in Germany is the breakdown of the marriage. If both parties are unable to resolve their issues amicably, they required to appear in the court and state this to the judge. To prove the marriage has broken down, assuming both parties consent to the divorce, couples are required to live apart for at least one year.

If one spouse disagrees, they will need to live apart for three years before a divorce is granted. This allows for more time in case things can be worked out. In some cases of unbearable hardship involving frequent mistreatment or abuse, including alcoholism, the separation period can be waived.

7. United Kingdom: 42%

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In the United Kingdom, you have to be married for at least one year before you can be eligible for a divorce. When seeking a divorce, you are required to state your reasons for wanting to end your marriage. Some acceptable reasons include adultery, unacceptable behavior such as violence, verbal abuse, or drug or alcohol addictions.

8. New Zealand: 42%

In the year 2013, approximately 8,279 people ended their marriages in New Zealand. Like Germany, New Zealand accepts the breakdown of the marriage as the only grounds for divorce. Couples have the privilege of filing their divorce papers before the family court. Before this can happen, the couple must have been separated for two years. The pair can submit their application together, or each can apply on their own. Marriages have steadily decreased in New Zealand since 1971. Some factors, such as a substantial increase in informal relationships and delayed unions, have contributed to the decrease in divorces.

9. Australia: 38%

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The Marriage and Divorce Statistics Division data indicates 33% of Australian marriages are anticipated to end in divorce. The rate increased significantly, beginning in 1975 when the Family Law Act legalized no-fault divorce. In a no-fault divorce, the court no longer has to consider which partner was at fault for the breakdown of the marriage. In 1976, the crude divorce rate peaked at 4.6 per 1,000 residents (the first full year of no-fault divorce).

In more recent years, Australia has seen that rate gradually slide. In 2015 it was down to 2.0 per 1000 residents. Some of the main contributing factors for divorce in Australia include communication breakdown, loss of connection, trust issues, physical and emotional abuse, alcohol and drug abuse, financial constraints, pressures from the workplace, family interferences, and mental health issues.

10. Canada 37%

In Canada, the divorce rate has gradually increased due to some of the same common reasons found in other countries, such as infidelity, financial constraints, alcoholism, and drug abuse. The family court can grant a divorce if the couples have lived separately for a minimum of one year, or more quickly if one of the partners has had an affair or if there are occurrences of physical abuse. A poll conducted by the Bank of Montreal indicates that 68% of Canadians surveyed say fighting over money/financial issues would be their top reason for divorce.


Divorce remains one of the most adamant issues the world is facing. There is no question that separation, in all forms, remains a stubborn issue that our modern society is facing. Divorce rates are higher in well-developed countries compared to those that are still developing. However, most governments are working on ways on how they can bridge the gap of marriage breakdown.

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